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Display the time on the big screen with all the amazing clocks for Apple TV.

Clocks of Cities on Terra
Clocks of Cities on Terra

Clocks of Cities on Terra

Chien-Yuan Chen

What time is it? Cities around the world use various clock time by timezone. When New York is daylight, but Tokyo is in night. This app show cities on globe-earth and their clocks. Some city-clock will be adjusted in DST (Daylight Saving Time) period.

◉ Feature ◉
◎ Realtime high quality globe blended by sunlight and city-light
◎ Database with 1300+ cities
◎ Display city-timezone by specify color
◎ Support Daylight-Saving-Time (DST)
◎ Preset your favorite cities
◎ Support 12/24 hour time
◎ Boundary of country and coast line (included disputed areas)
◎ Longitude/Latitude display (with equator, tropical, and polar)
◎ Smoothly control by gesture: tap, double-taps, pinch, slide
◎ Search tool by city-name
◎ Show your location on earth
◎ No internet requirement to use the app
◎ InAppPurchase: remove ads
◉ Gesture Control ◉
◎ Tap: focus on city
◎ Double-Taps: add/del city
◎ Pinch: zoom in/out, rotate
◎ Slide: move viewer
◉ Special Thanks ◉
◎ Naaty Design,
◎ Visible Earth,
◎ Natural Earth,
◎ Tom Patterson,

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Clock and Timer

Clock and Timer

Lawrence O'Connor

Clock and Timer is a beautiful way to display the local time, digital or analog clock, world times, a timer, or a stopwatch on your Apple TV. Customize your experience by searching for any city around the world, saving up to 9 personal favorite cities, and choosing font colors and awesome backgrounds.

Premium Features (In-App Purchase)
• City Search. Search for any city in the world, and view or save it as a favorite.
• Analog Faces. Choose from 2 beautiful faces that are very accurate.
• Favorites. Select or search, then save up to 9 favorite cities. 5 will be displayed on the menu screen, and all 9 will be displayed on the world clock screen.
• Backgrounds. Customize the look of your clock by choosing from a variety of colors and beautiful styles, as well as picking font colors of black, white, red, or gray. Backgrounds will be continually added to the app.
• Font Weight. Pick a font style of your preference, ranging from ultra thin to super thick.
• World Clock. Make the world clock screen yours by selecting your favorite cities and picking a background and font color of choice.

• Local Time Mode - shows your local time and date full screen. 12hr or 24hr mode.
• World Clock Mode - shows 9 cities around the world and their time and date (shows your favorite cities if premium user)
• Select City Mode - choose one of 60+ cities around the world to display the time and date full screen (search any city available to premium users)
• Timer Mode
◦ Start and End - shows start, end, and current time, and date as well as the countdown. This is ideal for classrooms that want to show the students the time remaining for a test
◦ Full Screen - shows current time and large countdown
• Stopwatch Mode - Full screen
• Settings
◦ 12hr or 24hr
◦ Choice to show or hide seconds
◦ Prevent Sleep so the clock, timer, or stopwatch will stay on screen
◦ Choice to show local on the app's home screen or not.
◦ Choice of which screen the app launches to.

As always, remember to contact me at [email protected] with any feature requests or issues. Simply leaving a bad rating cannot help me fix issues. I take pride in making many of the features of Clock and Timer free so everyone can enjoy it, but please support the development of more free and premium features through the Premium Upgrade.

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Ukiyo-e clock

Ukiyo-e clock

Toshiaki Nakamura

Museum on your palm.
The traditional Japanese art, Ukiyo-e, which has been received well on Apple TV, is now enjoyable with your iPhone or iPad!

It also has the clock function, so you can be aware of the time with relaxing classical music.

Contains “The Fifty-three Stations of The Tokaido Road” by Utagawa Hiroshige and “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji” by Katsushika Hokusai and Ukiyo-e of Sharaku.

Randomly played music is as follows:
Erik Alfred Leslie Satie:Gymnopédies
Claude Debussy:Préludes, Book1 10. La cathédrale
Claude Debussy:Suite Bergamasque 3. Clair de Lune
Franz Liszt:Consolations No.3 in D-flat major

It also corresponds to Today Widget. Please enjoy the beauty of Ukiyo-e with the widget, too.
The wonderful Japanese art, Ukiyo-e is now also available as on your iMessage Sticker, too.

More Ukiyo-e prints will be added for free in later updates. Our development is encouraged by stars from you and we appreciate for all your support.

