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Adult Education


Can you learn to speak another language using Apple TV apps? Si, Oui, Ja (those are all yes in other languages, but you'd know that if you used these apps!)

English is Easy – Learn vocabulary with pictures and sound
English is Easy – Learn vocabulary with pictures and sound

English is Easy – Learn vocabulary with pictures and sound

Johannes Doerr

Learn English with 120 pictures, text, and words spoken in an American dialect. A quiz, scoreboard, and list of your trouble words will help you keep track of your progress. It’s a vital tool for pre-readers or learners of the Roman script.

+ 120 vocabulary words
+ fully illustrated flashcards
+ clearly spoken words
+ scoreboard shows your highest scores
+ a quiz for each category
+ developed for pre-readers or visual learners
+ learn short sentences and questions

This app was created for language learners of all ages and nationalities as well as pre-readers or students unfamiliar with the Roman alphabet. Easily search the flashcard collection for the words you want to start with, and flip through the slideshow at your own pace. Then take a quiz to see what you know, and to see your highest scores. The quiz gives instant feedback, showing the right answer immediately. The scores for quizzes in each category show where your trouble areas are, and the words you missed are kept in a list where you can practice them again.

اللغة الانجليزية سهلة!

تعلم اللغة الانجليزية من خلال 120 صورة، نصوص، وكلمات منطوقة باللهجة الأمريكية. هناك مسابقة ولوحة نتائج وقائمة للكلمات التي تواجه فيها مشاكل والتي ستساعدك على تتبع التقدم المحرز. إنها أداة أساسية للقراء أو لمتعلمي الحروف اللاتينية

• 120مفرد
• بطاقات تعليمية واضحة
• كلمات منطوقة بشكل واضح
• لوحة نتائج تعرض أعلى النتائج التي تحصلت عليها
• اختبار في كل فئة، ومسابقة نهائية في جميع الكلمات
• تم تطوير التطبيق للقراء وللمتعلمين البصريين
• تعلم الجمل القصيرة والأسئلة

تم إنشاء هذا التطبيق لمتعلمي اللغة من جميع الأعمار والجنسيات وكذلك للقراء والطلاب الذين لا يعرفون الحروف اللاتينية. قم بالبحث بسهولة عن مجموعة البطاقات التعليمية حول الكلمات التي تريد البدء بها، ويمكنك تمرير شريط العرض وقتما أردت. أدخل بعد ذلك في اختبار لمعرفة ما تعلمته، وللتعرف على أعلى النتائج الخاصة بك. يعطي الاختبار ردودا فورية تعرض الإجابات الصحيحة على الفور. تعرض نتائج الاختبار في كل فئة الأخطاء التي يجب إصلاحها، ويتم الاحتفاظ بالكلمات التي أخطأت فيها في قائمة يمكنك الرجوع إليها والتدرب عليها مرة أخرى

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Memo Flash - fun flashcards
Memo Flash - fun flashcards

Memo Flash - fun flashcards

Smart Academy

MemoFlash is a fun learning platform based on Flashcards. It is great for every knowledge and for all ages.
Learn everything, everywhere with MemoFlash.

Download quality curated content on the MemoFlash store.
Study your decks on the mobile app or on the web.

The MemoFlash website allows you to create your own cards and to publish them (for free or not) on the MemoFlash Store.

MemoFlash is a great method to prepare exams, study lessons or for anyone who wishes to acquire knew knowledge.

Join the MemoFlash community !

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Learn English with Rhymes

Learn English with Rhymes

Sergey Kopov

Would you like to learn English with your baby? Begin with Nursery Rhymes! Simple, rhythmic, funny and easy to learn. Children like them. Learn the song by yourself and sing it for your baby. A child will be happy with a new game, listening to and memorizing English speech. Wonderful pictures will help a baby to understand the meaning and keep attention. The elder children will sing you along with pleasure.

