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Rock, Roll and Stream Your Radio With Cool Apple TV Apps

Rock, Roll and Stream Your Radio With Cool Apple TV Apps

Strap on your boogie shoes and get ready to dance the night away. These radio apps for Apple TV let you find your favorite tunes in a toe-tap.

Time for Traditional

The radio stations you know from the AM and FM dial are now available on the Apple TV. Tune into your local stations or try out new ones from other locales to discover something fresh and funky.

myTuner Radio - Live Stations

Check out local stations along with those around the world.

myTuner Radio - Live Stations
Rock, bop, and hip-hop

For those who like radio stations specific to genre, state, or country.

If you love listening to music from around the world, then check out myTuner Radio for Apple TV. You can listen to top stations, pick a specific genre, or hear something fresh from a different country. With so many options, you might just discover a new favorite tune.

Why we love it

With myTuner Radio you will never be at a loss for discovering new music or just listening to your favorite stations.

For those who...

  • Enjoy discovering music from other countries
  • Would like their local radio stations on Apple TV

Not for those who...

  • Prefer their own customized song playlists
  • Would rather watch videos with their music

Always On, Internet Radio

Online radio delivers stations that stream across the internet since they do not broadcast on radio waves. And, these awesome apps provide a wide variety of music to listen to with distinct stations for most any genre.

The Bat Player Radio

If you like switching between music genres based on mood, this app is for you.

The Bat Player Radio

Get the songs and the details

For those who like various music genres in one app.

The Bat Player Music makes listening easy and offers a large selection of stations and genres to find the ideal fit for your mood or preference. From adult contemporary to oldies to top 40, your favorite jam could be just a click away.

Why we love it

The Bat Player Music has a great selection of stations with simple searching and a full directory to browse through.

Receiver Radio

Radio stations and podcasts galore.

Receiver Radio

Popular podcasts

For fans of the iOS app who want to continue listening on the big screen.

You can listen to more than 25,000 and podcasts and 30,000 radio stations from the comfort of a living room. The app is perfect for anyone new to podcasts or someone who knows exactly what they want to listen to. Along with viewing popular and local stations, you can browse by genre, location, and language. Or you can just search.

Why we love it

While it might not be the most visually pleasing app on the Apple TV, the power of Receiver really lies in its iCloud syncing capability with the iPhone/iPad app. That will allow you to view Favorite stations on any device.

Oldies but Goodies

Whether it is you or a loved one who enjoys the oldies, these apps bring them right to you. With tunes from the '20s to the '60s and old-time radio shows, you can take a step (or the two-step) back in time.

Old Time Radio Streamer

Listen to radio shows and snazzy music from the old days.

Old Time Radio Streamer

Pick and play

For those who enjoy music and radio shows from the earlier eras.

If you appreciate the oldies but goodies as well as radio shows like “Mystery Theater” or “Gunsmoke,” then you need Old Time Radio Streamer. From comedy to drama and music to talk radio, bring the old times to today on your Apple TV.

Why we love it

If you love music and radio shows from “way back when,” then Old Time Radio Streamer is the perfect addition to your Apple TV app collection.

Angel Radio

Swing and sing to the oldies.

Angel Radio

Vintage venue

For those who like music from the '20s to the '60s.

From big band music to the swinging '60s, Angel Radio has you covered. If you or someone in your life loves those old tunes then pop this app open on Apple TV and get ready to sing, swing, and do your thing.

Why we love it

If you enjoy all things retro, then Angel Radio is worth a listen. Bop, bounce, and boogie to the tunes from the old days.

Your Music, Your Way

Tune in to stations that play music with you in mind. Each station is geared towards your preferences, so you can spend less time scanning or searching and more time listening to tunes you love.