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iDigital Big Clock TV Edition
iDigital Big Clock TV Edition

iDigital Big Clock TV Edition

Saliha Bhutta

*** This is the Biggest Digital Display Time available anywhere for Apple TV - BEST Companion Clock You will ever Need ***

Do you have a hard time looking at time at night? Don't you just wish display time would be as big as the TV screen itself?

This is the BIGGEST DIGITAL DISPLAY of TIME available anywhere in the app store.

Now with beautiful 6 colors for display (IAP)

• BIGGEST DIGITAL DISPLAY of TIME available anywhere in the app store. We are the only app to display time this big so you can see it even from far away in your bedroom / hotel room / kitchen / bathroom / where ever you like!
• Choose from 6 different digital display clock colors (IAP)
• Extremely easy to use interface.
• 12/24 hour time format

NOTE: Red light color has the longest wave length. What that means is, if you want to see the clock clearly from as far away as possible then select RED color.

Download now!

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BigBlue Time
BigBlue Time

BigBlue Time

BigBlue Apps

What time does the Kentucky game start? BigBlue Time quickly answers this important question with:

- Countdown before every game
- Notification an hour before tip off
- Wildcat roar notification sound
- Today widget for upcoming game
- Score and TV channel of each game
- Add game to Calendar
- Tweet or post to Facebook
- Kentucky fight song

The countdown continues... Go Big Blue!

Disclaimer: This application is in no way affiliated with the University of Kentucky or its athletic program. BigBlue Time, nor it's developer, are responsible for any legalities that may arise in the use of this application.

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A beautiful world clock, showing the world as it is between day and night. See the lights show through at dusk and fade away at dawn – something you would see in real life, but is missing from other world clocks.

You can also zoom in to the map to get a better view of that area of the map. Try zooming into the area around dawn or dusk to see the transition occur in real time.

In addition, a dynamic time display with your local date and time, as you have them defined on your device, are displayed below the map. You can also customize the appearance of the clock to display only date, hours, and minutes if desired.

A lot of machine-assisted translations have been added as well, please comment if the translations can be improved!

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Digital Watch - Turn your TV into an Elegant Wall Clock
Digital Watch - Turn your TV into an Elegant Wall Clock

Digital Watch - Turn your TV into an Elegant Wall Clock

Fiks Apps

With Digital Watch you can turn your TV into an elegant wall watch that suits any modern home.

The idea behind Digital Watch was to design a simple, aesthetic watch with focus on the core: To show the time.

Therefore we decided to cut out all non-essential features and what we were left with was these four core functions:

- See the time in am/pm mode
- See the time in 24 hour mode
- Set the background color to white
- Set the background color to black

Digital Watch. Simple. Better.

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ClockIt - create & share clock
ClockIt - create & share clock

ClockIt - create & share clock

JZ IT-Konsult AB

ClockIt is totally customizable analog clock for iOS and tvOS devices. To change clock look just tap on part you want to change and adjust settings. Changes are visualized immediately. Changes might be performed on iOS devices only.

ClockIt is delivered with many predefined themes, which can be easy customized. New themes can by created by duplication of existing themes.

App supports iCloud data synchronization – ClockIt themes and settings on all iOS and tvOS devices with same iCloud account will be synchronized.

You can create infinitely many new themes, which will be automatically shared by all your iOS and tvOS devices.

Due to fact that not all fonts from iOS are present in tvOS - to share ClockIt themes between iOS and tvOS you should use fonts – with “(tv)” in the name. Those fonts are present in both OS. Themes compatible with Apple TV will be marked with “(tv)” in the name.

App “Help-function” available in the app or on WWW contains detailed description of all functions and options.

In the app has been implemented total saving/restoration of state – it means that app might be interrupted at any time (by phone call, pressing one of device buttons, screen lock) and your data will not be lost. When app is activated next time all not saved data will be restored.

ClockIt utilizes new iOS7 feature: Background Fetch – app status is updated when not running.

App is optimized for iOS9, iOS8, iOS7, iOS6, tvOS9.

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The best background app on the Apple TV, full resolution images, which change automatically every 30 mins. Find the next place you want to go on holiday!

Amazing quotes hand picked by us to make your day memorable.

'I decided to buy Kibo and wow, I put it on in the afternoon, the quote has changed my life, I now earn a lot more money and my relationship is AMAZING, thanks you SO MUCH' - Andy

'I start this app at lunch and it's perfect for having on in the background whilst I work, my co-workers are super envious always asking me how I've been to all these places... little do they know ;)' - James

Turn your TV into a portal for amazing photos, put it on in the background when opening presents, having a conference call or eating dinner.

