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August 30, 2019

Dark Noise
Albums - album focused player
NeuralCam - Night Mode Camera
Prizmo 5 › Pro Scanner
Screen Recorder Pro⋆

Our best app list this week features an awesome ambient noise app, an album-focused way to listen to Apple Music, and a way to brighten up low-light and night photography.

Dark Noise
Dark Noise

Dark Noise

Charlie Chapman

Awesome Ambient Noise

Dark Noise features more than 30 different high-quality sounds in a number of different categories. Along with the classic white noise, some of the others sounds include a thunderstorm, air conditioner, beach, campfire, and more.

Albums - album focused player


Adam Linder

All About Albums

Albums brings a new way to focus on your local and Apple Music library. You can select an album to listen to or shuffle albums by various criteria like release date or record label. The iPad app features a special layout highlighting the album artwork.

NeuralCam - Night Mode Camera


Halcyon Products

Shine a Light on Photos

The new photography app uses AI and computational photography to help capture brighter and clearer images in low-light situations.