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July 26, 2019

Flighty - Live Flight Tracker
Spend Stack - Smarter Lists
AIportraits - AI Photo Editor

It’s been a great week for new apps. Our choices include a powerful flight tracker, a smarter way to make lists, and a secure and free iPhone firewall.

Flighty - Live Flight Tracker
Flighty - Live Flight Tracker


Global Flight, Airport, & Airline Status Tracker LLC

A Powerful Flight Tracker

The app helps make traveling less stressful while keeping an eye on your flights. One of the top features of the app is the push notifications that monitors flights constantly and will provide a notification quickly to let you know what is happening. That’s especially helpful in difficult situations like during bad weather. It also begins​ to monitor your flight 25 hours before departure and will let you know if there are any disruptions that might affect the flight.

Spend Stack - Smarter Lists

Spend Stack

Dreaming In Binary LLC

Making Lists Smarter

The new app makes it easy to track of exactly how much money you’re spending.