Freeze 2: Brothers

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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Physics-Based Puzzler
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: iOS 6.0+

Game Synopsis

Use physics-based logic to bring two brothers together, then escape the difficult to navigate sections of unknown worlds in this highly anticipated sequel to the multi-award-winning puzzler Freeze!

What's The Game?

Many years ago, a hero was kidnapped by evil aliens and locked in a tiny cell on a planet far, far away. Now, his little brother heads to the stars in a self-built rocket to find his lost brother and to free him from the clutches of the aliens. We ask that you help them. Your objective is to thoroughly assess each twisted chamber, then rotate the cells around our heroes to move them and other elements plus utilize the Freeze buttons to temporarily arrest gravity until both brothers are safely out.

What Makes it Fun?

The basic gameplay is the same as in Freeze, however, there are many exciting extensions, such as rocket fuel and other deadly liquids sloshing around. In addition, the brothers have to finish most levels together, separately as well as cooperatively needing to dodge lethal electric fields, outwit smart batteries, and, of course, all while properly maneuvering every somewhat sadistical level design.

For Gamers That...

  • Become thrilled by a brain exercising challenge
  • Prefer games with simple control and easy learning curves
  • Enjoy simplistic challenges of dexterity and analytical skill

Not For Gamers That...

  • Lack the ability to patiently problem solve
  • Crave fast-paced, action-packed, head-to-head competition
  • Disfavor vintage visuals and serene soundtracks


Frozen Gun Games

Founded in 2012 and based in Hamburg, FGG is an independent developer of exciting and innovative mobile gaming applications. Our Award-winning smash hit “Freeze!” was downloaded more than 11 million times on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.