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The Best Metal Apple Watch Band Isn't One From Cupertino

The Best Metal Apple Watch Band Isn't One From Cupertino

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JUUK Premium Apple Watch Bands

The best metal Apple Watch bands are the ones from JUUK. These are high-quality bands that come in a large selection and are less expensive than Apple’s own.

We picked the JUUK product line because of its great design and precision fit.

JUUK Bands
JUUK Bands
  • Available in multiple styles and price points
  • The lightweight Ligero line arrives in early January. It's the first to feature high-grade aluminum.
$119.00 and higher
* price at time of publishing was $119.00 and higher

What makes a great metal Apple Watch band?

Metal bands for Apple Watch must pass two important tests. First, they must be durable enough to last for years with normal use. Second, they should feature designs that won’t go out of style.

To achieve these goals, they must include:

  • High-quality components, from the links right down to the pins and buckles
  • Options that either match or compliment both the silver and space gray Apple Watch models
  • A locking system that's both secure and beautiful looking

Why the JUUK Bands is the best?

Owning an Apple Watch can quickly become a very expensive proposition, even when you buy an entry-level Sports model.

The reason? Cupertino charges a lot for extra bands. Among the most expensive is the Link Bracelet, which is available for $449, regardless of the size of the Apple Watch.

With JUUK, you get the best of both words. High-quality metal bands at a lower price.

Our experience with the JUUK Bands

42mm Brushed Two-Tone Black Locarno

42mm Brushed Two-Tone Black Locarno

We’ve tested the JUUK Revo and JUUK Locarno product lines. Each features an uncluttered design that conveys both simplicity and durability.

For testing purposes, I received two JUUK bands, a 42mm Brushed Two-Tone Black Locarno and a 42mm Matte Gunmetal Revo. The bands each arrived in a durable cardboard box with a link removable tool. Be sure to keep each of these.

The boxes work great for storing your bands when they aren’t in use. The tool will come in handy if you ever sell your band or your wrist size changes.

It took me a while to remove the necessary links on both of the bands. The tool worked as expected, however, my big hands kept getting in the way. I’d advise having a jeweler perform this step, if possible.

Connecting the bands to my Apple Watch was a much easier process. Each band includes and mechanism on either side that makes installation a breeze. Just push on the mechanism and insert the ends into the Watch and you’re good to go.

Minor marks aside, the JUUK bands continue to perform very well, as I expect that they will over the coming years.

I’ve been wearing the JUUK bands extensively over the course of two months. The Matte Gunmetal Revo band shows wear and tear on the backside where both ends hook together.

These scratches aren’t troubling, given the matter that’s used and their placement. The band on the Brushed Two-Tone Black Locarno show no marks after the same period of time.

Minor marks aside, the JUUK bands continue to perform very well, as I expect that they will over the coming years after much more use.

Also Great

Apple’s Link Bracelet is beautiful and matches the Apple Watch perfectly. Unfortunately, it’s not the best because of its steep price point and limited variations.

Were Apple to unveil newer Link Bracelets in the future, perhaps our favorite will change.

Link Bracelet
Link Bracelet
  • Premium steel alloy
  • Unique butterfly closure
  • Very expensive, compared to "unofficial" versions
on Apple
* price at time of publishing was $449.00

A suitable alternative

Here’s an inexpensive, highly-rated link bracelet alternative that comes with an impressive 18-month warranty.

Link Bracelet
Link Bracelet
  • Includes 18-month warranty
  • Butterfly closure with release button
  • 316L stainless steel, just like Apple's
on Amazon
* price at time of publishing was $69.99