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Cooking Vegetables

These Cooking Apps Will Make You Feel Like a Professional

While we may not all be professional chefs in the kitchen, it's still fun to prepare your own food with these great cooking apps!

Shop for Ingredients

All good recipes involve ingredients that should be fresh and tasty. These apps help you organize your shopping list before you can prepare your meal.

Grocery - Smart Grocery List

Grocery - Smart Grocery List

Conrad Stoll

For those who want a grocery list app with reminders along with Apple Watch and Siri support.

Grocery - Smart Sorting Grocery List offers terrific features to keep your list organized and ready when you need it. Add items easily, share lists, set reminders, copy and paste multiple products, and back up data in Apple’s Reminder app. You can also use Siri to add items and mark items off your list on your Apple Watch.

Why we love it

With Grocery - Smart Sorting Grocery, you can manage your list anytime, anywhere. Use Siri or your Apple Watch and take advantage of reminders and list sharing.


Manage your grocery list and even recipes with this great app



For those who want a powerful grocery shopping list with some decent recipe management functionality

AnyList Grocery List is a shopping list app that has a good recipe function too. Simply find a recipe from any site and you can dump the ingredients into your list. The app can be associated with a list in Reminders. So, you could simply tell Siri, "Add circus peanuts to the shopping list." The next time you open AnyList, those Siri-added items will be added to your list.

Why we love it

AnyList has a simple interface that is easy to use and very functional. Even with a free account, there are tons of useful features and your data goes with you as long as you make a free account.

eMeals - Healthy Meal Plans

eMeals - Healthy Meal Plans

eMeals, Inc.

For those who want a grocery list app with built-in meal planning.

For an all-in-one app, eMeals - Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping List is a great option. Plan your meals from a variety of cuisines, personalize your weekly meal plan, and then organize your grocery list. You can also have your items delivered via Instacart. If you are looking for a single app for planning meals and creating your grocery list, check out eMeals.

Why we love it

With eMeals - Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping List, you can plan weekly meals and then head to the supermarket with a list of everything you need.

Fire Up That Grill

When you're ready to throw something on the grill, these apps can help you cook it to perfection.

Omaha Steaks

Make some steak

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks

For those looking for gourmet-focused features from shopping to an interactive steak cooking timer.

It’s the complete experience for anyone who loves to make, eat, and share great food. With Omaha Steaks you can scan to buy. Use your smartphone’s camera with your Omaha Steaks Holiday Catalog and experience the newest, most convenient way to shop. Just point your camera at any page of the catalog and you’re shopping our holiday deals in the app. They also offer a steak cooking timer. Don’t guess at the grill. Your Omaha Steaks app includes a helpful interactive timer that’s at your side the whole time you’re cooking.

Why we love it

With a timer, recipes, gifts, and more, Omaha Steaks is a terrific barbecue partner.

Weber® Grills

This app is the ultimate grilling companion for your next BBQ cookout

Weber® Grills

Tons of recipes

For anyone who takes grilling seriously.

If you are a serious griller, then Weber Grills is a must-have app. With Weber Grills, not only do you get a gorgeous app that is fun to look at, but you get a ton of recipes and useful tools like timers. Every Friday, prepare to find 75 new recipes added weekly, and all recipes come with tantalizing photos that show what the final result should look like, step-by-step instructions, recipe reviews, favorite recipes for later, and the option for you to add your own notes and edit recipes to fit your dietary needs. There are also built-in grocery lists when you find a recipe you like, grill guides so you don't overcook or undercook the meat, and even timers so you don't have to switch between apps. And if you're in the market for a new grill or accessories for your BBQ, then you can even do that in the Weber Grills app too. It's a complete companion for those who love to grill.

Why we love it

Weber Grills features a beautiful interface and it's super easy to use. Plus there are a ton of recipes, with new ones added weekly, and a lot of useful features to make cooking out easier than ever before.

Grill-It! Grilling and BBQ Recipes

A gaggle of different recipe ideas for that perfect cookout

Grill-It! Grilling and BBQ Recipes

Get the party started

For anyone looking for some barbecue inspiration.

This app does not do anything too special or fancy, but it is well put together. It is an iPhone-only app that offers a good variety of recipes. The recipe database updates weekly, which guarantees that you will always find something new.

Why we love it

When jumping into the world of barbecue, the first question is many times the most difficult: what do I want to cook? But this app makes it easy with a huge database of fun recipes using a number of different ingredients and meats. This is a must for anyone looking to star barbecuing or experienced users who need some recipe inspiration.

Get Baking

Baking is an art in itself, and it can be quite tricky. These apps help you perfect the art of baked goods.

Bread Baking Basics
Bread Baking Basics

Bread Baking Basics

Ruhlman Enterprises, Inc.

Simple fresh baked bread is a tap away with this innovative app that generates bread recipes based on you and your kitchen. Whether you want a simple plain country loaf, a multigrain boule, a sourdough baguette or a pizza, Bread Baking Basics has technique and recipes for all kinds of breads for all kinds of cooks and kitchens.

