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View your Instagram feed right on your Apple TV.

#captain - All about hashtags
#captain - All about hashtags

#captain - All about hashtags

Remi Santos

Bring popular posts from social networks at the same place.

Given a hashtag, the #captain find what's happening on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Flickr!

Discover new hashtags, see what's trending, and stay up to date with the latest news. Perfect to keep an eye on subjects, events, and tv shows.

Follow hashtags and they will be shown in a nice feed to quickly see what's new.

Bonus: Learn how to build a wonderful origami hat to impress your friends ;)

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IDLE - Curated Instagram and Music
IDLE - Curated Instagram and Music

IDLE - Curated Instagram and Music

Kemal Kamiloglu

Make the most of your TV with a curated feed of Instagram photos along with the best music out there. Enjoy carefully hand-picked content while you’re chilling at home or add delight to your workplace, effortlessly with IDLE.

In almost every home there’s at least one or a couple of high-quality widescreen TVs which are turned-off 90% of the time, making them useless and under-utilized. IDLE is designed by world-class designers to address this issue and bring your TV to its full potential while it’s idle.

IDLE makes any room a better place by displaying beautiful photos from Instagram and playing finely curated music from 8tracks in your Apple TV.

You can run IDLE while reading a book, having a party or doing housework; it brings joy to your room and your life in any kind of situation.

Here’s you will absolutely love IDLE;

● +300 Instagram accounts tastefully curated to enhance your living spaces
● Best music out there harnessing the power of 8tracks
● Infinitely customizable to your specific taste and mood
● Incredibly easy-to-use interface
● Always up-to-date content

Thanks for using this product that we’ve put our hearts in and we hope that you enjoy it.

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