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It’s Raining Cats and Dogs on Apple TV

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs on Apple TV

If you are an animal lover and cannot get enough of cute cats and kittens or playful puppies and pooches, then these apps are purr-fectly adorable and doggone good for Apple TV.

The Cat’s Meow

For those who cannot get enough of cuddly kittens and cute cats, apps like these for Apple TV are perfect. Scratch up some fun for your family with these apps that are definitely the cat’s meow.


Get your kitty GIF with this fun and silly app.


Get your kitty GIFs

For those who love cat and kitten GIFs.

If you want cats right now, then get CATS! Right Meow. This hilarious cat and kitten app plays a continuous stream of GIFs. From funny to sweet to just plain silly, this app is perfect for cat lovers.

Why we love it

CATS! Right Meow is great for those who appreciate those furry little felines. Laugh, smile, or just say “aww” with this app on Apple TV.

Kitten TV

Watch an endless display of the cutest and cuddliest felines.

Kitten TV

Cool cat clips

For those who love watching cat and kitten videos.

Kitten TV has several videos starring the cutest cats and kittens. Just turn on your Apple TV, pop open the app, and let it play. From adorable scenes of cat friends to those playing in the grass, this is a neat app for cat lovers.

Why we love it

If you love cats and kittens, then Kitten TV is the app for you. You can watch those furry cutie pies in action on Apple TV.

Barking Up the Right Tree

If you enjoy seeing perky puppies and delightful dogs, apps for Apple TV can put a smile on your face. Whether for you or your favorite, furry friend, these apps will have you barking up the right tree.

Perfect Pets and Pals

Are you a pet parent of both cats and dogs or simply an animal lover who appreciates both? With these awesome apps on Apple TV, cuteness overload is at your fingertips.

Fawesome Pets

Get funny pet videos as well as news, tips, and more.

Fawesome Pets
Perfect pet pal

For those who enjoy pet videos and getting pet care tips and news.

Fawesome Pets is a fun app for Apple TV that has tons of animal videos from informative to funny. With training and pet care tips, animal news, and comedic clips, you can easily get your daily dose of cuteness and enjoyment with this app.

Why we love it

Whether you would like tips and tricks for training or simply hilarious animal outtakes, Fawesome Pets is a great app to have on your Apple TV.

For those who...

  • Like watching pet videos
  • Enjoy getting pet news and tips

Not for those who...

  • Prefer watching videos of your own pets
  • Prefer television shows or movies