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Alliance: Air War

by Art of the State LLC

Just see the screens and video

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What is it about?

Just see the screens and video. If by then we don't have you, come for the story... :)


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Simulation Action
Last updated
February 13, 2018
Release date
December 16, 2015
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Alliance is FREE but there are more add-ons

  • $0.99

    Small Fuel Purchase (Sale)

  • $2.99

    Large Fuel Purchase (Sale)

  • $9.99

    F-22A Navy Plane (Sale)

  • $1.99

    Medium Fuel Purchase (Sale)

  • $0.99

    F-35C Full Armor Upgrade (Sale)

  • $0.99

    F-35C Full Engine Upgrade (Sale)

  • $4.99

    Supporter Bronze (Sale)

  • $0.99

    F-35C Full Missile Damage Upgrade (Sale)

  • $9.99

    P-51D Navy Plane (Sale)

  • $34.99

    Supporter Gold (Sale)

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App Store Description

Just see the screens and video. If by then we don't have you, come for the story... :)

"We should make a flight sim." "Yeah, yeah we really should."

So began our journey to bring you the most photorealistic, high intensity, historically-sweeping flight simulator ever developed for mobile and Apple TV platforms...


- Fly through the sky and fight through miles of gorgeous 3D volumetric clouds in your airplane at breakneck speeds. Infinitely dense and perfectly rendered. Lose the enemy or just daydream in rich cloud banks never before seen in a realtime video game.
- Dogfight online or against hordes of enemy fighter planes and ships with machineguns, rockets, Vulcan cannons, and guided missiles.
- Span decades of air combat development from the fighter props of World War II to the 5th generation multirole fighter jets of tomorrow. And soon, we'll cover the entire history of combat aviation and airplanes- from turn of the century flight to every next generation fighter aircraft in the world. Currently available:

- F6F Hellcat
- A6M Zero
- P-40 Warhawk
- P-38 Lightning
- Supermarine Seafire / Spitfire
- F4U Corsair
- P-51 Mustang

- F/A-18 Hornet
- F-1
- J-8II Finback
- Tornado ADV F3
- F-5 Tiger
- MiG-29
- F-16 Falcon
- F-14 Tomcat
- Su-27
- F-15 Eagle

- F-35 Lightning II
- FA-50 Golden Eagle
- J-10 Firebird
- F/A-18 Super Hornet
- J-15 Flying Shark
- J-31 Gyrflacon
- Su-33 Flanker D
- F-2A
- Eurofighter Typhoon 2000
- J-20
- F-3
- F-22 Raptor

- Earn Alliance Credits to upgrade your planes' flying dynamics, engines, armor, weaponry, and payload capacities.
- 6 different game modes to test your air combat pilot skills- Dogfighting, Fleet Attack, Fleet Defense, Attack the Ace, Assassination, and Free Flight.
- Leaderboards to rank yourself against the world's top aces.

Free to play, free to soar. We guarantee you've never before seen anything like Alliance on phones, tablets, or Apple TV!

"Yep, we made it."