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Scenes And Backgrounds


Turn your Apple TV into a crackling fireplace with these beautiful apps.

Magic Fireplace

Magic Fireplace

Jetson Creative LLC

The absolute best fireplace app for your Apple TV now in 4K. Includes 24 4K HDR fireplaces and 40 HD fireplaces. All professionally captured and mastered to perfection.. If you are looking for the highest quality fireplace app out there you've found it.

Features include:
- 4K 3840x2160 10-bit HDR video
- 22 original 4K HDR fireplaces
- 14 additional HD-only fireplaces (36 HD total)
- Works great in HD and 4K, compatible with all displays
- All videos professionally captured and mastered
- Mix with music option
- On-screen clock
- 4 color filters including stunning black & white
- Anti-burn-in slowly moves text to protect your display
- Built with Metal for ultra smooth performance
- Made exclusively for Apple TV

Magic Fireplace is developed by the creators of Magic Window. We filmed all of the fireplaces ourselves while traveling specifically for Apple TV. We work very hard to make beautiful apps and always welcome your feedback. If you have a problem we are always happy to help.

Fans of Magic Fireplace will also enjoy our other apps for your Apple TV, Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Our Mac app puts our beautiful time lapse views on your desktop, while the iPad and iPhone app let you interact with the views. You can find them in the Mac App Store on your Mac and the App Store on your iPad or iPhone.

NOTE: This app does not function as the Apple TV screen saver. It must be launched independently.

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FirePlace Tv : Bring Warmth to your living room
FirePlace Tv : Bring Warmth to your living room

FirePlace Tv : Bring Warmth to your living room


Do you want to relax and unwind in front of a fireplace, but don’t have one? With Fireplace TV, turn your TV into the ultimate fireplace that you always wanted to have, all while cutting the hassle and enjoying the unique atmosphere that comes with it.

With Fireplace TV you now have access to 3 fire intensities at your fingertip just by swiping up or down on your Apple TV remote.

Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine to the soothing sound of crackling fire. Hosting a party? You can also play your favorite playlist in the background!

One of the main benefits of Fireplace TV is that you can create a unique, cozy environment in which you can enjoy your time off.

This is maybe the best, most exciting app for the holidays and all year round where you need a little time to relax and enjoy your life.

With Fireplace TV you can easily create a zen atmosphere, one that will allow you to enjoy yourself and truly relax unlike never before. Having company over? Fireplace TV will create the romantic mood you needed by the touch of a button.

If you like the idea, then don’t hesitate and download Fireplace TV right now, you will be amazed with the results!


-Create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere
-Crackling fire sound
-3 fire intensities to choose from
-Relax and unwind in front of your TV

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First Rule Fireplace
First Rule Fireplace

First Rule Fireplace

David Okun

So, you wanted to download a fireplace app. Neat! This is a perfectly good one!

*background voice* "But wait! There are SO MANY other fireplace apps to download for AppleTV!"

Pff. Do any of them have music to accompany them? What about rain?

*background voice* "Man, he has a pretty good point."

Introducing First Rule Fireplace. A great look for your TV, but with some nice rain and smooth jazz looping in the background for maximum relaxation.

*background voice* "Smooth jazz is lame! And I like the sun more!"

Again, PFF. Simply swipe in either direction to adjust the volume of the background noise. If you want just a fireplace on your screen, then by all means, you'll have just a fireplace on your screen.

*background voice* "This one fireplace is dumb - what if I want to switch to a different one?"

Double click on your remote to switch fireplaces. You are welcome.

*background voice* "But what about that weird name? What does First Rule mean?"

If I could tell you, I would, but I don't want to break the first (or the second) rule by telling you.

(Those of you who get the reference, please enjoy - I made this strictly for you.)

Thank you very much for your download, and please let me know how you like it!!!

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Ultimate Fireplace PRO

Ultimate Fireplace PRO

Zenoki Ltd

Three perfectly looped real log fires professionally filmed in 1080p to provide the Ultimate Fireplace experience. Clear, crisp and with incredible clarity, there really is nothing like it!

Install, relax and drift away to the sounds of a real wood fire crackling gently in the background, as you gaze softly into the dancing flames. A picture so real, you can feel the warmth against your skin!

