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Stream Youtube Free Music Unlimited

.These apps are designed to make you believe you are getting unlimited music service from YouTube. Ripping songs from YouTube.

Muzik- Music Finder & Streamer
FreeYourMusic - Easy Transfers

FreeYourMusic - Easy Transfers

FreeYourMusic LTD

FreeYourMusic is THE EASIEST WAY TO TRANSFER YOUR PLAYLISTS from one streaming service to another. Move all your songs, playlists, and albums between music services and save up to 10 hours!

“FreeYourMusic helps make your music playlists truly yours” - The Next Web

Would you like to switch over to a new streaming music platform but you hold back the decision every time you look at the size of your music collection? You’ve got no time or energy to rebuild your playlists manually? Are you looking for a more efficient way to transfer music?

FreeYourMusic to the rescue! With our app, you can move your music library between streaming services with just a few taps:
1. Select your current music service
2. Select your music service destination
3. Pick which playlists you want to transfer
4. Sit back and let FreeYourMusic do the job!

FreeYourMusic scans your playlists and imports them from a range of different music streaming providers.

● Spotify
● Apple Music
● YouTube
● YouTube Music
● Tidal
● Amazon Music (Unlimited or Prime)
● Pandora
● Deezer
● SoundCloud
● Qobuz
● QQ Music (QQ音乐)
● Yandex Music (Яндекс Музыка)
● Anghami
● Napster
● VK Music (VKontakte Music / BOOM)
● Zvuk (Звук)
● Gaana
● JioSaavn

Transfer up to 100 songs for free to test our app. Upgrade your account and move as many songs as you want.

With the premium subscription, there’s no limit to music transfers.

Your playlists deserve to be heard! Our music curation service lets you distribute and auto-sync your playlists across multiple streaming services. Promote your playlists with automatically generated smart URLs, sleek landing pages, and embed player. Dive into your playlist data and measure your performance.

If you have any issues with FreeYourMusic, contact us at [email protected]
Happy transferring!

Muzik- Music Finder & Streamer

Muzik- Music Finder & Streamer

Zubaida Ibrahim

Browse, search and listen to unlimited music. Support your favorite artists by buying the songs that you love from within the app.

Feature Highlights:
> Discover new trending music with different categories
> Search for artist, DJ, song, remix or cover
> Smart Playlists
> Equalizer
> Tags Editor
> Buy the tracks you love from within the app
> Import and listen to your own iPod tracks.
> Listen to songs preview before adding
> Create and manage your music and songs playlists
> Full featured media player
> Repeat music, shuffle songs
> Single tap music streaming
> Lock screen playback controls
> Background music playback
> Full iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Support!

Important Note:
This app uses Third Party API to provide content.
This app is NOT able to download music for offline playback. In order to listen to the music you must connect to the internet.