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World, historical, and educational maps all viewable on the big screen with these Apple TV apps.

The United States of America - Geography by Mobile Montessori
The United States of America - Geography by Mobile Montessori

The United States of America - Geography by Mobile Montessori

Rantek Inc.

Ages 2 & up. Learn about the 50 states with this time-tested method by Mobile Montessori!

This simple, three step process to learn geography is being used by schools around the world. Here's how it works:

1. In the Learning Center, children can browse through the states, learning to pronounce each name, seeing the state shapes and location, and get to listen to a brief history and description of each state.

2. In the first Puzzle Map, children will enjoy assembling the map by searching for the state that matches the blinking shape on the map. As each state is placed, they will hear the name pronounced aloud.

3. The second Puzzle Map is the most challenging. Search for the state that matches the name displayed at the top. The name will be heard aloud so young children who cannot read will know which state to search for.

We've published apps using this method for over five years with fantastic feedback from both parents and teachers.

Thanks for supporting Mobile Montessori's educational apps.

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United States Map Quiz: US Geo
United States Map Quiz: US Geo

United States Map Quiz: US Geo

Peaceful Pencil Ltd., The

Learn US states, capitals, and flags with interactive learning: Use your Apple TV remote to navigate a high-resolution map of the United States! Perfect for students, teachers, and anyone wishing to learn U.S. states, capitals, and flags using a fun and interactive method.


•High-resolution map of the United States with 16 modes for learning, divided up by region and mode (states, capitals, flags)
•Unlock the Final Exam by completing 60% of the app!
•A star system tracks your progress in each mode, and a percentage meter tracks your overall progress in the application
•Answer keys for each region/mode. Careful, your star score won't be saved if you use it!
•Incorrect answers cause the map to zoom to the correct location, making your learning fast and efficient
•All US states, divided up by region and mode:

16 modes:

•States: West
•States: Midwest
•States: South
•States: East
•All 50 States

•Capitals: West
•Capitals: Midwest
•Capitals: South
•Capitals: East
•All 50 Capitals

•Flags: West
•Flags: Midwest
•Flags: South
•Flags: East
•All 50 Flags

•Final Exam

• 'Go' Announcer:

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State The States and Capitals
State The States and Capitals

State The States and Capitals

ecom enterprises, inc.

State the States™ is a fun, free and simple way for anyone to learn the 50 United States and Capitals. Do you have a states quiz or capitals quiz you need to study for? The easy to use interface of State the States makes it perfect for kids and adults to learn and memorize all 50 states and capitals. Explore the zoom enabled map to learn where states are located or simply select a state or capital from the menu to highlight it on the interactive map of the United States. As you select a state, you can also see the state flags, state nickname and statehood date.

• See each state shape clearly
• Explore the United States map by tapping on a state
• Learn the states name, capital, location of each state, date of statehood, state number, state flag & state nickname
• Learn the two letter state abbreviation as you study each state
• Zoom & pan the states map to see where each state is located
• Play the States Quiz Game to test your state shape knowledge
• Play the Capitals Quiz Game to test your capital names knowledge
• Play the State Abbreviations Game to test your two letter state abbreviation knowledge
• Two letter state abbreviations appear next to each state in the Learn tab
• See the State Number and Statehood date for each state in the Learn tab
• See State Population in the Lean View
• Stack up points as you test your knowledge of the states & capitals and earn medals!
• High score leader board for States Quiz, Capitals Quiz & Abbreviations Quiz

Need to learn how to spell each state and capital, State Flags too?
• State the States now includes in-app options for a State Spelling Game, Capital Spelling Game & State Flags Game.
• Hear the spoken state name or spoken capital name then try to spell it.
• State the States will help you with the spelling by highlighting incorrect letters.
• See each State Flag and then match it to the correct state.

Share State the States with your entire class using the tvOS version for Apple TV!

If you're looking for an easy, fun & free way to study and learn the 50 United States of America and their Capitals, Sate the States is the app for you!

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Europe Map Quiz
Europe Map Quiz

Europe Map Quiz

Peaceful Pencil Ltd., The

Learn the locations of European countries, capitals, and flags with interactive learning: Use your Apple TV remote to navigate a high-resolution map of Europe!

Perfect for students, teachers, and anyone wishing to learn about European countries, capitals, and flags using a fun and interactive method.

A star system tracks your progress in each mode. Complete over 60% of the app to unlock the Final Exam!