Add instant atmosphere to any occasion with a choice of three stunning fireplaces, Cozy, Crackling and Roaring. Perfect for a romantic night in, a party, or just a doze in the comfort of your favourite chair.

All three videos look awesome on iPhone and iPad. Plus if you have an Apple TV 4, you can find a complimentary copy of the app in the Apple TV App Store. You won't be disappointed!

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Scenic Loops - Fireplaces
Scenic Loops - Fireplaces

Scenic Loops - Fireplaces

Awesome Geekness LLC

Warm up with "Scenic Loops - Fireplaces" for Apple TV! Download today to choose from nine beautiful, cozy fireplaces. By using HD video loops, "Scenic Loops - Fireplaces" doesn't use any bandwidth, so you can feel comfortable leaving it running as long as you like.

"Scenic Loops - Fireplaces" is perfect for
- Family rooms, theater rooms, or bedrooms
- Waiting rooms (doctor's offices, dentist offices, etc.)
- Gathering places
- Office reception areas
- Exercise, yoga, meditation, or relaxation areas
- Natural environmental "white noise" for productive work environments
- Any TV that would look better with a flickering fire instead of sitting black on a wall

Other fireplace apps on the App Store show videos from the cloud, which means they have to stream or download videos when watching them. Because "Scenic Loops - Fireplaces" is under the 200MB limit for app local storage, you can use it stress-free, knowing you won't be clogging up your network or using any bandwidth.

All source video was professionally shot in stunning 4K on iPhone 6s Plus phones and digitally mastered in HD.

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Fireplace live HD TV: Relax with romantic flames & soothing sounds
Fireplace live HD TV: Relax with romantic flames & soothing sounds

Fireplace live HD TV: Relax with romantic flames & soothing sounds

Voros Innovation

Turn your TV into a beautiful Fireplace!
Very relaxing to have running in the background while you work or rest. Also makes an ideal backdrop for a romantic evening!

The Mac version of this app was the #1 most downloaded app in the Mac App store.

+ Full HD Real fireplace scenes.
+ All scenes are in 1080p Full HD quality (1920 x 1080px), the maximum resolution of Apple TV
+ Various fireplace sounds to choose from
+ Select your favorite fireplace sound or just leave it on Auto selection
+ Option to change the relative sound volume of the app to optimize your TV's usual settings

If you have any questions please contact us directly at [email protected]

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Fantastic Fireplace
Fantastic Fireplace

Fantastic Fireplace

Kabuki Vision, LLC

The highest quality fireplace app for your Apple TV. A radiant fire to keep you warm on a cold winter night. Cozy up in front of its fiery glow and relax. Perfect for a romantic evening, social gathering, or simply to relax and unwind.

All videos are professionally captured in STUNNING 1080p 60fps HIGH DEFINITION.

A variety of fireplaces are available to suit your mood:

• Basic Fireplace - A radiant fire to warm your heart and set your spirit ablaze.

• Roaring Fireplace - A roaring, confident fire that will not let you down on cold winter nights.

• Old Fashioned Fireplace - Sit in front of the fire and reminisce about the good old days.

• Sad Little Fireplace - This sad little fireplace needs a loving home.

• Outdoor Campfire - You sing the campfire songs, we'll bring the marshmallows.

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classic Fireplace – relaxing and romantic fire flames
classic Fireplace – relaxing and romantic fire flames

classic Fireplace – relaxing and romantic fire flames

Frank Meyer

Turn your television into a charming fireplace with this App. Control the ambience in your room by choosing from one of three moods: the introspective fire of "Solace", the merry glow of "Crackles", and the wild flames of "Inferno".

- Contains 3 different wood fires and 1 candle
- Produced in full HD studio quality
- Your music does not get interrupted, which means your playlist can accompany the fire
- Increase or decrease the fire’s volume to fit your music
- Decrease the fire’s brightness to create the desired atmosphere of your room

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Christmas Fire
Christmas Fire

Christmas Fire

Purplezoo Productions Inc.

It's that time of year for Christmas cheer.

Do you want to gather round the fire and listen to those classic Christmas favorites, well with Christmas Fire you will always have it with you in your pocket.

Listen to the crackling of the fire with one of the includes CD Quality Christmas tracks or turn the music off just to listen to the realistic roaring fire.

How to use:
Launch Christmas Fire and use the controllers to turn music on or off, turn the cracking noise of the fire on or off.
Press the next track button to listen to the next track.

