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This RAVPower 3-in-1 FileHub is the Perfect Travel Gadget

This RAVPower 3-in-1 FileHub is the Perfect Travel Gadget

March 1, 2017

Amazon is offering the popular RAVPower Filehub for $28 when you use promo code DWZ73QET. That’s just two dollars off its all-time low and an awesome deal on this product.

Attach a HD to RAVPower 3-in-1 FileHub

Attach a HD to RAVPower 3-in-1 FileHub

If you’re someone who travels a bit, this awesome 3-in-1 FileHub from RAVPower is seriously something you should consider getting. Why? Because it does three awesome things while still being incredibly small.

Those three things are:

  1. Travel Router: This will turn any ethernet jack into a Wi-Fi hotspot
  2. 6,000mAh Battery Pack: This is more than enough power to charge your phone 2x over
  3. FileHub: Easily transfer files and wirelessly stream content from a hard drive, flash drive or even a microSD card to all of your nearby devices. On a road trip? Stream a movie to 5 different devices at once.

With a 4.4-star rating on over 800 reviews, owners of this FileHub seem to love this product. Here’s what one had to say:

I bought this little device to use on family road trips and it exceeded all my expectations. My kids are a bit spoiled and are used to having about 80 movies available on their iPad’s in the house via iTunes Sharing from my main HTPC . We travel 6 to 8 times a year and I wanted to find a way to bring their movies with us as the internal flash storage on the iPad is very limited and they quickly tire of the same 2 movies I can squeeze on there. This FileHub solved everything we needed and the some!