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Sun, Storm or Snow, These are the Best Weather Apps

Don’t get left out in the cold. Check your forecast for the upcoming week, track a storm with radar maps, or just get your current conditions with the best weather apps. There's no one size fits all weather app, and instead it comes down to what you want. Do you want a quick glance at the conditions? Do you prefer detailed radar maps? How about hyperlocal notifications of condition changes? The App Store has all these, and more. Here are the best versions of the main styles of weather apps on the App Store.

Just Simply the Weather

Sometimes simple is best and these weather apps give you the basic information you need without all of the fluff.

Get the weather details you need with a clean and uncomplicated weather app.

Yahoo Weather

For those who like weather apps with basic details and multiple city options.

Yahoo Weather is a clean and simple weather app that offers the details you want. Check 5- and 10-day forecasts, current conditions with wind and pressure, and interactive maps that include radar and satellite views. The app provides twice daily notifications, animations for sunrise and sunset, and lets you track up to 20 cities.

Why we love it

Find out how to pack for your trip or just dress for the day. Yahoo Weather gives you current conditions, forecasts, and more.

It’s Always Partly Sunny in This Gorgeous Weather App

Partly Sunny

For anyone who is looking for a minimalistic weather app that is still jam packed with information.

Partly Sunny is a beautifully minimal weather app that gives you all of the basic weather and forecast information that you need with a simple glance.

Why we love it

The app is minimalistic, fast and responsive, intuitive, and packed with a ton of useful information since it is powered by Dark Sky. It's a must-have for weather nerds.

View the Forecast, Watch the Radar

For weather apps that provide a detailed forecast as well as radar maps, these great options keep you fully informed of every aspect of the weather.

Get the current conditions and upcoming forecast with a terrific weather watching app.

Weather Underground: Forecast

For those who like weather apps with interactive maps and Home screen widgets.

For serious weather watchers, Weather Underground is a wonderful resource. With forecasts, interactive maps, wind speed, precipitation percentage, and more, you cannot go wrong with this robust weather tool. The app also offers two convenient widgets to keep you up on the current conditions at a glance. Weather Underground is a popular online weather service, and its app doesn’t disappoint.

Why we love it

Whether you want quick weather information or detailed features you can sink your teeth into, Weather Underground is a terrific tool.

Don’t get caught in the rain, prepare with the weather app from the experts.

The Weather Channel: Forecast

For those who like weather apps with extended forecasts, radar maps, and alerts.

From the experts, The Weather Channel app has everything you need to make your outdoor or travel plans. Enable your location and the home screen will provide detailed current conditions for your spot. You can receive severe weather alerts so that you are always prepared and check the Doppler radar maps for what’s on the way. Check the forecast for the next hour or even the upcoming week and get the weather news you need.

Why we love it

The Weather Channel app gives you the basic details you want with extras when you need them. From forecasts to radar to alerts, the app has it all.

Get Hyperlocal Details

When you want details at the deepest level of your location, these hyperlocal weather apps keep you in-the-know.

Because it's always good to know the conditions outside.

Dark Sky Weather

For anyone who needs to go outside.

Dark Sky is a feature-rich app that is simple to use. Beautifully designed, the app looks gorgeous on both iPhone and iPad.

Why we love it

From push notifications to incredible graphics to nifty weather animations, Dark Sky has you covered. Best of all, unlike other weather apps, you don't have to be a meteorologist to understand it.

Fresh Air - Hyperlocal Weather & NOAA Radar Map

Backcountry Studios LLC

For those who want a hyperlocal weather app with a radar map.

Fresh Air - Hyperlocal Weather & NOAA Radar Map offers a nice, clean interface for getting the weather details you want and need. Additional features you can enjoy include a seven-day interactive graph, calendar integration, notifications, weather warnings, and a Home screen widget.

Why we love it

If you are looking for a hyperlocal weather app with a radar map, calendar integration, and widget, check out Fresh Air.

Weather For Specific Activities

You have plans, and you do not want the weather to get in the way. These apps offer the weather forecast based on what you want to do.

A new way to look at weather

A Weather Way

Customizing the app is simple. Just edit and create your different daily routine. You can then view an animated home screen that shows the exact conditions during the specific time of day. Along with a detailed 24-hour view, you can take a look at a seven-day forecast.

Why we love it

Instead of trying to replicate the features and design of popular weather apps, the app offers a fresh approach to dealing with Mother Nature. The graphics looks spectacular on my iPhone 6s Plus, and the app does a great job of making the best use its horizontal layout. It’s simple, easy to use, and provides a beautiful representation of how the weather should look like during your normal day.

Schedule events according to the weather forecast with this handy planner.

Foresee Activity Forecast

For those who plan a lot of outdoor activities.

Foresee: Your Personal Activity Forecast brings the importance of the weather to your outdoor activity planning. Which day should you mow the lawn? Is tomorrow morning a good time for a long walk? Will rain spoil your beach day this weekend? With notifications, a Today widget, event planning, and current weather conditions as well as the forecast, you will not have to worry again if the weather will foil your plans.

Why we love it

Foresee: Your Personal Activity Forecast is a handy weather app for those who plan a lot of outdoor activities. You don’t have to wonder if your event will be rained out again.

Checking the Weather Can Be Fun

If you enjoy a bit of humor with your weather details, you will have fun with these comical but informative apps.

Get the forecast with a side of snark

CARROT Weather

For anyone who wants a fun weather app.

The biggest addition is a redesign of the weather map. There are now 14 different map layers available including tropical storms, lightning strikes, wind speed, and many others. Users can view three different layers to view at one time. And on the less serious side, there are now 10 more secret locations for users to find. A new hint system will also help you solve some of the app’s puzzles. It’s now also easier to share some of the app’s hysterical forecasts. You can redact your location and then crop the extended forecast from screenshots. There are also other new sharing services, including Instagram. Carrot Weather is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for $4.99. The Premium Club membership can be unlocked with a $0.49 per month or $3.99 per year in-app purchase. The Ultrapremium Club in-app purchase is $1.49 per month or $9.99 per year. Along with the iPhone and iPad, the app is also a great choice for Apple Watch users. The watch complications can also be customized to show cloud cover, weather alerts and the temperature side by side. Also, watch wearers can read the full text of active weather alerts. There are also new features for users who are members of the Premium and Ultrapremium Clubs. Premium Club members can customize the app and pick up to four different data points to display. They can also fine-tune the forecast summary and select how many days to show in the extended forecast. Only available for Ultrapremium Club members in the United States is an animated radar for the current location.

Why we love it