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Quirky App Of The Day: Granny's Cats Are Not Lovable Pets

May 20, 2013

I thought all old ladies loved cats. Maybe it’s the abundance of sitcoms that show old women surrounded by dozens of cats, or perhaps it’s my personal experience with the elderly and pet hoarding. Either way, I was shocked to play a game where an elderly lady is not only completely disgusted by felines, but she’s actively trying to kill as many as she can. Granny’s Cats is not about a lonely woman who spends her days in the company of a few beloved cats. This is a game about mowing them down with some heavy artillery.

Granny isn’t completely heartless. She does have a favorite pet. It just happens to be a goldfish. I’m sure you can now see how a group of cats circling the table where the fish bowl sits would cause you some anxiety. In the name of protecting the creature you love most in this world, you’re willing to knock down a few cats.

To move Granny, tap on the screen. To make her shoot, you hold your finger on your target. In order to add a little bit of a challenge to this game, you don’t have unlimited ammo. As you run low, there will be a pile that appears on the screen that has things like bullet boxes and arrows. Just tap on the pile to go over and pick up your ammo.

The cats go straight for your fish. Once they get under the table, you lose life points. Some cats will cause your health to decrease faster than others. The app provides a clear guide for the different abilities that each cat has.

As you play through the game, you earn money. This money can be used to buy more weapons. These weapon upgrades are as cheap as $200 or as expensive as $22,000. They range in attack, speed, and ammo capacity.

If you want to buy the weapons without having to earn the money by playing the game, there are some in-app purchases available. The least expensive money package costs $0.99 and gives you $1,500. The most expensive package is $4.99 and gives you $24,000.

I’ve played a few games that feature a tough old lady that won’t give up. I’d like to think that I’ll be one of those when I get old. I don’t think I’ll be blasting cats with a shotgun in order to protect my goldfish, but I’d like to believe I’d be active in my old age.

Granny’s Cats has separate iPhone and iPad HD versions, but both are available in the App Store for FREE!

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