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Rayman Adventures

by Ubisoft
Flow Through Hidden Areas
Flow Through Hidden Areas
Plow Through Enemies
Plow Through Enemies
Collect The Lums
Collect The Lums

A charming adventure game

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The Enchanted Forest is in trouble, and it's up to our heroes Rayman and his Viking companion, Barbara, to save it. Traveling from medieval castles to the mythical worlds of Olympus, they must save the Incrediballs' eggs. Only these eggs can breathe new life into the Sacred Tree and save the Enchanted Forest.

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Flow Through Hidden Areas. Rayman is a unique being that is capable of incredibly fluid movement, despite the unusual, limbless appearance. Don't be fooled by Rayman's lack of limbs, because it's hard to find other characters that have as smooth moves as Rayman himself. In Rayman Adventures, players just need to swipe in order to break through items, and move in one continuous flow throughout the levels. It's super fluid.

Flow Through Hidden Areas
Plow Through Enemies

Plow Through Enemies. Even though Rayman has a smooth set of moves, there are still pesky enemies that stand in his path. So what do you do about them? Beat your way through them, of course! Players can perform a Rayman beatdown by just swiping in the direction of the enemies. Watch them fly and collect those shiny lums.

Collect The Lums. We all love shiny things, including Rayman himself. In Rayman Adventures, you'll want to make sure you collect all of those golden lums that are scattered throughout the stages, as well as drop from defeated enemies. These are important since you need them to get upgrades later on, making it even easier to smash through your opponents. As Rayman, you will slide through levels as you collect all of the golden lums while swinging on branches, helicoptering by tap-and-hold gestures, and even use the borrowed power of friends.

Collect The Lums

What is it about?

Ubisoft’s latest release, Rayman Adventures, is currently only available on the Apple TV, and it fits the bill for what a game should be on the Apple TV. This title is completely different from the previous endless runner installments in the Rayman franchise. Rayman Adventures features a world in which you can explore every nook and cranny of the levels to find and rescue Teensies and locate the ancient eggs.

For those who...

  • You're a casual gamer
  • You're a fan of the Rayman franchise
  • You enjoy a fast-paced adventure and exploration game

Not for those who...

  • You don't like Rayman
  • You aren't nimble with their fingers
  • You don't like exploring every nook and cranny of a level to complete it

Why we love it

Rayman Adventures is an excellent casual play title, but with complex controls. While the game doesn't use the motion technology, it does make full use of the touchpad in the Siri Remote. The graphics are gorgeous, console-quality, and the action is fast and exhilarating.

App Details

Adventure Action
Last updated
January 17, 2018
Release date
October 20, 2015
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Rayman Adventures is FREE but there are more add-ons

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App Store Description

The enchanted forest is in trouble; the ancient eggs that sustain the sacred tree have been stolen and scattered across the world.
Embark on an amazing adventure through legendary worlds to help Rayman and his friends rescue the Incrediballs’ eggs to breathe new life into the sacred tree!

· Experience an exciting mix of ACTION and EXPLORATION.
· SEEK OUT and COLLECT all of the Incrediballs and bring them home.
· Unleash the POWER of the Incrediballs to conquer epic adventures!
· CARE for the Incrediballs: feed them, play with them and even MAKE MUSIC together!
· GROW the tallest TREE in the world and soar above the COMPETITION!
· Set off on a gorgeous adventure with AMAZING VISUALS and CONTROLS!

Jump into the action and battle minotaurs, bandits and many other monsters in Rayman Adventures!
Journey through various mysterious lands, haunted medieval castles and the mythical worlds of Olympus and unravel their hidden secrets!

Download the legendary free-to-play Rayman platformer game that takes you on an adventure unlike any other!

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and Chinese.

PLEASE NOTE: This game is free to download and play but some game items can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.