16 modes:

•Countries: Western
•Countries: Southern
•Countries: Northern
•Countries: Eastern
•All European Countries

•Capitals: Western
•Capitals: Southern
•Capitals: Northern
•Capitals: Eastern
•All European Capitals

•Flags: Western
•Flags: Southern
•Flags: Northern
•Flags: Eastern
•All European Flags

•Final Exam

Credit for the 'Go' Announcer:

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Wine Maps
Wine Maps

Wine Maps

Jonathan Lord

Wine Maps provides a handy visual reference, for the wine regions in twenty countries around the world. Its a great tool for anyone looking to learn more about the world of wine, and even better for those looking for maps to study from. It's perfect for those teaching others about wine, and Wine Maps provides a number of ways of exporting or printing maps.

Wine Maps focuses exclusively on mapping the wine regions of the world. It offers one hundred and twenty two maps, defining the wine regions. It is NOT an encyclopaedia of wine, and does not give any textual definitions or comment. Wine Maps is a purely visual reference, which allows you to search for the location of a wine region. With the exception of the top wineries in Bordeaux, individual vineyards do not appear on the maps. There's just too many of them!

Each map is one or two taps away from the main screen. Simply choose from the main wine region list, and you instantly have a map of that region. You can search for regions by name, and Wine Maps will neatly zoom into its location. The surrounding regions will be greyed out to highlight the selected region. Each map has the wine regions clearly presented, along with rivers, cities, and major towns. 

You can adjust the major components for map. for example to hide the labels for wine regions. You can hide the rivers, or the towns and cities. On each map, controls are provided to show, grey out, or hide individual wine regions.

For commercial users, who would like to make more extensive use of the maps, an in-app purchase has been added. This provides a licence to distribute maps, via websites, videos, presentations, and more.

Wine Maps is also bundled with a companion app for your Apple TV. Allowing you to show of your wine knowledge, and TV simultaneously!

Feature Summary:
• Locate one of 1500+ wine regions in seconds
• 128 Maps covering 24 countries
• Accessible top down approach
• Maps can be printed, or exported as images
• A licence for commercial distribution is available as in in-app purchase
• Maps can be altered. For example, to hide labels, rivers, or towns and cities.
• Individual wine regions can be hidden, or greyed out
• Works offline
• iPad, iPhone and Apple TV support
• Currently on its 25th update. Wine Maps is actively developed (now with a version for the Mac desktop).

What regions are included?
- Overall World Map
- Overall Europe Map
- Central and Eastern Europe Map

Old World - 15 Countries, and 61 Regions:

- Austria
- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Czech Republic
- France
(with fifteen main subregions, and further sub-subregions. Eleven from Bordeaux and six from Burgundy),
- Germany
- Greece
- Hungary
- Italy
(with nineteen subregions)
- Moldova
- Portugal
- Romania
- Spain
(with ten subregions)
- Slovenia
- Switzerland

New World - 9 Countries, and 40 Regions:

- Argentina
- Australia
(with four subregions)
- Brazil
- Canada
(with subregion Ontario)
- Chile
- Mexico
- New Zealand
(with two subregions)
- South Africa
(with the subregion Western Cape)
(with subregions of seventeen states, and fifteen subregions of California)

Image Copyright
All images generated using Wine Maps are issued under the "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License".

If you have purchased the Commercial Licence in-app purchase. All images generated are issued under the "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License".

By purchasing Wine Maps, or the Commercial Licence in-app purchase; you agree to adhere to the terms of the licence, which is appropriate to your purchase.

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Globe Earth 3D
Globe Earth 3D

Globe Earth 3D

Chien-Yuan Chen

"designed to engage the curious as well as entertain the seasoned Vexillologist. Worthy of a 5 star rating." by Educational App Store

249 countries (by ISO 3166-1) and 50 states of USA in this app. Easy to play Globe by gesture control. Double-taps to link to Wikipedia, and choose realistic flags. Play national anthems.
◎ Support Languages: 正體中文, English, 简体中文, 中文(香港), 日本語, Français, Español, Deutsch, Русский, Português, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Ελληνικά, 한국어, ภาษาไทย; Area(km²), Capital City, 首都城市.
◎ Display both names with different languages, and adjust font size
◉ Gesture Control ◉
◎ Tap: focus to center
◎ Double-Taps: link to Wikipedia, or choose flags
◎ Pinch: zoom in/out, rotate
◎ Slide: move viewer
◎ rotate-north-up toggle
◉ Feature ◉
◎ World time zone map (with sea, ocean)
◎ High quality texture-maps for 3D earth
◎ 300 Realistic flags by real-time render
◎ 220+ national anthems (need to download from internet)
◎ Custom your own anthems(.mp3) in Documents folder via iTunes
◎ Support Landscape and Portrait mode
◎ Boundary, name, and flag info (by ISO 3166-1 with 249 countries)
◎ Disputed areas by red-outline
◎ Included ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, alpha-3 code
◎ Included 50 states of USA, United Nations, European Unions, and some geopolitical entities
◎ Longitude/Latitude display (with equator, tropical, and polar)
◎ Smoothly control by gesture: tap, double-taps, pinch, slide
◎ Search tool by name
◎ Show your location on earth
◎ Offline browse is OK. (except to link to Wikipedia)
◎ InAppPurchase: Unlock 2nd name and remove ads
◉ Special Thanks ◉
◎ Naaty Design,
◎ Visible Earth,
◎ Natural Earth,
◎ Tom Patterson,
◎ Bullet Physics Library,
◎ Wikipedia,
◎ Any comments:

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Map Flight Simulator
Map Flight Simulator

Map Flight Simulator

Sandro Rossetti

Fly on top of roofs, monuments, buildings and beautiful places in the planet. While sitting on your sofa all you have to do is move your hand and… fly!
Map Flight Simulator 3.0 has a built in logical controller that transforms your hand movements into commands to calibrate every parameter of your flight: Altitude, Elevation, Direction, Orientation…

Browse Maps in a completely different and natural way: use your remote like in a virtual cockpit!
Just hold your remote to Fly Over the Maps in every direction, changing also altitude, heading and pitch!
Cockpit with on-screen live info for altitude, distance from your location, orientation, pilot mode and full decoded location address.

Use the "Play" button during navigation to switch pilot/camera/manual mode.

Popular Places selected among the world's most amazing and famous places for a true flight experience!

4 modes available:

1) Pilot Mode
- constant Altitude
- use your remote to fly North, South, East and West

2) Camera Mode
- constant Position
- use your remote to change the Camera Heading and the Altitude

3) Manual Mode
- use the remote trackpad to navigate
- Double click to zoom in, Double tap to zoom out
- Keep Pressed for Quick Panorama Mode

4) Quick Panorama Mode (enabled keeping pressed)
- gives you instant control over flight heading and pitch

- Store your favorites Places with a click
- Places editor to maintain your precious bookmarks list
- Search engine:
1) Search while you type (min 2 characters)
2) Incremental search while you type
3) Siri Remote compatible, to search location, cities and addresses with your voice

Enjoy your planet and learn by fly!
More info:

We would like to thank all of you for the great support, ideas and comments, whatever they are!
Keep suggesting at [email protected]

See also our latest app: "Maps Navigator" for Apple TV for a full functional map and directions client.
If you want to record your flight you may be interested in "Map Flight Recorder"

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Map Flight Recorder

Map Flight Recorder

Sandro Rossetti

Create stunning Aerial Views!
Record your Maps Navigation on Apple Maps

For the first time you can create your own Flyover Presentation.
Map Flight Recorder allows you to record your map navigation created with a simple gesture of your hand.

YES, it's all about Apple Remote sensors. All you have to do is move your thumb and your hand.
Easily create Flyovers of your favourites places, put your captions and instantly play your creation.

Popular Places selected among the world's most amazing and famous places for a true flight experience!

Map Flight Recorder is a complete tool.
You can choose between simple navigation and our gyroscope driven engine to move your virtual camera over the world.
Map Flight Recorder comes with a series of tool to simplify the creation and post-processing of your recorded flight.

A special tool works in the background tuning your map navigation recording to produce smooth and spectacular recordings.
Our Optimizer takes take of panning optimisation as well as pitch/heading and altitude.

Enjoy our planet and learn by flying!

See your recorded flyovers and our special collection downloading our free app "Maps Flight Genius", available for iPhone, iPad and AppleTV and discover the wonders of the Genius and its automatic aerial view creation.

more videos on

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Wake up! Earthquake
Wake up! Earthquake

Wake up! Earthquake

Stefano Russello

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true earthquake alarm functionality.

This section allows to see the seismic activity around the world. It is connected with the USGS database to always retrieve the most current data.
For all earthquakes it is possible to see when the event happened in your timezone and the event's timezone and also the UTC timezone.
It is interesting to see how far away the earthquake was.
You can see all earthquakes sorted by magnitude, date, distance or depth.
It is possible filter the events for showing only the most significant earthquakes.

NOW with Apple Watch support!
Wake up Earthquake was developed to provide a seismic alarm at low cost, without the use of complex and expensive equipment.
Is possible to detect the first seismic waves of an earthquake before they occur the most harmful and destructive.
Wake up Earthquake warns you in advance of the presence of a seismic movement and allows you to gain precious time to rescue you and your loved ones.
Now you can sleep easy, sure to be alerted in case of an earthquake!