Our application can help you with the choice of the song and the way of singing it. Download it now and you will be able to:
- Listen with the baby to English nursery rhymes songs and lullabies professionally recorded by a voice over talent
- Learn lyrics and sing for your baby by yourself
- Look with the baby at the colorful interactive illustrations with kind heroes of songs
- Combine child’s language and physical development - each song has game actions related which can be included into your daily routines

Begin learning English with the pleasure!

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Korean - Lessons+
Korean - Lessons+

Korean - Lessons+

Technical Data Freeway, Inc.

Get free, on the go access to resources that will help you learn Korean!

Learn 한글 (Hangeul - the Korean alphabet) with an intro, reference, and keyboard practice to help you as you get started.

This unofficial app provides access to's Podcast content, organized in an easy to navigate interface. Their Korean grammar lessons, lesson pdf files, along with additional audio curriculum, and video content will help you learn the Korean language.

Talk to Me in Korean (TTMIK) grammar lessons provide a great starting point for those looking to learn or improve their Korean language skills. Beginners can start with the grammar lessons, building your knowledge of vocabulary, phrases, and grammar rules as you progress through the levels. Material for intermediate to advanced users is also available - helping you to improve your Korean no matter what level you are at.

Korean — Lessons+ makes learning Korean both easy and fun!

- Supports Apple's CarPlay
- Download content for playing even when offline (Lessons+ Premium)

Lessons+ is an ad-supported app. If you choose to purchase Lessons+ Premium to remove ads, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Current price for the Season Pass is $2.99 USD per year, and may vary from country to country.

Lessons+'s privacy policy:

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Hiragana Bubbles
Hiragana Bubbles

Hiragana Bubbles


Hiragana Bubbles is a fun way to test your expertise and mastery of Hiragana. Learning basic character recognition is quick and easy with this App.

Through playing the game you will reinforce and improve your visual recognition of written Japanese.

• 71 kana: 46 basic and 25 advanced
• Unlockable game modes *
• Beautiful bubble gum graphics
• Random character sequencing giving a unique game every time
• Ability to set the game speed to suit your pace
• Both visual and percentage score results
• Vocal pronunciation of hiragana
• Romaji Bubbels mode
• Hi-score chart

* with funky cat sounds by Mike Koenig,

If you have any questions, problems or feature suggestions please don't hesitate to get in touch @dijipiji

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Text Reader - Language Pronunciation TTS (Text-to-Speech)
Text Reader - Language Pronunciation TTS (Text-to-Speech)

Text Reader - Language Pronunciation TTS (Text-to-Speech)

36 Languages Spoken Out Loud by Your iPhone & iPad! New for iOS 9! Visual highlighting of current word spoken! Speech keeps talking in the background while using other apps! Hear foreign language translations spoken with the correct pronunciation. Text scrolls to follow yellow highlight of current word spoken. Adjust Speed, Pitch, and Volume in the Settings.

This app will help you learn how to speak in a foreign language!

Paste translated text into the app then choose the correct language and hit play.

Paste, Type, or Dictate Text to be spoken out loud in the many different Text to Speech Voices.

Apple TV Remote Play/Pause button works to speak text on screen!

Share documents via Air Drop, Email, Text Message, to your Notes app and more.

Text Size controlled by Dynamic Type under Settings > General > Text Size & Accessibility > Larger Type.

Text Reader can read your Emails, RSS Feeds, News Articles… anything you can copy and paste into the app!

Text Reader is useful to check for spelling and grammatical errors in important documents like your resume, bio, emails to your boss, etc.

By listening to documents spoken out loud you catch errors that a normal spell checker will miss and that you don't normally notice when reading with your eyes alone.

Add new Text Reader documents to your iCloud Library using the Bookmarks icon button.
iCloud documents synchronize to your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, & Apple Watch automatically so you can play and edit them from any Apple device!
Choose from over 36 Languages & Voices. If you're learning a Foreign Language paste in the text and choose correct language to hear proper pronunciation.

Want Larger Text? Adjust your iOS Accessibility Settings for Larger "Dynamic" Text.