To Play your own music start the music before entering the App, the next and previous track buttons will not work while playing your own music.

Check out our other apps at

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Fireplace Channel
Fireplace Channel

Fireplace Channel

Oleg Lutsenko

The fireplace app for your TV. Turns your screen into a fireplace: classic or abstract. Features 14 unique fireplace themes to set the mood:

— Slow Flames
— Rapid Fire
— Golden Slow Sparkles

…and many more.

Put some background music on, pour a glass of wine and embrace winter by curling on your sofa and watching endless scenes of burning wood.

Create warm atmosphere and enjoy the cosiness of your living room without all the hassle of starting a real fire.

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Relax, Meditate & Sleep with Fireplace & Aquarium natural sounds
Relax, Meditate & Sleep with Fireplace & Aquarium natural sounds

Relax, Meditate & Sleep with Fireplace & Aquarium natural sounds


Relax with some a beautiful fireplaces and crackling fire sounds. Meditate with some beautiful Aquarium.

Prepare yourself for a magical virtual fireplace and aquarium. You can use the soothing sounds naturals for studying, reading, meditation, massage and more... Or just sleep and dream.

With this app you can create the perfect atmosphere for social and romantic occasions with the tap of your finger.

FirePlace is the perfect background to have on if you simply want to relax with your thoughts and wind down after a long day. The realistic sound effects from the logs are very soothing and together with the flickering flames, create a very warm ambience.

Want to put an aquarium in your home? Now with app is possible. Realistic aquariums which will make you feel as though you're looking at real fish inside. This app will make you feel like you have your very own aquarium.

Need an instant romantic setting for that special date? Want a relaxing crackling fire playing in the background while you curl up with that new book? Need a soothing sound to fall asleep to?

Tips to use this app:

- Relax with a glass of wine, listen your favorite classical music and enjoy the spectacular views
- You can use some Aquariums for meditation or for a good sleep.
- On Christmas period just listen Christmas songs and enjoy these burning logs.
- You can use this fireplace video for meditation or for a good sleep.
- Fireplaces add a special touch to a family dinner.
- A fireplace is a perfect decor for romantic dinner with your love on Valentine's day or on your anniversary.
- You can use this fireplace video for screensaver on your PC to enjoy the sound of burning fire and crackling logs.
- Enjoy an enabling environment to relax and disconnect from everything.

You can choose a fireplace or Aquarium by simply clicking on the thumbnail within the slider. You can control with new touch remote.

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The Fireplace
The Fireplace

The Fireplace

Red Mechanic

The most beautiful and relaxing fireplaces you can imagine. Select a fireplace that fits your mood.

These HD fireplaces are simply amazing. You can set the perfect romantic mood or just light an amazing ambient fireplace, without adding large amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere ;)

This app uses mixed sound, which means that you can play your music through Airplay on your Apple TV, even though this app is running. The play/pause button controls your iTunes music. The +/- buttons controls the volume. As it should be ;)

You can turn the sparkling sound on/off with a simple up/down swipe.

/The Fireplace team!

(Oh, just one more thing: Please give us feedback! Email any problem or suggestion to [email protected] or leave your ratings or reviews on the App Store. We read every email, but we do not always see the reviews.)

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Winter Season Ambience
Winter Season Ambience

Winter Season Ambience

Made for Use

Winter Season Ambience is the perfect app to get you into the Christmas spirit and celebrate this season of the year. Choose from three different high quality video loops to impress your guests, have a comfy evening or just relax with this stunning nature scenes.

Winter Season Ambience creates a homey living atmosphere for you, your family, friends and loved ones. Have a perfect winter wonderland or a cozy Christmas themed fireplace right in your living room. Sit back, relax and enjoy our high quality video loops:

Winter Wonderland
See how the snow and ice transforms the whole forest into a mesmerizing winter wonderland. Delicate icy branches and fresh-fallen snow makes this on of the best sceneries in the winter.

Snowfall in the forest
A beautiful forest in a colorful sunset with all shades of fresh blue. Watch snow flakes as they gently trickle down and the evening sun shines through the young birch trees.

Cold winter evening
Get yourself into the Christmas spirit on a cold winter evening with a crackling fire and some beautiful Christmas decoration.

