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Google Drops Big Updates for Gmail and Calendar on iOS

November 7, 2016

Google dropped some hot new changes to its Gmail and Calendar apps on iOS to make getting things done even easier.

Both iOS apps got some big changes Monday morning.

Gmail gets a new look

Gmail gets a new look
This is the biggest iOS Gmail update in four years.

This is the biggest iOS Gmail update in four years.

Credit: Google

The Gmail app is an essential bit of iOS kit: it keeps you in touch with your email while on the go.

The new update (the largest in four years, says Google) has a brand-new look with some new transitions. It’s also much faster than it’s been, too, says AppleInsider, with a search that took up to 11 seconds in the previous version of Gmail completing instantly.

In addition, you can now Undo Send to prevent those “whoops” moments (up to 30 seconds or so after hitting the Send button), search much faster with instant results and spelling suggestions, and swipe to archive or delete emails, letting you clear stuff out much faster.

All these features and the new look are available today; simply update the app in the App Store on your iOS device, and you’re good to go.

Calendar gets new tricks, too

Calendar gets new tricks, too

Google Calendar, my favorite calendar app of all time, also gets a great overhaul today.

You can now check out Month and Week view in landscape orientation, search for events, Reminders and Goals in Spotlight on your iPhone or iPad, and add alternate, non-Gregorian calendars (like Lunar,Islamic, or Hindu) right alongside your other stuff.

This just makes Google Calendar even better, right?

Both downloads are free, so whether you’re grabbing these apps for the first time or updating them in place on your iOS device, make that happen right now.

Via: AppleInsider

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