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Turn your TV into a supernatural sanctuary and freak out your friends with Ouija boards and witchcraft.



Romain Piveteau

LiveChartz does not use any server to get its data, it fetches directly its results from App Store servers. These are "Live" Charts!


Just tap on your favorite apps to select them and follow their positions.

A favorite color may change to nuances of green to red depending on recent position progression.

When there is a significant progression of your favorite apps in the current selected chart, you get a notification. (You can adjust how many positions will trigger the notification in the Settings application)


On the Apple Watch, LiveChartz Watch app shows you your favorite apps in the current selected chart and the LiveChartz complications shows you the position of your best favorite app.

• TODAY EXTENSION in Notification Center

You can also have a rapid access to your favorite apps positions for the current selected chart in iOS notification center (Today Extension).


With the standard sharing button, you can easily share the current chart.


Settings are available on the back (Just tap on the 'i' button).

You can choose country, genre (All, Photo, etc) and feed type (Top paid, Top by revenue, Top free, etc).

Your favorites and your selected countries are synced with iCloud.


Feel free to send comments and suggestions to the feedback email. It will help us enhance the app in future releases.

EMAIL : [email protected]
TWITTER : @livequartz

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