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Buy 3 Echo Dots from Amazon, Get $20 Off

Buy 3 Echo Dots from Amazon, Get $20 Off

March 29, 2017

Interesting in owning more than a couple Echo Dots? Amazon is offering $20 off when you buy 3 Echo Dots and you use promo code DOT3PACK.

The Echo Dot is basically everything the Amazon Echo is but without the built-in speaker. While it has a small speaker built in, this device is better suited to be paired with a Bluetooth speaker that you may already have.

What’s crazy is that with this $20 off deal, you can buy 3 Echo Dots for less than the price of one full-sized Echo. It’s also about the same price as a single Google Home.

To get the discount just add 3 Echo Dots to your cart and then use the promo code DOT3PACK.

$20 Off Three Echo Dots