Bread Baking Basics offers a primer on baking bread at home, and clear descriptions of the tools and techniques you need, by award-winning author Michael Ruhlman ( Tap preferences and select how you want to mix the dough (with a mixer or by hand) and how you want your units displayed (grams, ounces, cups). Tap the “Ingredients” button and choose the kind of bread you want to make and how much, then tap “Step-by-Step” for an illustrated personalized recipe for fabulous bread.

The Bread Baking Basics app measures all the ingredients in ounces, grams, or cups-whatever your preference is-calculates the amounts and gives you step-by-step instructions for making great bread based on what you want. There's no trick or secret to great bread at home. All you need is a little technique and an oven, or, Bread Baking Basics and an oven.

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Cake Baking Master Class
Cake Baking Master Class

Cake Baking Master Class

Tony Walsh

This is a mouth watering collection of 334 Video lessons on baking cakes and cake decoration. You will discover many recipes, secrets,tips and tricks along the way.

Video lessons include:
Rainbow Cake How to Make a Rainbow Cake by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio
How to Tie Dye Fondant and The Mat Demonstration
Two-Tone Buttercream Rose Cupcake Tutorial
Santa Cupcake Design from DecoPac
Charming Wedding Cake Design from DecoPac
Ombre Cake - The Boy Who Bakes
Double Heart Cake How to Decorate -Mothers Day- Anniversary- Birthday- Tutorial
Best Chocolate Cake Ever Tutorial- cake Decorating
How 2 make Birthday cake Chocolate
chocolate ganache
Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe - Ultimate Chocolate Cake Recipe
How to Make a Pink Zebra Cake Tutorial from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio
Funfetti Cake Recipe Birthday Cake with Rainbow Sprinkles from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio
Rainbow Cheesecake Dip No Bake Cream Cheese Dip Recipe from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio
Chocolate Stuffed Strawberries Recipe - VeganRawGluten Free - Dessert A Day Project 11
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Farmers Market Gourmet 26
Reeses Peanut Butter Cake Pops Tutorial - How to make vegan cake pops - cake balls
Vegan Peanut Butter Cake Recipe - Peanut Butter Birthday Cake Recipe - Dessert A Day Project 7
Cake Pops Recipe Demonstration - Joyofbakingcom
VALENTINES Rose Flower Cakepops - MyCupcakeAddiction Yoyomax12 Cake Pop Collaboration
Valentines Day Teddy Bear Cake Pops
Buttercream Rose Cake Pop - CAKE STYLE
How to Make Margarita Cake Pops by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio
Red Velvet Whoopie Pies Heart Shaped by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio
Purse Cupcakes How to Make CHANEL Handbag Cupcakes by Cupcake Addiction
Modeling Chocolate Recipe Instructions like Fondant-- A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial
TMNT Cupcakes Make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cupcakes - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial
MONSTER HIGH CAKE POPS A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial
Vintage Lace Cupcakes - How to Make Textured Lace Cupcakes by Cupcake Addiction
Easter Cupcakes - Hot Cross Bun Easy Decorating Ideas - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial
Make a Graduation Hat Cake Using your Giant Cupcake Mould - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial
Make Rainbow Jell-O Jars - How to Make easy Rainbow Jelly Jars - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial
Cakepops Rainbow Ruffle Cake pop Learn How To Make Rainbow Pops with Cupcake Addiction
Rainbow Cake Push Pops How To Make a Rainbow Cake Shooter - A Cupcake Addiction Decorating Tutorial
How to make rainbow cake in a jar -with yoyomax12
Rainbow Cupcakes in a Jar How to Make by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio
Make a Rainbow Layer Cake IN A JAR A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial
Beautiful Ombre Push Pops Make Layered Cake Shooters - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial
Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits aka Mini Trifles
Make a Gumball Machine Giant Cupcake Cake A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial
How to Bake Cakes in a Jar - CHOW Tip
Jus4SweetZ Halloween Dirt CakeIn a Jar
Peaches and Cream Mousse Parfaits
Strawberry Shortcake Cake Design from DecoPac
Making Easy Chocolate Decorations
Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake
Strawberry Triffle Style Chef
No Bake Cheesecake in a Jar Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio Recipe
4-Minute Carrot Cake in A Jar Recipe
Rainbow cake-In a Jar
Black Forest Cake Recipe Demonstration - Joyofbakingcom
Moldes de silicn antiadherentes para decoracin
Yogurt sundaes with berries - quick recipe
How to - Make Cake in a Jar
Rainbow Cake In A Jar
Superbowl Cupcakes How To Make Simple Football Helmet Cupcakes - A Cupcake Addiction Tutorial
LEGO Cupcakes How to Make Edible Lego for your Cakes and Cupcakes - by Cupcake Addiction
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Reeses Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio
And many more

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Baking Recipes - Best Cookbook Ever
Baking Recipes - Best Cookbook Ever

Baking Recipes - Best Cookbook Ever

Moving Treehouse

Baking Recipes - Best Cookbook Ever!!
Get your oven gloves on and try these sweet and savoury baking recipes.
Whether you feel like baking a spectacular birthday cake or trying a simple banana bread, this app is for you. Find delicious & easy to prepare dessert recipes to impress anyone!

