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Do More, See More, Send More With the New iMessage in iOS 10

Check out these great new messaging features in iOS 10
Apple's Software
September 13, 2016

With the release of iOS 10 on Sept. 13, comes a flurry of new features and enhancements including a redesigned lock screen and improved notifications. But, along with all of this, iOS 10 has introduced big changes to iMessage. From stickers and interactive communications to an iMessage App Store full of goodies, let’s take a closer look at what this all means.

iMessage App Store

With the new iMessage App Store residing directly within iMessage, the apps and extensions you need and want are right there. You will be able to download tools within and for use in iMessage and they will then be displayed nicely in your iMessage App Drawer.

The iMessage App Store will include both standalone apps and extensions. Extensions can include the same features as standalone apps, but will let you use those features without leaving your message. And, note that standalone iMessage apps may also include in-app purchases and Apple Pay functionality.


For those who like to add a little fun to their text messages, Stickers can play a large part in it. And, these are not just ordinary stickers that you just pop in like emojis. This new feature will of course allow you to send stickers in messages, but you can also place them on top of bubbles, photos, and other Stickers if you like.

Interactive messages

With new ways to create interactive messages, collaboration and sharing are taken up a notch. For example, maybe you will send your friend a message with a party meal menu. If your pal has the same iMessage extension, they can then view it, make changes to that menu, and send it right back to you. Again, this can be done without opening a separate app.

Additional details

Apps that you download will also include an inline app attribution when used. So, if you include an item from an iMessage app in your communication, your recipient will be able to see who the app comes from and go grab it.

If you have loved sending other content such as photos, videos, text, and links in your messages, don’t worry because this will all continue to be supported.

The new features can only be used by those with iOS 10. So, make sure you have installed your update and get ready for more enjoyable, personalized, and interactive messaging.