All videos were shot in full HD quality and feature high-fidelity sound optimized for ambience playback. If you prefer no sound at all, adjust the volume of your iPad or iPhone.

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Moodscapes Holiday HD Videos
Moodscapes Holiday HD Videos

Moodscapes Holiday HD Videos


Create your space with relaxing nature and seasonal HD videos.

Set the environment of your choice in your home, office or waiting room. Relax to Moodescapes tranquil HD video backdrops with soothing natural sounds while you read, entertain, prepare a meal, work, or just enjoy the moment.

Built in timer for sleep and meditation. Customize the watermark on your screen with your company name. Go beyond your typical aquarium or fireplace wallpaper.

Three top videos are free, additional videos can be purchased separately.

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Aquariums Fireplaces AIR RELAX
Aquariums Fireplaces AIR RELAX

Aquariums Fireplaces AIR RELAX


Air Relax - Aquariums, Fireplaces HD and more
Finally an application that includes all the necessary apps for your relaxation. Or what is the same Take 8 Apps for the price of 1. Is not it really amazing?

Now valid for new Apple TV!

Learn to relax with this fantastic app, get the best Aquariums, Fireplaces, TimeLapse, Space, World Cities, Relaxation and Meditation.

Enjoy your TV the best content to relax (AppleTV or Chromecast)


- 8 categories available (Relax, Meditation, World, Space, Aquarium, Time Lapse, Fireplace and Nature)
- More than 155 files
- 15 Nature
- 26 Aquariums
- 26 Fireplaces
- 26 Relax
- 11 Meditation
- 14 Space
- 11 World Cities
- 26 TimeLapse
- If you have an AppleTV or Chromecast enjoy everything on your TV
- Option of them randomly using the "Random"
- Possibility of reproduction in the background
- Possibility of applying 5 effects to your favorite contents (snow, powder snow, rain, sparks and confetti)

We will increase the content daily.

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Toughturtle LLC

Cozy up with the warm glow and crackle of a roaring fire on your iOS device with FirePlace, the original mobile fire.

Now, you too, can have a FirePlace! All without having to chop wood, find matches, or clean up the messy soot!

FirePlace is a Universal App (works on all iOS devices) and is now 100% Retina compatible and built for iOS7.

With FirePlace you can create the perfect atmosphere for social and romantic occasions with the tap of your finger. What could be cozier than relaxing with some nice music and a virtual FirePlace roaring and crackling, on demand.

FirePlace is the perfect background to have on if you simply want to relax with your thoughts and wind down after a long day. The realistic sound effects from the logs are very soothing and together with the flickering flames, create a very warm ambience. Need an instant romantic setting for that special date? Want a relaxing crackling fire playing in the background while you curl up with that new book? Need a soothing sound to fall asleep to? Turn on FirePlace!

FirePlace is enhanced for both device orientations: Portrait view is great for running while docked, while Landscape view gives the best overall experience.

Along with the beautiful roaring fire, FirePlace comes with a perfect accompanying crackle audio track. Also included are ten seasonal music tracks to play while the fire roars. To make your FirePlace experience even more special and personal, you can access your personal music library and play your own music with the FirePlace.

Want the FirePlace to your TV? No problem! FirePlace can stream to your AirPlay enabled device with the tap of your finger!

Start up the FirePlace and enjoy.

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Winter Fireplace
Winter Fireplace

Winter Fireplace

Henry Glendening

Cozy up this holiday season next to your favorite fireplace!

Winter Fireplace brings 19 beautiful fireplaces to your home, providing a fire-lit ambience, authentic wood-crackling sound, and a safer and more affordable experience than a gas or wood burning fireplace.

Best to use when:
- Entertaining friends and family in your home
- Wanting to get away from the cold weather outside
- Preparing and eating dinner
- Out of firewood for your wood burning fireplace
- Desiring a wood-fire, but not enough time to start one and let it burn out
- Listening to seasonal and holiday music
- Burning pumpkin, pine, or your other favorite holiday-scented candles
- Anytime!

Instead of binge-watching another episode of an addicting television series, give your eyes, ears, and mind a break. Put your feet up, turn on the Winter Fireplace and relax to the soothing sounds, dancing flames, and meditative atmosphere.

Winter Fireplace features 19 different fireplace scenes, with 15 of them in 4K resolution (all 19 are compatible with HD & 4K TVs).

