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Bike Parking Made Easy

Never worry about where to park your bike again. These apps helps bicyclists find a place to park and lock their bicycle simply by inputing a location.

Find My Car - PRO
Park Assistance - find parking for your car, bike
Bicycle Parking
Find My Bike - Motorbike & Bicycle Parking Tracker
Find A Bike Rack : For San Francisco
Find My Car - PRO

Find My Car - PRO

Jose Bello

Find My Car PRO is a simple application that uses GPS location services to help you find your car or a parking nearby. You will never forget where you have your car parked!
Got your final destination? You only need to push the button and your current position got saved.
You also can find a parking spot nearby with FindMyCar. You will be able to find public parkings for free anywhere. Just deallocate your parking location when you leave the parking lot where you parked, so another user could be able to find it. The next time you will be able to park in a free parking spot near you.


Open Find My Car PRO application and save your car, hotel or other position on the map and associate a short description.
It will be much easier to find the place where you parked your car, or where is your hotel or whatever place you need to remember.
In a simple and intuitive way, the application offers accuracy and speed on your return to your original location.
When you stop the car, simply open the application and that it will identify your exact location using a GPS. With a simple touch on the "save" option, your position has already been saved.

You can also write some reference point or special feature of the site (the building in front of where you have parked, floor of the building, the exact number of the parking place...).
Thus, besides the geolocalisation you have additional references to remember details of where you parked your vehicle.
This application requires an active internet connection to retrieve data. You also need to turn on "Location services" option in the settings of your device.

App overview:
-Save parking position
-Save hotel position
-Save other type of locations
-Tell the others where you have your parking.
-Find the shortest path to get back to your car parked.
-Create your personal places list to locate the usual locations to park.
-Use of augmented reality to find you location easily
-Add memos to be able to assure parking level including parking position or other parking information in a multistory car-park.

Use '...' sign to see the drop down menu list, then press "saved locations" to see the list of your saved locations, then press '+' to add a new one.
Use '+' to save your location and also pressing 'Mark Location' button, if desired, you can write down the name in the textbox and select 'car', 'hotel' or 'other' and finally on 'save location' button. Old locations are in the drop down as 'saved locations'. Swipe left on the address to delete from saved.
With the 'add reminder' option you can create a note and schedule an alarm to be fired when the parking ticket expires, for example.

Check the already written reviews:
***** Love it especially in the malls. (By EclipseGSX, 5 stars)
***** I've tried several. This is the best so far. (By Layed Back Fl, 5 stars)
***** Every drivers must have! (By Balateroid, 5 stars)
***** The best one in augmented reality. I can find where i parked my car. Very easy to use (By ryan.dobson, 5 stars).

Offline function
When you have set your parking position once, it is saved on the device and you can then completely close the app. Upon reopening the app, the saved parking position will be displayed again.
In case of any issue, please report it to me at: [email protected] , I will be glad to help you.

Park Assistance - find parking for your car, bike

Park Assistance - find parking for your car, bike

Ivelin Nikolov

Almost everyone and at least once have had problems like:

- Finding the nearest and suitable parking for your own car, bike, motorbike, etc.
- Forgot the place where you have parked.

“Park Assistance” will solve perfectly all these problems.


• Gives you information for all places for parking, which are around your location or around the place marked from you on the map.
• Gives you information for the characteristics for the parking place chosen from you.
• Leads you to the parking place marked from you.
• Memorizes your parking place (location on the map, photo, number, level and color of the park place).
• Provides you the opportunity easy to pay the fee for the parking space with sending an SMS.
• Tells you when the time for parking end.
• Leads you to the parking place if you are accidently forgot where exactly left your vehicle.

Try Park Assistance Today!

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle Parking

My Developer

Free bike parking app.

- Tap "Park Here" to mark where you park your bike.
- Tap the button on the bottom right to toggle between your parking spot and your current location.
- Select the "Add" tab to add bicycle parking spots to the public map. Pinpoint the bicycle parking location with drag and drop feature.
- Select the "Map" tab to view bicycle parking in your area.
-- Parking spots are only loaded for the area that you are looking at! If your city has a lot of bicycle parking, zoom in to where you want to park for the best experience.
- Select the "Manage" tab to enable special features such as the "Upload Later" feature.
-- Upload Later lets you save parking spots to your phone and upload them later. Ideal if you want to wait for a WiFi connection to send the images or for bicycle parking in locations with weak cell signals.

