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Satisfy Your Music Cravings With These Apple TV Apps

Satisfy Your Music Cravings With These Apple TV Apps

Turn your Apple TV into a fantastic music machine with these great apps for concerts, music videos, and streaming tunes.

Music On Your TV

The Apple TV is a great way to just have some background music going on in your home or office as you do focus on other things.

Old-School Radio Talk Shows On The TV

Sometimes you just can't help but love the traditional radio stations. Or maybe you want to listen to some podcasts or talk shows on your Apple TV.

Radio - Receiver

Radio stations and podcasts galore.

Radio - Receiver
Popular podcasts

For fans of the iOS app who want to continue listening on the big screen.

You can listen to more than 25,000 and podcasts and 30,000 radio stations from the comfort of a living room. The app is perfect for anyone new to podcasts or someone who knows exactly what they want to listen to. Along with viewing popular and local stations, you can browse by genre, location, and language. Or you can just search.

Why we love it

While it might not be the most visually pleasing app on the Apple TV, the power of Receiver really lies in its iCloud syncing capability with the iPhone/iPad app. That will allow you to view Favorite stations on any device.

For those who...

  • Enjoy streaming radio stations along with podcasts.
  • Use the iPhone/iPod app.

Not for those who...

  • Are looking for a free podcast player.
  • Want something that is well-designed.

Watch Your Favorite Songs

What's the meaning behind your favorite song? Chances are it's revealed in the music video, so fire up your Apple TV and watch them in high definition.

Enjoy Concerts From Your Own Home

While going out to a concert is great, the tickets can get pricey and you probably won't be able to go to all of the shows you want to see (unless you're rich). Don't worry — just kick back on your couch and watch the concerts on your Apple TV instead.

Qello: Watch Concerts & Docs

Qello Concerts lets you watch what you've missed

Qello: Watch Concerts & Docs
Concerts in your living room

For those who like live concert experiences.

Do you love watching live concert shows but can't attend each one in person? With Qello Concerts, you can bring those epic live concert shows home with you on your big screen. Qello Concerts lets you check out featured concert experiences, or you can search for your favorite classic artists and bands from a large collection. Find what you're looking for and just play it on your telelvision screen. Make sure to get some popcorn as you sit back and relax.

Why we love it

Qello Concerts is the best way to catch up on live concert experiences that you may have missed out on from before.

For those who...

  • You like watching live concerts without being there in person
  • You want to catch up on what you've missed

Not for those who...

  • You don't care for live concert shows
  • You prefer to be there in person

Find New Favorites

While we all have our favorite artists and songs, sometimes it's good to go out and try something new. Find your next favorite tune through this app.

Show Off Your Talent and Sing Your Favorites

We all have some favorite songs that we like to sing. Why not show off your amazing talent (or lack thereof and just want a good time)?

Smule: Social Karaoke Singing

Sing! Karaoke lets you be a pop star

Smule: Social Karaoke Singing
Grab your phone and sing!

For those who like karaoke.

Sing! Karaoke by Smule turns your Apple TV into the ultimate karaoke machine. Browse through the large collection of songs that you can sing, grab your microphone (or your iPhone or iPad that can be your microphone) and friends, and have a blast. Make a playlist of your favorite songs, record yourself beling out those lyrics, and then upload your footage to see how you do compared to others from all over the globe. It's the best way to experience Sing! Karaoke.

Why we love it

It is a super fun app that turns your television set into a full-on karaoke machine.

For those who...

  • You love karaoke
  • You tend to have big gatherings and need some fresh new entertainment

Not for those who...

  • You don't like karaoke
  • You don't usually have big gatherings

Rock On

If singing isn't your thing, perhaps you like to rock out or dance. Either way, it's time to get your jam on!

Just Dance Now

Dance the night away

Just Dance Now
Dance With The Apple TV Remote

For those who love to dance right now.

Strap on your boogie shoes and get ready to kick it in Just Dance Now. Your slick moves and dancing skills will earn you points while having a great time. With new hits added regularly and the chance to unlock your favorite songs, you can dance the night away without leaving the house.

Why we love it

For those who love to groove, Just Dance Now will have you moving and shaking. Follow the steps you see on the screen and do your best to keep up. It’s fun, entertaining, and perfect for getting toe-tappers off their seats.

For those who...

  • You love to dance
  • You enjoy top music hits

Not for those who...

  • You hate to dance
  • You have no rhythm

Test Your Music Knowledge

Think you know your tunes? Test yourself with some classic music trivia apps.

Know It All: Trivia Party Game

Know It All: Trivia Party Game

Alora Studios

Super Bowl pack now available, perfect for parties! Also available: Star Wars, 2015 In Review, Sports, Movies, Music, and Sci-Fi & Fantasy. Valentine's coming soon!

Get your trivia on with up to 4 teams buzzing in from their iPhones or iPads. Great for parties with family and friends, or just hanging out or whatever. Download the free Know It All Remote app on your iPhone or iPad to play. Also includes a Single Player mode for those lonely nights. We've all been there. There's no shame.

## Features:

- Single Player and Multiplayer modes
- Question packs for 2015 in Review, Star Wars, Christmas Sports, Movies, Music, Sci-Fi and Fantasy
- New question packs added monthly
- Each question pack has 60+ questions, some of which are randomly chosen each time you play, so every game is different
- Questions are hand-crafted by our trivia artisans, not just cribbed from some online database
- Great design, fun animations, and a snarky personality make this app a great party game

Note: The newest question packs (e.g. Star Wars, 2015 In Review) are only available if you have an internet connection.

## Question Pack Categories

Super Bowl 50
- The Sweetness of Victory
- Super Bowl Ads
- Maybe Next Year
- Did You See That?!
- Location, Location, Location
- Head Boss in Charge
- Super Bowl 50

2015 In Review
- Possessed Politicians
- To Infinity and Beyond
- Movies of 2015
- Celebrity Babies
- Scandals

- Christmas Movies
- Christmas Songs by Second Line
- Christmas Food
- Christmas Around the World
- A Christmas Carol
- The Night Before Christmas
- The Reindeer

Star Wars
- Pilots & Ships
- Creatures & Droids
- A New Hope
- Empire Strikes Back
- Return of the Jedi
- The Force Awakens (No Spoilers)
- Planets & Locales
- Star Wars Prequels

- Speilberg
- Westerns
- Romantic Comedies
- Fantasy & Sci-Fi
- Animated Movies
- Oscar Nominees
- Oscar Winners

- Giants of Jazz
- Not their real names
- The 90's
- Boy Bands
- Musicals

- Athlete Nicknames
- Skateboarding
- Tennis

Sci-Fi and Fantasy
- Medieval Times
- Wizarding World
- Arcane Artifacts
- Need for Steed
- Batty Beasts
- Places
- The Octarine Column