Text Reader Supports Accessibility and VoiceOver!
Use VoiceOver's Magic Tap Gesture to Pause/Play

Please send your App Reviews and Feature Requests from the Settings screen so we can create a better app. Thanks! :)

Languages Included: (plus more!)
Arabic - Saudi Arabia, Czech - Czech Republic, Danish - Denmark, German - Germany, Greek - Greece, English - Australia, English - United Kingdom, English - Ireland, English - United States, English - South Africa, Spanish - Spain, Spanish - Mexico, Finnish - Finland, French - Canada, French - France, Hindi - India, Hungarian - Hungary, Indonesian - Indonesia, Italian - Italy, Japanese - Japan, Korean - Korea, Dutch - Belgium, Dutch - The Netherlands, Norwegian - Norway, Polish - Poland, Portuguese - Brazil, Portuguese - Portugal, Romanian - Romania, Russian - Russia, Slovak - Slovakia, Swedish - Sweden, Thai - Thailand, Turkish - Turkey, Chinese - China, Chinese - Hong Kong, Chinese - Taiwan

Bluetooth Keyboard Commands:
Play/Pause Command P
Reset Command R
Library Command L
Voice/Language Command V
Settings Command S

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App4learners Inc.

Afarin is built by a team of computer scientists, linguists and illustrators to preserve, teach, and celebrate the Farsi language through Persian children’s poetry. This educational app takes language learning to new dimensions by combining words with the power of touch, sound, and stunning visuals so that kids can learn Farsi in a playful and engaging way. The interactive products available in the Afarin Bookstore are based on the works of some of the most famous Iranian poets, including Abbas Yamini Sharif (عباس یمینی شریف), Mostafa Rahmandoust (مصطفی رحماندوست) and Banafsheh Rasoulian (بنفشه رسولیان).

آفرین برنامه کاربردی آموزش زبان فارسی با بهره گیری از شعر و ادبیات کودکان است که توسط گروهی از متخصصین علوم کامپیوتر، زبان شناسان و تصویرگران کتاب کودک تهیه شده است. دراین روش نوین، با بهره‌گیری از لمس صفحه، صدا و تصاویر زیبا، کودکان در محیطی شاد و جذاب به یاد گیری زبان فارسی ترغیب می شوند
شما همچنین میتوانید محصولات فرهنگی مرتبط را از کتاب فروشی آفرین تهیه فرمایید. این محصولات شامل مجموعه ای از آثار برخی از معروف ترین خالقان شعر کودک از قبیل: عباس یمینی شریف، مصطفی رحماندوست، بنفشه رسولیان و ... می باشد

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Greann Gaeilge
Greann Gaeilge

Greann Gaeilge, Inc.

Are you a serious student of the Irish Language (Gaeilge)? Then this is the app for you—now with a Today widget, an Apple Watch app, Glance, and Complications, and a tvOS version for Apple TV!

Greann Gaeilge helps you learn grammar, vocabulary (numbers), and the Irish alphabet. The Apple Watch app, Apple Watch Complications, and iPhone & iPad Today widget let you see the current time in Irish.

Greann Gaeilge teaches you how to conjugate Irish verbs and prepositional pronouns (do, duit, dom, etc.)), and it's expandable. There are currently two in-app upgrades available. Buy them once, and these upgrades work on *all* your devices: iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, and Apple TV!

But, wait, there's more! It has a Tips tab, where we post tips and tricks for using the app and learning Irish.

Greann Gaeilge supports all the latest iOS features, including Slide Over, Split Screen Multitasking, iPhone 6/7/8 Plus (in landscape), Apple Watch, including two Complications, as well as Apple TV.

Please leave a review to tell us what you like about the Apple Watch app and Today widget, and what you want to see in the future.

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The Name of Things
The Name of Things

The Name of Things

Webcore Games

Learn new words and enrich your vocabulary in six languages in The name of things!