Special Thanks to:
Evrim Ekinci
Véronique Bastien-Jamet
Stefan Leipold
Chris Minkyu Jeong

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Live Screens
Live Screens

Live Screens


With LiveScreens you can bring cosiness into your living room. Listen to a crackling fireplace or relaxing waves on a beach. Or maybe you want to transform your television into a fishtank. You can do it all with our app.
We also have several special video packs such as a "Winter pack" packed with winter and Christmas videos, a beautiful "Nature pack" full of national parks from all over the world and a "Cities by drone pack" to fly over the most appealing cities of our world.

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Eternal Fire
Eternal Fire

Eternal Fire


The best 3D simulation of a fireplace available! Includes dynamic controls to stoke the fire and adjust flame intensity. Runs perfectly on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Includes the awesome full-stereo fire sound included in our White Noise Pro application.

Do you enjoy sitting next to a nice crackling fire? Now you always can! No need to chop wood, roll newspaper, and find matches because Eternal Fire will never go out!

Eternal Fire includes these great features:
- Perfectly looped stereo audio
- Advanced 3D simulation of fire using game engine technology
- Stoke the fire to reposition the logs
- Adjust the fire intensity with the + and - buttons
- Optimized for iPhone and iPad

Eternal Fire was recommended as a Fun and Festive Novelty Holiday App by Annie Gaus from Revision3's Internet Television Show App Judgement! (Episode 56: Fun Holiday Apps for the iPhone)

If you want to try more relaxing sounds then download the free version of White Noise at

Enjoy your Eternal Fire!

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Fireplace ©
Fireplace ©

Fireplace ©


Fireplace 4K
More than 30 different chimneys.
Relax the view with this fantastic fireplace in 4K!

50% launch offer. Take advantage today and download it.

Do you want to put a fireplace in your house ?, or perhaps put it on the screen for your phone, iPad or Apple TV ??, now with Fireplace is possible. Download this application and enjoy with your partner or friends of the relaxing in 4K or HD of a great fireplace for Apple TV, iPhone or iPad.

Also if you have an AppleTV & Chromecast, you can also have the fireplace on your television.

Main features:

- 4K or HD video quality
- Ability to work with Apple TV (Airplay) and Chromecast
- Possibility of repeated video indefinitely
- Possibility of reproduction in the background
- Possibility of applying 5 effects to your favorite fireplaces (snow, powder snow, rain, sparks and confetti)
- More than 30 different chimneys
- Random play mode (suffle mode)

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Fire Place TV
Fire Place TV

Fire Place TV

Pear Pi

Have you always wanted the look of a fireplace, without the messy clean up? Well now you can have one! "FirePlace TV" looks and sounds like a real fireplace, right on your own TV.

In a festive mood? Just turn it on, put on a terrible Christmas jumper, and crack out the bag of marshmallows!

Feeling romantic? Grab your favourite fluffy blanket, some nice wine, and your significant other, and unwind in front of your very own TV fireplace.

All the benefits of a real fireplace without the mess, or the danger of burning your Mums treasured Persian rug to ash!

There are two fireplaces to choose from, its as easy as tapping the remote to toggle between them.

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Sensory Flames - Free Fireplace for your TV
Sensory Flames - Free Fireplace for your TV

Sensory Flames - Free Fireplace for your TV

Sensory App House Ltd

Sensory Flames will provide a beautiful visual warmth to your home, office, reception or hotel TV. This multi layered fireplace simulation app will let you enjoy the flickering flames on your TV screen, with warming reflections around your walls and windows. Choose your favourite Apple Music and switch to the cozy Sensory Flames App to relax and unwind. Hear the crackling of the log fire in the background via the TV speakers or sound system connected to your Apple TV.

Sensory Flames includes 10 different fireplaces, and 5 different flame styles. You can interact with the flames using the Apple TV Remote touchpad. Flick or drag up on the touchpad to increase the flame size, flick or drag across to widen the flame.

How to Control Sensory Flames:

Click the Apple TV remote touchpad to change the Fireplace style.

Tap on the left or right of the Apple TV remote touchpad to change the flame style.

Press the Play/Pause Button on the Apple TV remote to pause the sound of the fire.

Sensory Flames has no external adverts, no settings screen and no in-app purchases.

To join our enews list, see videos and more Sensory Apps visit

Included integrated sounds effects used under license from

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