There are 3 types of alarms:
- Audio: Can be played 3 different types of audio alarm.
- Visual: Can be displayed on the screen a text message.
- Flash LED: If available, the flash LED warning through the blinking. You can keep on after an alarm.

The application now continues to detect earthquakes even in standby mode.
In this mode you can also lock the device and you will be notified via audible alarm or notification.
You can activate the power saving mode to reduce power consumption of the battery.

Now you can enable and disable the alarm at a particular time of the day.

We are sure that Wake up Earthquake will be very useful especially where seismic activity is a frequent problem.

For any information, suggestions or reports, please contact us.

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TV Map
TV Map

TV Map

Johannes Eiseler

TV Map is an app to browse maps on your TV.

Use your TV to explore maps from the whole planet. TV Map gives you four different map styles to browse the maps. All the maps are based on the OpenStreetMap data. Navigate with buttons or just swipe on your remote. Swipe to move the map and tap for zoom in and out. You can also search for cities or even streets on the whole planet.

OpenStreetMap is the project that creates and distributes free geographic data for the world.

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Canada Map Quiz: Education Ed.

Canada Map Quiz: Education Ed.

Peaceful Pencil Ltd., The

Select the correct answer on a scrollable, high-resolution image of Canada! The 'Education Edition' of Canada Map Quiz is a paid app with no In-App Purchases or ads.


• A star system tracks your progress in each mode, and a percentage meter tracks your overall progress in the app
• Answer keys for each mode. Careful, your star score won't be saved if you use it!
• A final exam that combines all of the modes together for the ultimate test of your knowledge!
• Support for Apple’s Schoolwork app and Shared iPad deployments in the classroom. Assign quizzes to students and track class progress!
• Alternatively, email or print the 'Report Card' to track user progress
• Incorrect answers will cause the map to zoom to the correct location (not available on iPhone 4 and 4S)
• No In-App Purchases or ads

4 modes:

• Provinces and Territories
• Capital Cities
• Provincial Flags
• Final Exam

Credit for the mapping class (MTImageMapView) used in this app: stkim1

Credit for sound effects: Shawshank73 (

Credit for map: Derfel73 (modified version of

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Africa Map Quiz
Africa Map Quiz

Africa Map Quiz

Peaceful Pencil Ltd., The

Learn the countries, capitals, and flags of Africa with interactive learning: Use your Apple TV remote to navigate a high-resolution map of Africa!

Perfect for students, teachers, and anyone wishing to learn about African countries, capitals, and flags using a fun and interactive method.

A star system tracks your progress in each mode!

15 game modes -
Northern and Western (countries, capitals, and flags) are included for free. The remaining modes can be unlocked with a single In-App Purchase.

Credit for the 'Go' Announcer:

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Europe - Geography by Mobile Montessori
Europe - Geography by Mobile Montessori

Europe - Geography by Mobile Montessori

Rantek Inc.

Learn the names and locations of all the countries in Europe!

First, learn the names and locations of the European Countries:

Touch a country in the filmstrip to change the featured country on the page. Touch the speaker button to hear the correct pronunciation of the country name and touch the compass button to see the country highlighted on the map!

Next, move on to the puzzle maps:

In the first puzzle map lesson children have to look for the country puzzle piece that is blinking on the map. As each country piece is placed its name can be heard aloud.

In the second puzzle map lesson children have to look for the country puzzle piece that corresponds to the name shown at the top. For children who cannot read, a speaker button at the top can be touched to hear the name aloud for them to know which one to look for.

This Montessori application was co-developed and approved by an AMI certified, Montessori teacher with over forty years experience educating children!


Customer Reviews about some of our Geography apps for the iPad:

"I am a lower elementary teacher, and my students have been using your South America, Europe, and Asia puzzle map apps. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them."

"Because of your apps my 3yr old knows all the countries from North, South Americas, Europe and all the states in America."

"I am in my forties and I have learned most of Europe in a couple days. This method really works."


Visit our website:

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ViaMichelin : Map - Traffic
ViaMichelin : Map - Traffic

ViaMichelin : Map - Traffic


Discover Michelin map with real-time traffic.

Enjoy real-time traffic to plan journeys for even your most familiar routes.
* Use the green-orange-red colour coding on the maps to identify the most fluid or congested roads, as well as road closures
* You can also choose a route that will save wasted time in traffic jams!

