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Dockit Rocket

by Kranky Robot

IAP now unlocked

$0.99 in the App Store

What is it about?

IAP now unlocked.

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Last updated
July 26, 2016
Release date
October 31, 2015
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Dockit Rocket is $0.99 but there are more add-ons

  • Free

    Barcode Scanner

  • Free

    Blue Rocket

  • Free

    Green Rocket

  • Free

    Pink Rocket

  • Free

    Purple Rocket

  • Free

    Red Rocket

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App Store Description

IAP now unlocked.

"I've been getting pretty good at Dockit Rocket; it really helped once I figured out my playing style and [got] the right rocket for my style. Also, when I approached the game more as an actual arcade game, which requires effort and concentration, I started to really enjoy it." --Davy

"This is a stunningly polished, beautiful colored and well presented homage to old arcade times. Really, such an outstanding work of a single Dev where you see and feel how much love and thoughts he put in. Congrats!" --Qwertz555

"One of the hardest games for me. I really like the graphics and the arcade feel." --Jayg2015

"Holy cow this game is hard. Really liking the style of it!" --RossmanBrothersGames

Dockit Rocket is a one-touch, high-score-chaser, endless-arcade, available for Apple TV and iOS.

- Choose from seven specialized rockets to amp up your game-play.
- A brand-new level is created every hour, exactly the same level for everyone world-wide, regardless of location or device.
- Features a barcode scanner that generates a unique level; scan as many as you like for an endless supply of content.
- A bar-code scanned level captured on your iOS device will sync with your Apple TV version via iCloud if you sign into the same account.
- Power ups: F = fuel, S = shield, L = laser, $ = points, Heart = extra life.

"One of two things is going to happen when you play this game; either you're going to put your big boy pants on, or you're going to run home to mommy. I suggest you put on your big boy pants!” -- Captain Crunch (Test Pilot)