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Another Samsung Smartphone Model Explodes in a Man's Hands

A Canadian man suffered second- and third-degree burns from a Galaxy S7
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November 16, 2016

Samsung’s issues with burning handsets may be far from over even after an expensive recall of the Galaxy Note 7. According to the Canadian newspaper The Winnipeg Sun, a 34-year-old man suffered second- and third-degree burns to his hands after another model, a Galaxy S7, exploded.

'Like a nightmare'

'Like a nightmare'
Mann holding his burned Galaxy S7 handset.

Mann holding his burned Galaxy S7 handset.

Credit: CTV

Amarjit Mann was driving with the handset in his pocket when he began to feel a “warmness.” He quickly removed it:

“I took it out and had it in my hands and it exploded right away,” Mann recalled during an interview at Seven Oaks Hospital. “When you see smoke, I was shocked. You cannot expect this thing. It was like a nightmare.”

Mann said there was a little steam at first which hit his hand, then a boom and what seemed like firecrackers going off. He said one of those sparks hit him on the cheek just below his eye.

“Imagine if the phone was (at my ear); my whole face would’ve burnt,” he said.

Mann said he wants to pursue legal action against Samsung for pain caused by the burns. But he’s sticking on the Android side of the fence and will maybe purchase an LG handset.