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The Home Remote
Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee
eKeypad Pro

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The Home Remote
The Home Remote

The Home Remote

The Home Remote LLC

Control all of your home automation and AV devices from one app

Control all of your home automation and AV devices from one app. Simply click the '+' button to begin adding your devices.

For our advanced users that want to create custom layouts & dashboards be sure to check our Designer program which can be downloaded from our website. It'll give you complete control & access to all of the Home Remote...



CAO Gadgets LLC

This app remotely controls "Wireless Sensor Tags" cloud temperature/humidity/motion recording, monitoring and lost-item-finder device

This app remotely controls "Wireless Sensor Tags" cloud temperature/humidity/motion recording, monitoring and lost-item-finder device. Use it to make each tag beep (helps find lost items) and receive push notifications when each tag detects motion, door/window open/close, water presence, temperature or humidity exceeding normal range. Cloud-record temperature and humidity graphs, view them anywhere with Internet, and get notified when temperature or...



Jérémy Luisetti

• • • • FEATURES • • • •

• • • • FEATURES • • • •
• Watchatmo let you check the Setpoint Temp and Actual Temp with Apple Watch.
• "Launch" Preset in a sec (a Preset is a Setpoint T° + Duration)
• Check the current Mode (Planning or Manual) and modify the Setpoint Temp° & Duration with Digital Crown.
• Cancel your Manual Setpoint and go back...

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Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee
Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee
Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee

Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee

Marko Radakovic

Apple Watch, Nest Thermostat, and Siri. Together at last.

* The app has Siri Voice shortcuts for seamless Siri control of your Nest, from the iPhone, Watch, iPad, and HomePod. It fully supports Apple Watch LTE, and can work when the iPhone is not around - as long as the watch...

eKeypad Pro
eKeypad Pro
eKeypad Pro

eKeypad Pro

eKeypad Mobile Solutions LLC

eKeypad is a software solution for controlling a wide range of Security, Video Surveillance and Home Automation systems.

● Simple and easy setup with detailed install guides
● System and data security focused
● Strong end-user and installer support
● Flexible and robust push notifications
● Extensive customization and organization...

Branch for Nest Thermostat®
Branch for Nest Thermostat®
Branch for Nest Thermostat®

Branch for Nest Thermostat®

JetRobot Labs, LLC

With one purchase, Branch works on:
- Apple TV
- iPhone
- iPad
- Apple Watch
- Today Extension

Branch connects you to your Nest Learning Thermostat®™, enabling you to:

- Easily change the state of your device (Heat/Cool/Heat-Cool/Off).

- Adjust temperature to your liking in real time.

- Quickly turn the fan on or off when...



Rheem Manufacturing Company

EcoNet® is the brains of Rheem smart air and water products

Using the latest in sensor technology the EcoNet smart monitoring system offers a new level of protection, comfort, and energy savings.

The EcoNet app puts control of your home comfort in your hands anytime, anywhere.

- Comfort: From across the room or...

ImperiHome - Smart Home & City
ImperiHome - Smart Home & City
ImperiHome - Smart Home & City

ImperiHome - Smart Home & City


ImperiHome, your Smart Home in the heart of Smart City

► Control all the brands of your connected devices or home automation boxes from a single application :
Connected speakers: Sonos, Yamaha, Bose...
Connected lamps: Philips Hue, Wiz, YeeLight, Lifx
Connected cameras: IP camera all brands JPEG, MPEG, Netatmo, Nest...
Home automation systems: GCE Electronics,...

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Swann Communications Pty Ltd

Control your Smart home from one simple app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

You can activate 3 simple modes – Home, Away & Night
Stream live video at your property
Automate appliances, lighting and access control
Control rules to automate appliances on a schedule
Monitor and manage your energy use
Receive notifications if unexpected movement is detected
Be alerted if specific sounds such a glass breaking or as a smoke alarm are detected
Activate Professional Monitoring On-Demand
…And much more

One solution. Endless Possibilities.

B-Thermostat,Take your modern life

B-Thermostat,Take your modern life

Yunbin Hu

We make products that are modern, creative and convenient. Same idea goes for our newly redesigned app.
Control your Smart Thermostat and get alerts on your iPhone or Ipad.
Smart Thermostat
This thermostat that programs itself to help you save energy.
Application: Fan Coil Unit system
C - Convenient operation creates convenient life.
O -Options of black and white housing.
M - Manage your home even when you are in any place around the world at any time.
F - Fashion design blends in with any décor.
O -Zero service fee.
R - Remote controlled by mobile APP or computer (WIFI).
T- Touch Screen display with backlight is easy to read-even in the dark.
A - Accuracy of 0.5 °C keeps your comfortable temperature within the level you set.
B - Breath Power button always remind you the world truely exist.
L - Lovely price helps you save not only energy.
E - Easy UI interface could be used even by child.

Some features require a working internet connection, Wi-Fi or 4G.



Green Energy Options Ltd

Come home to Cosy with the help of our super smart heating controller. Cosy is a portable, wireless thermostat that simplifies heating control using an app. Thanks to the Cosy App, you and your family can control your heating and hot water from anywhere - using your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Psst! You’ll need to buy a Cosy system for the app to work. For hot water and twin-zone heating you’ll need to have Cosy set up for this.

Please note: you’ll need to update to the newest version of this app to unlock some of our latest (and greatest!) future features – like temperature graphs – more info below.

Customised heat settings

Take your pick of our four heating, then sit back, relax and let Cosy do the rest. Choose from:
• Slumber - the temperature you'd like your home to be when you're asleep or away from home.
• Comfy - the temperature you'd like it to be when you're at home
• Cosy - the warmest temperature setting for when you need a good ol’ heat boost.
• Hibernate - keeps your heating off but protects your pipes against frost. Hey presto - no burst pipes!

Extra Cosy features: hot water and twin zone

It’s now even easier to tailor Cosy to your home’s heating set-up. Cosy can control your hot water as well as multiple heating zones. All heating events - home and water - can be controlled, scheduled and boosted from the app or the Cosy Display. Easy peasy!

Psst! You’ll need to have your Cosy wired up for twin zone heating and hot water. Get in touch with our support team [email protected] for more help.

Temperature graphs

You’ll soon be able to see your heating data in even more detail. View your home temperature readings and mode change info for the past 30 days. Coming soon to a Cosy App near you…

Making comfort affordable

Stuck in a meeting (groan)? Invited out at the last minute (hooray)? If so, don't waste good heating time when you're not there. Use the app to turn your heating down to help you save on your energy bills.

Welcome Home to Cosy feature

By connecting a Smart Plug to your Cosy you can schedule your lights, your radio, or even your slow cooker to come on when your heating does. Don't just come home to the warm, come home to Cosy.

Schedules to suit your lifestyle

Simple to set up, you can create up to seven unique heating profiles for Cosy. So if you regularly do something different every day of the week, Cosy will know exactly what to do.

Cosy for all fuels and family members

Now the whole family can download the Cosy App. When someone changes an event it appears in the Activity feed, so you can keep an eye on energy hogs (aka Grandma Jean). Cosy works with gas, oil, LPG and biomass.

Who are we?

Cosy is the result of a lot of brainpower from the team here at geo (Green Energy Options). We're an innovative tech company, based near Cambridge. We’ve been working on energy data since 2006. We’ve already helped many homeowners across the UK turn their houses into Cosy homes. Now, it’s your turn to start coming home to Cosy too!

We’d like to give credit to the following libraries and licences used in the making of our Cosy App:

+ CocoaPods:
+ charts-2.2.5 (Apache License v2.0)
+ fabric: