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SCO Showcase
SCO Showcase

SCO Showcase


Please DO NOT USE this app if you are an existing ScreenCastsOnline Member - you need to use the SCO Members app to access all of the tutorials.

This SCO Showcase App is strictly for non-members or expired members, and allows you to buy individual tutorials via in-app purchase, This is not necessary for existing ScreenCastsOnline Members as all of the tutorials are available in the ScreenCastsOnline Members App.


With over 120 five star reviews worldwide, the SCO Showcase App is a great way to learn more about your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

The ScreenCastsOnline Showcase app is a Universal App for both the Apple TV and iOS and gives you access to a growing library of video tutorials covering the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Get immediate access to over 120+ great video tutorials covering macOS. OSX, iOS and the latest and greatest 3rd party apps and software - with new tutorials added each week. No membership or subscription required. Download for free and access some of the fantastic free tutorials. Other tutorials are available individually as in-app purchases. You can watch the tutorials on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or even your 4th Gen Apple TV. Just restore your purchases to each device - simple!

ScreenCastsOnline video tutorials are a great way to learn more about getting the most out of your Apple devices.

***** “This is a great service for folks who are new to the Apple environment as well as for those who want to know everything about a new Apple release or about applications for Mac and IOS devices. With free examples so you can see the quality of the tutorials, I reckon you can't go wrong here. Highly recommended. - by toasted888 - Jan 2016”

***** “…amazing tutorials on a huge variety of iOS and macOS tutorials. I always look to Don's screencasts when I want to get a quick overview of an app I am considering using, and I find he always gives me just the right balance of information to allow me, as a power user, to get up and running quickly. Interestingly, when I show the screencasts to non-powe users, I am intrigued to see that they we watch and re-watch a screencast to get reasonably in depth information. Highly recommended. - bydesparoz - Jan 2016”

***** “No need to do a few hundred searches to learn all about iOS and the MAC. Just watch ScreencastsOnline and all is explained. I have learned all sorts of interesting things from Don's great ability to communicate in a precise and thoughtful way. - Tato Canuck - Jan 2016”

***** “… Screencastonline is a great resource. It allows me to keep up to date with the many apps on offer, check out things I would otherwise have missed, and pick up new skills along the way. Don's presentation skills are excellent and easy to follow - but that doesn't mean the tutorials have no substance. Quite the contrary. Sometimes other experts are brought in to present on their specialist topic. This is a must have for anybody interested in Apple's products from beginner to advanced. - Mike A Coyle - Jan 2016”

***** “Screencastsonline have been a source of learning and confidence boosting for me. The videos keep up with the pace of changes in iOS and OS X and always help me to use any apps to the optimum. The quality or each show is amazing with clear guidance and show notes appropriate to everyone with a wide range of applications covered to suit all abilities. I would recommend this to anyone and the fact I can view the shows via my AppleTV is a huge boost as I often find I have more time when I sit down to watch TV but likewise if I view via my iPad/iPhone or iMac I can stop check the options in the software being demonstrated. To have access to the tutorials in so many ways means I don't have any excuse and know I can go back and watch any show all over again. Highly recommended - Beverly - Jan 2016”

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Romain Piveteau

LiveChartz does not use any server to get its data, it fetches directly its results from App Store servers. These are "Live" Charts!


Just tap on your favorite apps to select them and follow their positions.

A favorite color may change to nuances of green to red depending on recent position progression.

When there is a significant progression of your favorite apps in the current selected chart, you get a notification. (You can adjust how many positions will trigger the notification in the Settings application)


On the Apple Watch, LiveChartz Watch app shows you your favorite apps in the current selected chart and the LiveChartz complications shows you the position of your best favorite app.

• TODAY EXTENSION in Notification Center

You can also have a rapid access to your favorite apps positions for the current selected chart in iOS notification center (Today Extension).


With the standard sharing button, you can easily share the current chart.


Settings are available on the back (Just tap on the 'i' button).

You can choose country, genre (All, Photo, etc) and feed type (Top paid, Top by revenue, Top free, etc).

Your favorites and your selected countries are synced with iCloud.


Feel free to send comments and suggestions to the feedback email. It will help us enhance the app in future releases.

EMAIL : [email protected]
TWITTER : @livequartz

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