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For Kids


The Apple TV is a great educational tool and these Spelling apps are a great way to entertain your kids while learning the basics.

Montessori Spelling - From sounding-out to writing
Montessori Spelling - From sounding-out to writing

Montessori Spelling - From sounding-out to writing


Exclusive to Apple TV, Montessori Spelling is a wonderful app for children to spell their first words and make sure they become solid spellers.

Designed by Montessori teachers, this app offers activities
• With CVC words. Ideal for early years children who know their letter sounds
• With more complex words sounds for those who want to practice spelling
• With a large variety of vocabulary for those who want to spell in a foreign language!

Best suited for children between 5 and 8 years old.

• 300 beautifully illustrated words in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Italian and French)
• 3 levels:
o Easy
o Intermediate
o Expert
• 2 modes:
o Automatic letter placement (magnet)
o Manual letter placement
• Safe for kids! Absolutely no third-party ads!

About Edoki Academy

We founded Edoki Academy to bring our classroom experience with hundreds of children to the Digital world of tablets. As certified teachers, our aim is to develop a range of truly educational as well as beautiful apps based on the Montessori Method. All our apps can be used at home or in class. They can also be used by speech therapists. We are proud winners of several Awards from the Parent's Choice Foundation and Common Sense Media. For any support, please contact us on [email protected]

Privacy Policy

We take personal data protection very seriously. We do not collect or share personal information about your child. You can read our privacy policy here:

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Spelling Slam
Spelling Slam

Spelling Slam

Throneware Ltd

With over 1500 words and 30 challenging levels, Spelling Slam is a great way to improve your spelling skills. Use the UK curriculum linked Spelling Slam tests to improve your child's spelling skills today!


Curriculum Linked Tests
All of the spelling tests in the app are directly linked to the UK national curriculum.

Unlockable Achievements
Unlock achievements and awards by completing challenges and tasks in the game.

30 Levels of Educational Fun!
A huge variety of levels, each of which is targeted towards a certain level of the national curriculum.

Professional Sounds
The words in the tests are recorded professionally, leading to clear, easy to understand tests.

Download Spelling Slam now to improve your child's spelling in a fun, interactive way!

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ABC School Bus
ABC School Bus

ABC School Bus

Baby Cortex

Have your child learn their ABCs and basic spelling with the educational app specially made for Apple TV! Lock your doors and fasten your seatbelts because fun and learning are just around the bend!

Take control of several vehicles as they explore the city’s streets in search of letters. Collect the right letters to spell given words and advance to the next stage. Choose from many difficulty modes to test your child’s abilities. Advanced stages feature longer words, creating the potential for some serious learning! With a wide array of words to choose from, adorable cars and buses to drive, and customizable difficulty level, ABC School Bus is an amazing learning tool suited for absolutely any child!

Learning has never been this fun. Hop on board!

- Hours of fun learning experiences
- Easy to play with intuitive controls
- Cute cars and buses
- Beautiful 3D graphics and catchy music
- Customizable vehicles and difficulty level

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Spelling Walk
Spelling Walk

Spelling Walk

Enrique Brandariz

Available for the new AppleTV

VcRobbie, the vacuum robot has a mission. Many words are misspelled on the floor and VcRobbie has to get  the letters to form the correct word again. But  VcRobbie detection unit is malfunctioning and cannot detect the letters by itself.
Can you help VcRobbie to take the letters?

Spelling Walk is a spelling game whose objective is to get letters to form the correct word moving a robot across a board. The board is made of tiles, which disappear when the robot pass over them. So you have to plan the path carefully to guide the robot to get all the letters.
There is a level for younger kids in which tiles do not disappear and it is not possible to  get an invalid letter.


- 5 levels
- Plus 1 Very Easy level for younger kids to start spelling
- 100 words per level
- Words in English or Spanish
- Resume play whenever you want
- Reset any level to play it again
- Reset the full game to start playing again

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Word Plane - Spelling made fun
Word Plane - Spelling made fun

Word Plane - Spelling made fun

E-leet Solutions

Word Plane is a fun way to spell!

• Avoid aliens and mountains
• Collect letters
• Spell words
• Complete levels

Complete all the levels in each category!

Unlock more categories!

Word Plane is a great way to practice spelling and learn more words. Fly through or shoot the aliens, navigate past the mountain tops to collect the letters. Make sure you spell the word correctly or you will have to start over! Watch out! Aliens will take your letter if you don't hurry. Collect all the right letters to spell the word and complete the level.

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