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Movie Trailers

Find amazing movies to watch soon by first watching their trailer right on Apple TV.

Regal Cinemas
Regal Cinemas

Regal Cinemas

Regal Cinemas

Find movie showtimes and purchase tickets on-the-go for nearby Regal Cinemas, Edwards and United Artists theatres with the official Regal Cinemas app. Download this FREE app and enjoy the following features:

• See which movies are playing in theatres now or coming soon
• Get showtimes
• Purchase tickets without having to go to the theatre
• Watch movie trailers
• Access Twitter to read real-time options on current movies
• Review movie synopsis, cast, ratings and runtimes
• Send upcoming showtimes to friends via text and email

• Save your favorite theatres
• Easily search for theatres in other locations
• See movies and showtimes at a specific theatre
• Get directions to the theatre

• Earn coupons for concessions
• Scan and store your Regal Crown Club card for quick use
• Check your Regal Crown Club balance


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SensaCine - Cine y Series
SensaCine - Cine y Series

SensaCine - Cine y Series


Descubre la aplicación de SensaCine para iPhone y iPad !
Películas, Series, Tráilers, Cines, Cartelera, Actores y Noticias:
¡Todo SensaCine por fin disponible en tu iPhone y iPad y Gratis!

Principales funciones:
Base de datos con Películas, Series, Cines de toda España y Actores con su filmografía detallada.

Motor de búsqueda optimizado para iPhone.

Para cada Película: Críticas de SensaCine, de prensa y de espectadores. Anécdotas.

Las Películas y los Cines más próximos gracias al GPS. Localización en el mapa de cada ciudad.

Para cada Serie: Agenda, Críticas de espectadores y Temporadas.
Los episodios y temporadas en televisión.

Los Tráilers en Alta Definición, con Exclusivas
Todas las noticias de Cine, de Series y de Actores en tiempo real.
Todos los Especiales de nuestra Redacción.

¡Puntúa las películas y escribe tus críticas! Guarda tus favoritos.
Comparte: envia una película o la programación de un cine a tus amigos por email, Facebook y Twitter.

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TV3M + Movie Trailers

TV3M + Movie Trailers

allan cook

TV3M (Video Channels)

Television for the 3rd Millennium: TV 3M, is the nest step into the future of TV as we know and experience it!

The beginning of the 1900s saw the global advent of moving images, films and movies. Initial popularity grew with black and white silent films made by the first movie greats such as Charlie Chaplin.

As the century wore on film evolved into Movies and eventually gained not only sound but color. With the number of studios increasing television was the next step, revolutionizing our homes and life.

At the end of the 20th Century, and the end of the 2nd Millennium, with the advent of the internet, TV began moving to the internet and broadcasters were replaced with YouTube and Vevo, and many broadcasters added there own apps allowing free access to the wealth of un-copyrighted media.

TV 3M brings a number of channels to Apple TV for free, including a special Charlie Chaplin Channel, a History Channel, a Movie Channel, Horror Channel, and also a Classic TV Channel, with more soon to follow.

Includes the all of the following 28 Classics:
- Making a Living (1914)
- Kid Auto at Venice (1914)
- Mables strange Predicament (1914)
- Caught in the rain (1914)
- 1944: Supervising Working Women
- 1944: The Earthquakes
- 1945: The War Ends in Europe
- 1946: Immigration
- 1947: Normandy, the Invasion of Fortress Europe
- 1947: The Battle for the Beaches
Classics TV includes:
- The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-68)
- The Beverly Hillbillies (1962-79)
- Andy Griffith Show (1960-68)
- Adventures of Robin Hood (1955-59)
- Ozzie and Herriot (1952-62)
Horror Classics includes:
- Horror Express (1972)
- Grave of the Vampire (1974)
- House of Mystery (1934)
Movie Classics includes:
- Jungle Book (1940)
- Abraham Lincoln (1930)
- Tarzan's Revenge (1938)
- The Lost World (1925)
- His Girl Friday (1940)
Sci-Fi Movie Classics includes:
- Lady Frankenstein (1971)
- Invasion of the Be Girls (1973)
- The Last Woman on Earth (1960)
- Phantom of the Opera (1925)
- Carnival of Souls (1962)
Movie Reviews for TV INCLUDES:
Get ready to be thrilled by the HOTTEST movie trailers from the big screen on in your home scene.

#Now includes 5 full FULL-MOVIE Greats.
#2 Amazing NEW Sections:

1. CLASSIC Trailers
2. Full MOVIE Greats

CLASSIC Trailers Include:
1. Blair Witch
2. Matrix Reloaded:
3. Cloverfield:
4. Alien:
5. Back to the Future:
6. LOTR: Fellowship:
7. Forrest Gump:
8. Saving Private Ryan:
9. Terminator 2:
10. Godfather 3:
11. Independence Day:
12. Lilo & Stich:
13. Kill Bill: Vol. 1:
14. WALL=E:
15. Inception:
16. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo:
17. Gaurdians of the Galaxy:
18. Mad Max: Fury Road:

Full MOVIE Greats Includes:
1. Metropolis
2. The Lost World
3. Jungle Book
4. Atol K
5. Nosteratu

Includes Movie Trailers from:

1. Resident Evil
2. Spiderman
3. Wonder Woman
4. Guardians of the Galaxy
5. Valarian
6. XXX
7. Trainspotting 2
8. Fifty Shades Darker
9. Lego Batman Movie
10. Fist Fight
11. A Cure for Wellness
12. Resident Evil
13. God Particle
14. Ghost in the Shell
15. Kong Skull Island
16. Pirates of the Caribbean 5
17. Office Xmas Party
18. The Mummy
19. Transformers 5
20. Planet of the Apes
21. Despicable Me 3
22. Justice League
23. Logan
24. Beauty and the Beast
25. King Arthur
26. Alien Covenant
27. Cars 3
28. Dunkirk
29. Blade Runner 2049
30. Life
31. Baywatch

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