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Get Dental Help Even When You're Far From Home

Emergencies happen, and when it's a dental emergency you don't want to be left high and dry. If you find yourself unable to get to a dentist but have a question or need some help these apps will connect you with professionals.

Denteractive 24/7 Live Dentist
Denteractive 24/7 Live Dentist

Denteractive 24/7 Live Dentist


Denteractive is a FREE app that helps users search for and communicate with dentists and dental care professionals in real-time or online. Whether it's for introductory meetings, cosmetic consultation, post-treatment follow-up, professional advice or simply dental emergency, Denteractive dentists are available 24/7 via call, text or video. If you have an existing dentist, no problem! You can use Denteractive to invite your dentist to the platform and benefit from all its nicely designed features.

Denteractive is designed to help you have live interactions with dental care professionals from the comfort of your home, office or when you’re on the go. You are traveling, no problem. Talk to your dentist online. With Denteractive, you can:

* Search for new or existing dentists, including general dentists and specialists
* Use Call Office Now feature to call the dental office immediately,
* Text a dentist privately, or make a video request for Facetiming
* Speak with a few dentists on the same day to get their opinion or pricing without having to leave your home or office
* Book dental appointments for office visits
* Share and store dental files and information such as pictures, videos, and X-ray images
* Track and save your dental visits and treatment history
* Connect immediately with an Emergency dentist

Finding your ideal dentist through traditional search options may be a very challenging and time-consuming process. Denteractive provides you with immediate and transparent access to high-quality dental care professionals, eliminating disparities, anxiety and wait time from the comfort of your home, office or when you’re or on-the-go.

Denteractive highly qualified and board certified dental care professionals are rigorously screened, and provide exceptional dental care in your local communities while accepting most dental insurance plans. With Denteractive, having access to top quality and qualified dental care professionals is not a luxury but a necessity. You can quickly and easily have live interactions with our dental care professionals or specialists to discuss any dental issues and treatment options, such as:

* Broken teeth or dental trauma
* Tooth related infections and root canals
* Wisdom teeth
* Cosmetics and veneers
* TMJ and Jaw disorders
* Odontogenic cysts or tumors
* Periodontal disorders
* Dental Implants and full mouth reconstruction
* Orthodontic needs and Invisalign
* Dental Anxiety and Sedation options
* Children’s Dentistry
* Sleep Apnea
* Facial Pains
* And more