Children will learn fun words by associating cute artwork with their proper pronunciation in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Italian and German- you can switch languages whenever you like!

Each art has its own pronunciation and phonetics translated in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.

Three ways to learn:

- Flashcards: audio of the illustrated word in 6 languages
- Drag the letter: audio and letters – the child should reorder them in the right sequence
- Memory game: classic and fun memory game to train and learn all the new words


- 30 words in all 6 languages on the Objects Pack for free – playable in all game modes
- Extra packs available to further develop the vocabulary – animals, transportation, fruits and vegetables, clothing.
- The name of things is made with love, with the child learning process in mind. No limits and no stress – the child learns in the right pace.

Added three more languages: French, Italian and German <3

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Learn Japanese TV
Learn Japanese TV

Learn Japanese TV

Colin Wilkinson

Would you like Japanese on your TV?

You now can! Thanks to the new Apple TV with Learn Japanese TV. With our easy to use language cards you can master the hiragana alphabet. The gateway into understanding most Japanese words.

With our app you can:-

- Enjoy a screensaver of beautiful alphabet cards which are exclusively designed for the apple tv.
- Pause and enter presentation mode for manual control for reference or teaching.
- Rest assured this app has an fully updatable dictionary that will be moderated and added to.

All characters and the words associated with them are approved by our native Japanese speaking team.

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Sounds of English
Sounds of English

Sounds of English

Ayodeji Yakubu

Sounds of English App was originally envisioned as a tool to assist some people on the autistic spectrum to become familiar with the fundamental sounds of English language.

Sounds of English App consists of the following exercises in Vowels and Consonants versions.
-touch a glyph to hear its corresponding sound
-hear a sound then try to select the correct glyph, hear it again or try another sound 
-see a glyph and hear its sound, followed automatically by another glyph/sound combination

Sounds of English App helps a learned with the following
-phonological awareness
-orthographical awareness
-categorization of consonants by place of articulation
-diphthong awareness
-linking each unique glyph per phonological unit for internal mental representation.

Since English language has many dialects, the most widely understood English dialect was chosen: General American. It's the dialect which is used in Hollywood movies and sitcoms.

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Say It - Text to Speech
Say It - Text to Speech

Say It - Text to Speech

Pilcrow AG

Say It is converting text to speech.
Read aloud pdf, text, webpages and many more documents in 35 different languages.

Say It is straight forward and easy to use:
• Open Document or web page
• Select Language
• Tap Speak
• The app will start reading the content aloud

▶ It is not neccessary to save huge audio recordings. Instead the the original document can be saved and Say It will read it again.
Alternatively the original document can be saved as into a pdf, which can be read again whenever needed.

Say It supports many different document and file types including webpages:
• Doc
• Docx
• Pages
• ePub
• md (markdown)
• And many more

▶ Notify us if you find a specific document that Say It is not able to read.

Documents can be imported from various sources, included but not limited to:

• WWW / URL (Web pages must not be imported and can be converted directly)
• Dropbox
• iCloud
• Google Drive
• MyCloud
• WiFi File Sharing
• iTunes
• more options already available or coming soon

Following languages are currently supported under iOS 9:

• English (United States, Australian, United Kingdom, Ireland, South African)
• Arabic
• Chinese (Hongkong, Taiwan)
• Czech
• Danish
• Dutch (Belgium, Netherlands)
• Finnish
• French (Canada, France)
• German
• Greek
• Hindi
• Hungarian
• Indonesian
• Italian
• Japanese
• Korean
• Norwegian
• Polish
• Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal)
• Romanian
• Russian
• Slovak
• Spanish (Mexico, Spain)
• Swedish
• Thai
• Turkish

The length of the text doesn't matter, some text-to-speech apps are experiencing troubles with converting texts and documents above a certain length. The Synthesis Model that is used in Say It is preventing that.

No In-App Purchases, easy to use and a straight-forward usere interface.

Lean back and have Say It read your documents aloud for you!

▶ Notify us if you find a specific document that Say It is not able to read!

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