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4K Photo

by Thomas Alexnat

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4K Photo

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Photo & Video
Last updated
October 3, 2017
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February 27, 2017
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4K Photo - the tvOS photo viewer with EXIF and GPS support

For you it is a free companion App for your AppleTV to browse through your Photo Library with pleasure. It adds more value by optional zooming and display of GPS metadata when available.

- Click on a image to show on full screen size
- Use the swipe gestures left and right of your trackpad to switch to the next or previous image
- Double tap on the trackpad will enable zoom mode and just clicking forwards to the next photo
- Use double click or long press the PLAY button to show EXIF and GPS overlay



This update focuses on accessibility. Thank you for the feedback.

- NEW: Long press the trackpad button to access all the detail photo options via a comfortable action menu. This enables you to still use the PLAY button for other scenarios e.g. play and pause from the iTunes Music Library in the background.


Maintenance release with fixes as promised. Thank you for the feedback.

- FIX: Browse your photos in detail view and the collection index will scroll automatically to the current photo after exiting. Delivering you a fix as promised in version 1.7
- FIX: Display now only a lowres badge if the resolution is horizontal below 400 points and vertical below 300 points
- FIX: Version number 1.9 now set correctly to current release in settings screen


Content is King: Refreshing with a more pleasant layout and a smart photo view, that groups automatically by the captured day. This gives you a more natural browsing experience through large photo sets.

- NEW: All photo collections now support segmentation by day. This makes it more easy to browse through larger photo sets. The cluttered date subtitles have been removed.
- NEW: Updated photo layout for better content experience


This is a maintenance release heading for better performance and quality

- NEW: Initial release compiled for tvOS 10.2
- FIX: Exiting Fullscreen Map mode now focuses on the main image and not on the map view
- FIX: Sometimes wrong zoom factors were displayed when switching HUD modes
- FIX: Removed wrong scrolling position in main collection after intense photo navigation. This will be enhanced over time... ;)


Enjoy your last vacation with your friends and family. Now with a zoomable fullscreen map and photo details overlay.

- NEW: Photo Details are now shown to provide you more information like: Photoindex, Date, GPS, ISO, Model, Lens, Exposure Time, F-Number, Focal Length
- NEW: Fullscreen Maps can be activated when the photo provides the needed GPS information (double click or long press the Play Button)
- NEW: Toggle between the different HUD Settings: None, EXIF Details, Map and Full Screen Map (double click or long press the Play Button)
- FIX: Correct HDMI resolution is set according to the AppleTV settings. This gives a more future proof upward compatibility

The new features depend on the provided metadata on the photo. Not all EXIF data is always available. The double click or long press Play Button is needed, to provide still access to the Apple Maps legal information under the maps legal button.

VERSION 1.0 - 1.5

Please contact me for full release notes. The list is getting too long here...


Please note that the current AppleTV only supports HD output. For upcoming devices we will try to add a version that also supports 4K output. The version enabled a 4K like zoom.

Please feedback please contact us at [email protected] Have fun and keep on taking good photos. It is free from my learning project. Enjoy!