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Charge Your Apple Watch and Store Accessories with Twelve South’s TimePorter

Made for travel
June 1, 2016

Twelve South is no stranger to great Apple Watch accessories. The company, which only designs products for Apple devices, released the Forte and HiRise charging docks last year. And here at AppAdvice, we definitely gave both high praise in our original reviews.

Back in April, Twelve South’s unveiled its newest companion for the wearable device – the TimePorter.

Twelve South
Time Porter
Apple Watch

The Product

The Product
The interior of the case is surprisingly roomy.

The interior of the case is surprisingly roomy.

Made for travel, the design is reminiscent of an eyeglass case, but with a small hole in middle. You can select from a version with a black or white leather-like covering.

Getting everything set up just takes a few minutes. After opening the case, place the Apple Watch charging disc in the center hole and wrap the rest of the cable around the built-in cord management feature. It can fit both a 1-meter and 2-meter cord.

The rest of the interior is spacious and can fit the watch’s charging adapter and a few additional watch bands. When you’re ready to charge the watch, the cable’s USB can be unwound and slipped through the small notch on either side of the case.

While it doesn’t offer a built-in power source like the recently reviewed ZAGG Mobile Charging Station, there is more than enough room to place any small backup battery to charge the watch while on the go.

You can even place any small external battery pack into the TimePorter.

You can even place any small external battery pack into the TimePorter.

When your Apple Watch needs to be charged, the TimePorter offers a number of different options. You can place the watch in either a vertical or horizontal position. And thanks to spring-loaded hinges on the case, the lid can be opened into a nice viewing angle. Since a watch can be charged horizontally, you can take advantage of the handy Nightstand Mode as well.

I had an easy time placing the watch on the case, and I really liked the adjustable lid.

If you’re a frequent traveler, and want to keep all of your essential Apple Watch accessories organized and accessible, the TimePorter is highly recommended.

I own more than a few watch bands and was really surprised about how many I could fit in the case. While I keep the device on a more traditional charger at home, I’m looking forward to tossing the case in my bag when it’s time to hit the road this summer.

What's Hot

What's Hot
  • Can hold an Apple Watch charging cable, power adapter, and spare watch bands.
  • Can fit a small USB battery inside if needed.
  • The top lid of the case can be placed in a number of different angles.
  • An Apple Watch can be placed in a vertical or horizontal position.
  • Works with Nightstand Mode.
  • Small footprint makes it perfect for travel.

What's Not

What's Not
  • Price is a bit expensive compared to other options.
  • Eyeglass case style might not be for everyone.
Build Quality
Wow Factor
Aesthetic Appeal