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Get all the news you want in quick clips right on your Apple TV.

Newsy - Video News

Newsy - Video News

Media Convergence Group, Inc.

You’re an explorer. A seeker of information. Asking why. Challenging public opinion and forming your own. You've inspired us to discover the undiscoverable. Download and uncover the why in news. Satisfy your burning curiosity.

Stay informed with trending news topics that matter to you. Our unbiased, fresh take on news allows you to form your own opinion without all the noise.

We show you the facts and leave the rest to you.

No right. No left. Just news.

So, what’s in the app?
• Trending national and global news updated 24/7
• Watch or read each story
• Choose the news you want to see with Watchlist, a personalized playlist just for you.
• Well-rounded, unbiased news coverage from multiple sources
• Customizable notifications for a wide range of news categories
• 24/7 live news coverage on what’s happening now

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We're committed to providing the best experience possible for you, and we're always working hard to improve our apps. Please send any thoughts and suggestions to [email protected]

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HeadlineTV - Let the news play itself
HeadlineTV - Let the news play itself

HeadlineTV - Let the news play itself

Couch Potato Studios

Let the news play itself using Headline TV! HeadlineTV allows you to have a slide show of news headlines from a variety of sources along with stunning images in the background. It is the perfect app to run in the background during a party or small gathering.

Source Options:

- New York Times
- United Press International Headlines
- TechCrunch
- CNN Top Stories

HeadlineTV was originally created as part of Beck Lorsch's app of the month project. It was originally called RSSTV and since has morphed into the version you see today. Let the news play itself today with HeadlineTV!

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