Ludo's Quest

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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: iOS 7.0+

Game Synopsis

A long time ago, a small boy named Ludo lived. Ludo grew up in Piedmont, a small village at the foot of Mount Massif. The mountain was a scary place that erected Castle Monfort, a relic from the past. Legends speak of an evil man who lived in the castle and had the ability to bring back people from the dead and control them. One day, an army of living dead kidnapped all of the villagers of Piedmont — all but one. Ludo escaped unnoticed by napping in a stack of hay. He fell asleep after an exhausting knight-training session with sword and armor, only to be awakened by the screams of the villagers being carried away to Castle Monfort. Ludo is brave, resilient and resourceful, so he starts his quest to free the villagers of Piedmont, as well as free his friends and family.


Intense action and relentless fun

Master jumping, hitting, and running to bypass your enemies. Use your wit to reach the end of levels.

Open doors

Enter houses, caves, and castles to discover artifacts, and hide from enemies.

Powerful upgrades

Discover potions that make you fly. Find magic swords and throw fireballs.

Level editor

Build your own levels and share them with the community. Play challenging or sometimes funny levels that others have built.

Jump and break things

Remember Super Mario? Same game mechanics apply here but instead of breaking tiles with your fist, use your sword. Don't forget to bounce off your enemies.


Martin Drapeau

A dad building games for his kids and their friends. A part-time game dev hobbyist sticking with HTML5. Find me on my blog: