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Couch Heroes vs The Dungeon

by Third Track, Inc.
Be the hero that the couch deserves

Be the hero that the couch deserves

Removed from the App Store

Join your friends as you work together and conquer the dungeons as Couch Heroes.

What is it about?

Couch Heroes vs The Dungeon is a fun and challenging multiplayer cooperative dungeon crawler for the Apple TV. Up to four players can join a single game just by using their iPhone as a controller, so it's readily accessible as long as you have an iPhone. Explore creepy dungeons, defeat dangerous foes and gather loot to upgrade your characters. The levels are endless so the fun and surprises are infinite.

For those who...

  • You like dungeon crawlers
  • You want an infinite challenge

Not for those who...

  • You don't play dungeon crawlers with other people
  • You want a casual puzzle game

Why we love it

Dungeon crawlers are fun, but they are even more fun when you bring in your friends. Couch Heroes vs The Dungeon is a fun new take on the classic genre, and it's perfect for those gatherings with friends when you just want to beat up some skeletons together.

App Details

Action Adventure
Last updated
November 12, 2015
Release date
October 29, 2015
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App Store Description

Grab your friends, grab your phones and get down in the dungeon. Up to four player cooperative multiplayer mayhem. Be the hero your couch deserves!
- Party game for friends and family
- Buy it once, no in-app purchases
- 1-4 players (no special controllers required, just use your smartphones)
- Local cooperative multiplayer style gaming
- Endless levels, always new and different
- Family friendly!

For a limited time only! Couch Heroes vs The Dungeon is on sale for $0.99 from $4.99.