Day after day, we look to enhance mobility in order to bring you more efficiency and pleasure. Our teams are working on your behalf with enthusiasm and passion. Please give us your feedback, your views are valued and contribute to the improvement of YOUR application. Contact us: [email protected]

* Maps of the world, with maps and plans for towns and cities: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds… Road and motorway traffic also available for Europe and UK: traffic for London, Glasgow, Edinburgh…

Together, the road is safer. Let’s take the best route together.

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Position Games Limited

Turn your iDevice into a moving map for your flight simulator, with FSXFollow! Now, you can easily follow your flight’s route from anywhere at any time, even capture incoming screenshots. This app is simple to use, yet provides a full host of exciting features. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today!

What customers say about FSXFollow:
“I had trouble at first and customer support helped very quickly. This app is great for long flights.”
- W. Hawkins

“I've been looking for ages for a moving map on the iPad and iPhone for use with fsx and this is just that with added benefit of being able to view my cockpit from downstairs watching TV when doing a long haul flight.”
- S1Agatho

You love your flight simulator. It’s fun to pilot your own aircraft thousands of miles, over mountains and oceans. The view is pretty spectacular too. The only thing that could make your flight simulation experience better would be if you could watch your craft’s progress while on the go. After all, you’re flying through the air, free as a bird, shouldn’t following your flight route be just as mobile?

The answer is, “Yes!” of course and now you can have the freedom to follow your simulated flight, from anywhere at any time, thanks to FSXFollow. This is the app you need, to watch your aircraft wing its way across a moving map. Follow the flight line, see where you are, at all times.

Want to check in on the cockpit? No problem, you can drop in and view it whenever you want to. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can maintain your control and responsibilities as Captain. Just check in from your iDevice to see what’s going on.

Another thing you’re going to love about FSXFollow is that it saves valuable screen real-estate on your desktop. Use your device to display your aircraft’s current position, instead of your PC.

Guess that’s just one more example of the freedom you get with this application. If you want another, FSXFollow connects to the flight simulator directly through our free PC client. There’s that word free again, as in, “free to move around and still follow your flight,” or “flying freely yet always knowing where you are.”

All you need is your installed copy of Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004 or X-Plane, the free PC download and internet access. That’s it. Those things plus FSXFollow and you can embrace your inner pilot to the fullest and from another room.

Look at some of the exciting features you get in FSXFollow:
* Easy-to-use interface
* Universal app – works on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
* Connects to FSX, FS2004 and X-Plane
* PC Client provided free (see
* Map supports drag to pan and pinch to zoom
* VORs and NDBs visible on Map
* Follow your flight on the go. Not limited to home network only
* Option to save an incoming screenshot
* Route is shown as a line on the map
* Option to publish a screenshot
* Easy setup, no entering of ip address required
* No local network needed
* Option to transfer screenshots to your iPad, iPhone and iTouch (FSX only).
* Option to automatically snap to optimal zoom level
* Shows you the diagram of the closest airport
* Free updates and additional features as they become available
* Personalized and friendly customer support via email

Come and grab your slice of freedom. Download FSXFollow now and watch from anywhere as your iDevice turns into a moving map for your simulated flight route.

Have a great flight!

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Explore the world from your living room. Mappist is an easy-to-use online map viewer that lets you view street, topographic and aerial maps on your TV.

An Internet connection is required. Current map servers supported are OpenStreetMap, OpenAerial, OpenCycleMap (global coverage), USGS Topographic, Imagery and hybrid topo/imagery (USA). *** NEW: *** Add more map types by entering a tile server URL. You can add any tile server that uses XYZ or quad tree URL parameters for raster tiles. If adding a new server, you must ensure that you are in compliance with that server's terms of use.

Easily pan and zoom with the Apple TV remote (double tap and swipe to zoom) or MFi game controller. Search for place names and zoom the map to the results.

Map tiles courtesy of MapQuest, US Geological Survey, and

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TV Maps +
TV Maps +

TV Maps +

Harry bachmann

Explore maps on the Apple TV the easy way with TV Maps +.

Easily find places, directions or just discover beautiful 3D maps on the big screen with this full featured map client.

Wandering the maps alone or planning a trip with friends and family, both is fun thanks to the big screen.
Family and friends can participate when you are planning the next trip since they can see what is happening on the big screen. Planning trips and routes becomes an event you can enjoy together with your loved and is no longer a lonely job.

TV Maps + includes everything you expect from a map client, navigation is simple and straight forward thanks to the Siri Remote.

Top Features:
• Search places and drop a pin
• Discover maps and 3D maps
• Search directions and plan routes
• Plan trips on the big screen

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