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Toca Life: Office Lets Kids Explore the Workspace

Toca Life: Office Lets Kids Explore the Workspace

September 28, 2017

Kids love exploring and learning about new things. Through games, they can discover what life might be like as adults. With Toca Life: Office, your children will be able to make up their own stories, recording them to video, as they learn about life in the office, courthouse, bank, and more.

Inside the bank

The Toca Life series of games has been a big hit for kids. Through these various titles, children have been able to learn about hospitals, farming, schools, as well as town and city life.

The latest entry, Toca Life: Office, allows young ones to explore office environments like banks, a courthouse, and more.

Like all of the Toca Life games, this isn't a scenario of winning or losing. It's all about exploring and making up stories. In the bank, kids can learn what sort of things might be in the vault, or explore the safe deposit boxes.

They can bring in new characters and stage their own stories. The video recording button in the top right corner of the screen even allows them to record and then share their own videos.

A game to bring new careers and offices to life for children

The costume and props shop

If kids are going to make stories in Toca Life: Office, they need costumes and props. Some of the various characters are already decked out and ready to go, and some costume items can be found next to objects the children can interact with (like the helicopter pilot's uniform inside the aircraft.)

In the costume shop, though, youngsters will find even more. They can make up their characters in full police officer or firefighter regalia. There are also video cameras, microphones, and everything else the kids might need to put a reporter on the scene of the big bank robbery, for example.

Rooftop Cafe and helicopter

In addition to staging bank robberies, or even just routine trips to the teller for money, kids can explore exciting careers. The rooftop of the bank has a helicopter children can interact with.

As part of their stories, young ones can bring characters to the helicopter, outfit them with a flight suit, and then put those characters in the cockpit. Alas, the helicopter doesn't fly, but the rotors do spin and the lights can be turned off and on.

To set the stage even further, kids can tap on the sun to change it from day to night. Toca Life: Office is a complete playground for kids to learn about office and other career workspaces. It's the perfect way for them to stretch their imaginations and learn new occupations.

Toca Life: Office
Toca Life: Office
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