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Hair Removal - Free games
Hair Removal - Free games

Quirky App Of The Day: Pick And Pluck Away With Hair Removal

July 27, 2013

Hair Removal - Free games (Free) by Degoo ltd is an app that lets you pick at hairs and scabs to your heart’s content. Some people just enjoying picking at things. They can’t help themselves. Now, there’s an app that lets you pull and pick as much as you want.

There are two beautiful girls that you can scan for hairs, scabs, or pimples. You can zoom in so that you can find the blemishes more easily. I didn’t realize how dusty my screen was until I was looking for a few stray hairs spread out over arms and legs.

It’s not as simple as just tapping on the area that needs attention. The app gives you instructions about how to swipe across it. Start at the left side of the blemish, and move across to the right. Otherwise, you’ll only irritate the area and lose.

If you have to pull a hair, you have to tug carefully. There’s a blue box on a meter that shows you the optimum tension. Once you reach that level, a timer begins in the upper right corner. If you stretch too far, the screen will blink red along the top. If it blinks for too long, you’ll lose the game.

After you clear each blemish or hair, there’s a swab covered in ointment that you have to spread over the area. Each blemish has its own ointment.

The levels have a specific number of blemishes or hairs that you need to find. You have to get rid of all of them before you can complete the level. As you progress through the levels, there are more things for you to find.

There are two additional girl characters that you can buy. Each character is $2.99. You can purchase both of them for $4.99.

If you can’t resist picking at a scab or pulling at a hair you find, then this is a rather satisfying app. Some people can’t help themselves, and others can’t stand the idea of it.

Hair Removal is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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Hair Removal - Free games
Hair Removal - Free games
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