Amazing focal points for inspirational quotes and jaw dropping images.

Open your mind and embrace the philosophical quotes,

Shows you the time for your location in big letters - never be late for coffee time again!
Also shows you the weather for the location where the image is at this very moment!

Daydream off and enjoy your afternoon!

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Color O'Clock
Color O'Clock

Color O'Clock

GameTogether Softwareontwikkeling

Turn your TV into an attractive, innovative clock!

Ordinary clocks have numbers on them. Color O'Clock uses colors instead! This makes for a much more beautiful, intriguing clock.

• Not yet sure how to read the time using Color O'Clock? There's an explanation within the app, so you'll be reading the time in no time.
• Can you figure out how Color O'Clock works WITHOUT reading the instructions? It's also fun to ask family members or guests whether they can figure it out!
• Color O'Clock is great while you're doing other things. Experience how having Color O'Clock in the background adds to a room's ambiance.

Live colourful, love your time!

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Robert Carlsen

This clock displays hour, minute and second digits of the current time using binary representation.

* Two display modes available - Binary Coded Decimal and Sexagesimal.
* Learning mode helps you understand how to read binary.
* Color can be selected from a wide range of hues.
* Clock, stopwatch and count down timer modes.
* Includes a Notification Center widget to quickly show the binary-coded time.

* Universal binary application - designed to be equally beautiful on an iPhone or iPad.
* Universal purchase - display on your mobile devices and now on the new Apple TV.
* Features a novel and intuitive radial menu. Attractive animation throughout the app.
* Fullscreen display - leave running as a desk clock.

To read the time, add lit bits in each column. Enable learning mode to reveal each bit's value. Begin to identify binary by pattern.

Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) uses a separate column for the tens and ones components of each number in base 10. Sexagesimal uses one column to depict an integer in base 60.

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Clock Simulator
Clock Simulator

Clock Simulator


Clock Simulator is a minimalistic rhythm game. It puts the player in the role of the clock itself to explore the concept of time in a whole new way and offer challenge, relaxation, or plain and simple fun. All that a clock needs to do is to advance precisely once every second. Second, after second, after second, after second… Sounds simple enough? But could YOU take over and do it? Calm down. Relax. Focus on your inner rhythm. Tap once a second. Every second. You are the clock.

Clock Simulator offers:
- A unique concept of a clock-based rhythm game: you are the clock
- Controls so simple you could play with your eyes closed
- A variety of play modes and themes ranging from meditative to arcade
- Option to unlock modes and themes you enjoy to play them at your own leisure

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ShayBC (

TV watch / clock with amazing graphics, display clock as a top shelf "widget".

This app display a digital clock that shows the current time and date, the clock appears in many formats with spectacular background images, there are many to choose from,

in order to change the graphic, font, layout and colors preset - use left and right swipe gestures on the Apple TV Remote or the Apple TV Remote App,

once a clock / watch is selected then it is remembered and stay as current until next swipe (even if the app shutsdown).

if the app icon is placed on the TopShelf, the top-shelf icon will display current time.

for suggestions / feature requests, bug report please use the support forum at:

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Welcome Clock

Welcome Clock

Oliver Brecker

Welcome Clock displays an amazing large LCD clock with perfect animated digits. Features: Plays endless your video from URL in background with full screen and audio support (.mp4 + .mov), plays HD video without lag, video is downloaded and cached locally, use your own background image from an URL, choose clock size (small, normal or big), custom welcome text, nice LCD look and feel, automatic AM/PM support, awesome background pictures included, multi color digits

pause/stop: Open settings dialog (enter URL and welcome text here)
swipe left/right: Select background image
swipe up/down: Select digit color
Menu: Exit settings or exit app

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ClockZ Pro
ClockZ Pro

ClockZ Pro


Simple clock app with Widget!

ClockZ Pro Features:
- Widget
- 3D Touch Quick Action
- Apple TV supported
- Apple Watch app (You can change the text color from Apple Watch)
- Landscape and Portrait mode
- Unlocked automatically (No sleep mode)
- Date, week and time (in seconds)
- Digital clock
- You can hide the second
- You can hide the date
- Brightness feature
- Customize 6 background colors
- Customize 6 text colors
- Customize 6 fonts
- Support for all region format
- All latest Apple device supports

A single purchase for all of device (iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch/Apple TV).

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