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Maze Machina is a Turn-Based Swipe Puzzler With More

Maze Machina is a Turn-Based Swipe Puzzler With More

January 16, 2020

Maze Machina is a fun new puzzler with a unique story and great gameplay mechanics.

Maze Machina

The game combines turn-based swiping and a tile-based item system that offers a great number of attack, defense, and utility moves on a small 4x4 grid.

You’re a small mouse trapped by the evil Automatron in an ever-changing mechanical labyrinth filled with his henchmen.

In each level, your goal is to escape each room with the fewest amount of movies possible. First, you’ll have to grab a key and then move to an exit. But doing that isn’t as simple as it sounds.

There are a number of different enemies to battle. With each move, all of the enemies move in the same direction to block your path to the exit.

Thankfully, there are a number of items you can use against your foes like a sword, bow, shield, and more.

The small gameboard is perfect for quick-burst gameplay. And it will definitely keep you on your toes while trying to make the right moves to escape.

You can also measure skills against other players with different modes and high-score challenges.

Designed for the iPhone and all iPad models, Maze Machina is available to download now on the App Store for $1.99.

Maze Machina
Maze Machina
Arnold Rauers