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Learn all the customs and expectations required before engaging in traditional business meetings.

Tina Talk
Tina Talk

Tina Talk

First Class Agile

Welcome to Tina Talk with Coach Tina Rusnak

Are you ready for a different perspective? Do you need some new ideas, tools & tactics on how to improve your life, business or relationships by making

Tina invites you to join her on this unique coaching experience as she covers topics from leadership, to personal development, relationships, communication, abundance, as well as some other fascinating topics that are on the more mystical side.

Coach Tina is on a mission: to help those who are finally ready to find their freedom in life so they can enjoy the abundance of who they are by gaining awareness and living out their uniqueness.

Tina is a student of life and for over 30 years has been helping others learn how to reach their full potential through personal awareness and has a gift for seeing what others don't see in themselves.

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Tina's Philosophy
"Awareness is everything."

If you are struggling with the below topics Tina Talks can help.

• Realizing your Goals
• Relationships & Family Dynamics
• Money Worries & Abundance
• Implementing Change Effectively
• Finding Clients & Marketing your Business
• Team Building & Leadership
• Understanding your Life Purpose

You never know what topic could be coming-up next in Tina Talk!

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FlowVellaTV - Presentation Tips & Tricks Videos
FlowVellaTV - Presentation Tips & Tricks Videos

FlowVellaTV - Presentation Tips & Tricks Videos


FlowVellaTV is your presentation tips & tricks destination on AppleTV.

Presentation is not a four letter word. It really isn't, but a lot of us dread to create presentations and give them, but if you master this skill, it will lead to greater success. Creating, sharing and giving great presentations will lead to better grades, promotions, getting that new investor and so much more.

We have teamed up with Ethos3, the award winning presentation training and design agency, and more presentation experts and partners to come. Ethos3 has a thriving presentation training and presentation design business and they write for the SlideShare blog. We will bring you weekly videos all across the spectrum of presentation design and delivery. We will have videos on presentation design and layout tips. We will show you how to integrate video and multimedia into your presentations. We will show you the best practices for colors, and font choices and sizes. We will have tips and tutorials for the before, during and after your presentation delivery.

Also included is the first generation AppleTV FlowVella viewer. You can enter your 'Flow Code' to your presentations and swipe through your presentations with the new AppleTV remote. You can launch videos and galleries and play your 'Flows' on any AppleTV whether in the living room, the board room, or the classroom. NOTE: AppleTV does not allow web surfing, so web links within Flows will not work. Viewing flows on AppleTV is a different experience than viewing in the FlowVella Mac app, iPad app or via our web player due to the unique characteristics of AppleTV and the remote. To create Flows, you will need to install the freely available FlowVella Mac or iPad app.

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Job Video Interview Tutor
Job Video Interview Tutor

Job Video Interview Tutor

New Technologies

Job Video Interview Tutor is made to help job seekers to succeed in the job interview so that they are closer to the goal of obtaining the job of the dream. Job Interview is a quite nervous affair. Be prepared for any captious question or non-typical behavior of HR-manager with the pieces of advice for every situation.


- Information to know;
- Typical questions;
- Nonverbal behavior;
- Meditation is everything.

- Professional success;
- Academic achievements;
- Useful skills;
- Career goals.

Increase confidence and reduce anxiety and be fully prepared for tests with Job Interview Tutor!

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Business Correspondence - Check Your Knowledge
Business Correspondence - Check Your Knowledge

Business Correspondence - Check Your Knowledge

New Technologies

Check your business writing skills and improve it in Business Correspondence app right on your TV!

- various questions with visuals;
- choose the right answer;
- consider different situations;
- immediate representation of your results;

- pass test again and fix the result
- learn to correspond professionally
- your business correspondence will be always perfect

Improve your knowledge of Business Correspondance to be a successful businessman with this app!

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Prepare Resume - Job Placement
Prepare Resume - Job Placement

Prepare Resume - Job Placement

New Technologies

Your resume is the most important thing while applying for a job. Sometimes, your qualification or experience doesn't matter - if your resume is badly written, you're going to have troubles getting the job you want - or even an interview. With this new app the process of writing an effective resume wouldn't be hard. This application offers you many tips and advice on how to make the best resume. Good luck on your way to get a dream work!

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