Ever wonder where the nearest bicycle parking is or have trouble finding a bike rack when you are in a rush? The bicycle parking project is taking advantage of modern technologies to help solve that problem for good.

All green pins are user generated data with an image of the bicycle parking area and optional notes. All purple dots are from external data sources such as city data, department of transportation or other bicycle parking projects. It is pretty simple. If you are looking for bike parking, open the app and look at the map in the area where you want to park. If there isn't anything yet you can help by snapping a quick picture and sending it in when you find a bike rack or any other bicycle parking that isn't on the map yet!

With this app, and help from cyclists all around, we will never have trouble finding a place to safely lock our bikes again.

Find My Bike - Motorbike & Bicycle Parking Tracker

Find My Bike - Motorbike & Bicycle Parking Tracker

Dennis Donner

Have you often forgotten where you left your Bike?
Then "Find My Bike" is the perfect app for you!

App overview:

-Save parking position by means of GPS
-Make additional corrections via Drag&Drop
-Share parking position with other Find My Bike users
-Calculate and display route between your current position and parking position (optional: Maps, Google Maps, Navigation)
-Compass Feature
-Save photo
-Possibility to set a timer for an elapsing parking ticket
-Add memos to be able to assure parking level including parking position or other parking information in a multistory bike-park.

Special features:

Share functionality
If you share your bike/bicycle with other people and you would like to inform your partner of the whereabouts of your bike/bicycle you can do this very easily with the Share function directly from the app.

Save photo
You can take a picture of your parking position and save it. This way you can find your bike/bicycle even more easily.

Advanced route guides
If you would like to have a route calculated to your bike/bicycle you will be constantly updated in real-time on the distance and the approximate arrival time.

Compass Feature
With the help of the compass function, you can find your bike/bicycle quickly and easily. The map will directly show you what direction you are looking in.

Spot-Me feature
By clicking on the Spot-Me button you never lose track on the map and you will always know exactly where you are.

Offline function
When you have set your parking position once, it is saved on the device and you can then completely close the app. Upon reopening the app, the saved parking position will be displayed again.

For suggestions for improvement, general suggestions and occurring errors please send us an email. The address you will find in the app. Thank you!

Find A Bike Rack : For San Francisco

Find A Bike Rack : For San Francisco

Alparslan Topbas

How does Find A Bike Rack application work:

- Find A Bike Rack application receives your location information from GPS, and pin marks the bike racks closest to you on the map. 
- When you change your location, the map will pin mark more bike rack locations.
- Bike rack pin mark colors differ with the capacity of the bike rack (ex. green is for between fifty and one hundred, and red is for one hundred or more bike rack capacity rack). 
- If you press "go" button on the rack you want, the application will direct you there via Apple maps. 
- If you press "info" button on the rack you want, you can get more information (lock options, location information) about the bike rack. 
- Bike racks can be shown by list as well as by map. From the list display,  you can also get Apple map directions to the  bike rack you want.
- Only for San Francisco

Note:  To use Find A Bike Rack application, you must allow your location information and have an internet connection.

Seattle Bike Parking

Seattle Bike Parking

Tekna Design, LLC

Seattle is a great place for riding your bike, but what about when you're stopping along the way, where can you park your bike?

No more looking around for random posts to lock up! Did you know that SDOT has 2,230 parking spaces all around Seattle for you to use?

Introducing Seattle Bike Parking, the app designed to quickly tell you where the nearest designated parking for your bike is located.

• Nearby page shows bike racks near your current location in both map and list views
• Search capability allows for searching of all 2,230 rack locations by street name
• No internet connection required!
• Favorites capability allows saving frequently used racks with a name of your choosing for quick reference

Seattle Bike Parking is completely FREE! We hope that it makes it easier for more people to "go green" and commute by bike.