Recipes include:cake recipes, cupcake recipes, donuts recipes, cheese cake recipes,biscuits recipes, bread recipes, brownie recipes and more bakery ideas.

Baking Recipes including:
★ Recipes for different occasions - Christmas cookies, birthday cakes, wedding cupcakes, Easter cake pops, Valentine's donuts etc.
★ All about fantastic sweet life and baking ideas.
★ Cookies, breads, cakes, waffles, donuts, pies, cake pops, desserts, cheesecakes, brownies, pancakes, cupcakes, muffins etc
★ About 1000 delicious professional recipes!
★ You can search and add your favorites!
★ Easy to navigate, simple to use!
★ No wifi is needed! You can check recipes anywhere you want!
★ A must-have cooking recipes app for bakery lovers!
★ We update often with new tasty recipes!
★ Download to start baking!

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Find and Organize Your Recipes

There's a ton of different things that you can cook, but where do you start? These apps help you browse popular websites for recipes and also let you save them for referring back to later.

Basil Recipe Manager

When you want a beautiful but efficient recipe manager

Basil Recipe Manager

Simple and clean

For those who like a fully-featured recipe app but also like pretty interfaces.

Basil is a recipe manager that is as functional as it is beautiful. Users can use the built-in browser to find recipes online, save them directly into Basil with the proper formatting for ingredients and directions, organize them into categories, and use the "Smart Timers" to make sure you're cooking things for the proper amount of time without having to switch apps. On top of that, Basil can create grocery lists for you based on the recipe you want to cook, and they're organized by aisle so you don't have to make multiple rounds throughout the store. Plus, each recipe's text color depends on the photo that you save with it, and there is seamless iCloud syncing so you can access your favorite recipes across multiple iOS devices.

Why we love it

Basil is both beautiful and functional. It's a great option for those who need to organize their recipes but want something that looks good at the same time.

Get Fresh Ingredients Right to Your Door

There are subscription services for everything nowadays, including ingredients to prepare your own meals. These are some of the better services out there worth checking out.

Blue Apron

When you're in the mood to try cooking something new and different, this app is there for you

Blue Apron

Discover new recipes with quick how-to videos

For those who want to have pre-measured ingredients delivered for meal prep.

Blue Apron is a popular meal delivery service where they deliver pre-measured servings of ingredients right to your door. Users are able to subscribe to weekly plans that fit their household needs, and there are always discount codes for new members. You get to choose what meals you get for each weekly delivery, and the portions are always fit for at least two adults. The app lets you manage your menu and deliveries without any extra fuss, and you get extras like discovering seasonal recipes, adding filters to your meal photos to share with friends, manage favorites, review meals you've cooked, and more. Blue Apron has been rising in popularity lately, and it's easy to see why — quality pre-measured ingredients that make tasty, healthy meals. What's not to love?

Why we love it

Blue Apron is a fantastic subscription service that provides quality ingredients that are pre-measured for you to cook the perfect meal.


When you need more than just a meal


Delicious recipes that you can explore

For anyone who is interested in looking up healthy recipes or want fresh ingredients delivered.

HelloFresh is a well-known name brand in the meal-kit delivery service industry, and for good reason. With HelloFresh, users can subscribe to get healthy meal kits deliveries to their doorsteps multiple times every week, and these kits are always packed with the freshest ingredients from the farm. You'll be abel to choose from a variety of different meals on the menu each week, and each delivery will be pre-measured for the perfect portion for an adult, with different serving sizes available. While there is a variety of meals each week, they are always just about five to six steps each and will be ready in about 30 minutes or less. You can manage deliveries right from the app, and there is even syncing with Health for tracking caloric intake. Even if you don't subscribe, HelloFresh also lets users browse through the collection of recipes and even get cooking tips to improve their techniques in the kitchen. There's something for everyone with HelloFresh.

Why we love it

HelloFresh is a great subscription service that provides users with fresh, healthy ingredients, it can sync calories with Health, and there are plenty of cooking tips and recipes to save for later.

Munchery - Fresh Food Delivery

Get healthy food delivered right to your door

Munchery - Fresh Food Delivery

Eat healthy

For those who want food delivery but need healthy food.

Munchery is a unique food delivery app because it has one key focus that it excels at over the others: healthy food. I mean, yeah, food delivery is great and all, but a lot of the time you aren't getting something healthy coming your way. Munchery changes that. Munchery focuses on nourishing and affordable chef-cooked meals that are made from fresh, seasonal ingredients, and every meal suits the style of the chef who made it, so there is a ton of variety to choose from. You can get main dishes, sides, salads, and even treats, or go for healthier kids options too. Meals will arrive on-demand or you can even schedule ahead for a 1-hour delivery window up to a week in advance. Plus, every meal you order through Munchery will give a meal to someone at a food bank.

Why we love it

It provides users with excellent visual presentations of healthy meals that can be delivered fresh to your doorstep within the hour, or even scheduled up to a week in advance. It's the best way to get healthy meals to you in a few steps.