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The Best Lightning Cable for Your iPhone or iPad

The Best Lightning Cable for Your iPhone or iPad

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Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable - 6ft

The best Lightning cable is the Anker PowerLine+ because it’s flexible, durable, and Apple MFi compliant. We’ve tested dozens of Lightning cables, and the Anker PowerLine+ fits most users needs better than any on the market, including Apple’s. It’s also made of double-braided nylon, a material known for withstanding a ton of abuse while maintaining flexibility.

PowerLine+ Lightning Cable (6ft)
PowerLine+ Lightning Cable (6ft)
  • Reinforced stress points with a 6,000+ bend lifespan.
  • Double-braided nylon exterior so you don't have to worry about it breaking.
  • Toughened fiber core and laser-welded connectors for strong, reliable connections.
on Amazon
* price at time of publishing was $16.99

What makes a great all-purpose Lightning cable?

Most Lightning cables work fine, so it may seem weird to pick a “best” one. However there a few important factors to consider when purchasing a new or replacement Lightning cables.

  • Durability: A cable to stays intact and doesn't fray after a few months.
  • Flexibility: A cable that isn't stiff and is easily maneuverable.
  • Cost: An option doesn't cost $30.

Why the PowerLine+ Lightning Cable (6ft) is the best?

The Anker PowerLine+ Lightning cable is great for anyone looking for an additional or replacement cable that they’ll use at home, office, or event the car. Because it comes in three sizes including 3-foot, 6-foot, and 10-foot, it offers far more versatility than anything Apple offers. Plus, at prices listed on Amazon,  you can buy two of these for nearly the same price as one of Apple’s official Lightning cables.

Our experience with the PowerLine+ Lightning Cable (6ft)

Hanging from a tree with the Powerline+

I personally purchased the 6-foot PowerLine+ cable as I was looking for a little more slack between my couch and my outlet. There’s nothing worse than having to stretch over to grab your iPhone because it’s too far away from your couch or bed.

In my everyday use of this cable, I found it to be very reliable. Every time I plugged in my iPhone, it always charged my phone as expected. There were never any error messages. It just worked.

My tests also found the Anker PowerLine+ to be far more durable and flexible than anything else I including the highly popular AmazonBasics Lighting cable. Again, this happens because Anker elected against the use of plastic and rubber, two materials which are much more susceptible to wear and tear.

I also found the Anker cable to have a little more give than most third-party cables I’ve tested. Amazon’s cable, for example, is nice but definitely stiff. Apple’s is looser, but it often results in the cable fraying after a few months. Anker’s feels more a thin rope. That means it’s easier to wiggle around furniture, something any iPhone or iPad user will definitely appreciate.

My tests also found the Anker PowerLine+ to be far more durable and flexible than anything else I tested.

Anker says that its PowerLine+ has a 6,000-plus bend lifespan, which ranks higher than any other Lightning cable you can buy. While I wasn’t able to test this, I can personally say that these cables felt like they were built very well.

The connectors are also super sturdy and durable. In my usage, neither did any of the connectors bend, break, or disconnect from the wire like they have on other third-party cables.

The Powerline+ Lightning Cable in gray. You can also select from a white, gold, and red option.

The Powerline+ Lightning Cable in gray. You can also select from a white, gold, and red option.

The Anker PowerLine+ also comes with a nice little adjustable pouch which allows you to neatly adjust cable length as well as provide a nice way to pack your Lighting cable while traveling. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Also Great

The PowerLine Lightning cable last 5 times longer than the typical lightning cable

This cable, also made by Anker, is also very durable, but does not offer as much flex as the Powerline+. It still great and is better than most Lightning cables and it’s a few dollars cheaper.

Anker 6ft Powerline Lightning Cable
Anker Powerline 6ft Lightning to USB Cable
Anker 6ft Powerline Lightning Cable
  • Aramid fiber makes it thoroughly resistant to fraying and wear-related damage.
  • Wide-diameter wires and reduced cord resistance maximize charge speed.
  • Six feet of cable gives you the flexibility you need.
  • 18-month warranty.
  • Some users report the cable being too rigid, making it harder to move around furniture objects such as couches and night stands.
on Amazon
* price at time of publishing was $12.99

A 6ft Apple MFI certified Lightning cable that is super cheap and gets the job done

This cable is a good deal considering what you get, but I find it to be a little less flexible. I’ve also encountered an instance when the connectors got a tad loose, though when I exchanged for a new one it was totally fine.

AmazonBasics Lightning to USB Cable
AmazonBasics 6ft Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable Black
AmazonBasics Lightning to USB Cable
  • Apple MFi certified charging and syncing cable for your Apple devices.
  • An additional layer of protection has been added to the Lightning and USB ends to improve durability and reduce fraying.
  • Low-cost alternative to other 6-foot Lightning cables.
on Amazon
* price at time of publishing was $7.99

Also Considered

Belkin 6ft MIXIT Lightning Cable
$27.00 on Amazon
* price at time of publishing was $27.00

Belkin makes some fine products and this Lightning cable is certainly one of them, but at it’s just too expensive.

These cables worked well when we tested, but they are not officially Apple MFi certified which is something we look for when recommending a cable.