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Tons of different calculators available on the big screen with these Apple TV apps.

Fast Exchange Rate

Fast Exchange Rate

Fast Exchange Rate

* Fast access to exchange rates
* Works offline - browse archive data do not require an Internet connection
* History records
* Graphs
* Built-in calculator
* Choose base currency:
- PLN, the Polish zloty (data by NBP, daily on weekdays)
- EUR (ECB, daily)
- GBP (BoE, daily)
- USD (Fed, weekly)
* Today widget
* Universal binary (one app for iPad and iPhone)
* Favorite currency (favorites are stored in you iCloud)
* Apple Watch support
* tvOS support (iCloud support for favorites)
* support for Split View and Slide Over on iPad (req. iOS 9, Slide Over req. iPad Air or newer)
* support for Spotlight Search (search for currency name from system search)

To learn more go to:

Please send your comments using the site:
or by using built-in form (go to settings inside application).

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Szybki Kurs Walut / Fast Exchange Rate

* szybki dostęp do kursów walut
* działa offline - możliwość przeglądania archiwalnych notowań nie wymaga połączenia z internetem
* historia notowań
* wykresy
* wbudowany kalkulator
* kursy wg bazowej waluty:
- PLN, polski złoty (notowania wg NBP, raz dziennie w dni robocze)
- EUR, euro (notowania wg ECB, codziennie)
- GBP, funt brytyjski (wg BoE, codziennie)
- USD (Fed, raz na tydzień)
* ulubione waluty (zapamiętywane w iCloud)
* widget dla ulubionych walut
* uniwersalna aplikacja (ta sama aplikacja dla iPhone i iPad)
* obsługa Apple Watch
* wsparcie dla Apple TV, dzięki temu samu kontu iCloud ulubione są takie same także na TV)
* wsparcie dla Split View i Side Over na iPadzie (wymaga iOS 9, Split View wymaga iPad Air lub nowszego)
* wsparcie dla Spotlight Search (wpisz nazwę waluty w wyszukiwarce by przejść do jej kursu)

Aby dowiedzieć się więcej wejdź na stronę:

Prosimy przesyłać uwagi za pomocą strony:
lub za pomocą wbudowanego formularza (patrz ustawienia w aplikacji).

Więcej informacji na naszym fanpage:

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Calculator Smart

Calculator Smart

Miroslav Otsedarski

Calculator Smart is the greatest, most accurate calculator ever made, with stunning modern interface. You can make everyday simple calculations or complex computations straight from your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Apple TV.

An accurate and flawless calculator is a must-have app for everyone’s device, so don’t hesitate and grab the awesome Calculator Smart for FREE!

• Standard and Scientific mode with more than 30 scientific operations
• Slide to delete wrong digit(s)
• Copy & Paste - Double tap or Long press on number field and choose Copy or Paste option
• Three digit easy to read grouping format
• Locale-specific Decimal and Thousands Separators
• Output in 2 formats: Scientific notation (mantissa/exponent) and Decimal floating point
• Degrees and Radians calculations
• Easy to use memory buttons
• Parentheses and nested parenthesis for complex equations calculation
• Gorgeous big buttons for ultrafast calculations
• Sound when pressing a button
• Today Extension - Do your calculations straight on your Lock Screen without unlocking the device
• Message Extension - Easiest way to share the result of your calculations
• Apple Watch App & Complication Shortcuts
• Support for Multitasking - Slide Over, Split View (iOS 9 or later)
• Support for External Keyboard - You can do the math with any connected Bluetooth or Smart Keyboard
• Support for 3D Touch - Copy Last Result without launching the app
• Colorful skins for every taste
• Different App Icons - App Icon changes to match the color of the chosen skin (iOS 10.3 or later)

Available on Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad & Apple TV

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GetRate - Currency Exchange Rates
GetRate - Currency Exchange Rates

GetRate - Currency Exchange Rates

Strelka Limited

GetRate is an innovative currency exchange calculator featuring exchange rate forecast and analytics. It supports more than 130 currencies and multiple data sources.

GetRate is a calculator for analysts and travellers!

Built-in analytics will help you learn more about currencies, and their interconnection against each other and primary resources.

Using the «Time Machine» feature, you will be able to make calculations for the past days. The forecast tools will help you estimate future exchange rates.

The built-in alarm clock will always help you keep informed about sharp currency fluctuations, and evaluate the security of your investment in currencies using a specialized currency rating system.

GetRate is perfect for travellers.

The calculator can operate in offline mode. You will be able to access all charts, analytics, exchange rates and exchange rate history.

Forgot the currency of a country? Not a big deal. The built-in country and currency matching system will help you sort things out.

The calculator features user-friendly widgets, Apple Watch support, night and day color schemes. It has everything you need.

You can buy a subscription to the Analytical Center of GetRate and gain access to daily updates on currency ratings as well as analytics for currencies and commodity prices.

Autorenewable subscription for 1 month costs $0.99. The renewal fee will be charged in the last 24 hours of the current period. Subscription for the next period can be cancelled in Account Settings. Already paid subscriptions cannot be cancelled.

You can have one week's trial, unused part of the trial period will be cancelled after the subscription fee is paid.

Privacy policy and terms of use:

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My Calculator (incl. currency)
My Calculator (incl. currency)

My Calculator (incl. currency)

Joachim von Caron

//*** Version 5 for iOS 10 ***//
//*** Including Currency Exchange Calculator for Apple Watch and iPhone ***//

The only one pocket calculator for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and also works as Today Widget, Message Extension and Keyboard.

Simple pocket calculator supports parentheses and memory functions.

See what you calculate.

Also as Today Widget, Message Extension or Keyboard possible - just enable it.

Currency Exchange Calculator available for iPhones and Apple watch.

Please note: The Apple Watch calculator is small. Anyhow all on a single screen and the calculation step is always visible.

Apple Watch: You can choose between three screens:

- Big Buttons // Operators left
- Big Buttons // Operators right
- Smaller buttons // With parentheses

In addition you can disable the Function Screen. Then it is a simply calculator. Just go to the Watch Settings.

Support for Deep Pressure Gestures:

M+ -> M-
MR -> Show only Memory
C -> AC

Any questions or wishes -> Support // Email


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Cas Calc 3D - scientific calculator 4 math
Cas Calc 3D - scientific calculator 4 math

Cas Calc 3D - scientific calculator 4 math

Pilcrow AG

Short time for only 1.99$ instead of 11.99$ ! Only until the new version is out with iPhone support!

Powerful Scientific Calculator with 3D ability- With nearly 1200 helpful functions, Cas Calc 3D is the perfect calculator for algebra, statistics, trigonometry, calculus, and more.

Don't look further, this calculator will fit mostly all needs for advanced computation and and 3D calculations more easily.

Share your results and plots with classmates and colleagues easily: you can email and print using AirPrint.


Cas Calc 3D is a fully developed scientific calculator for your iPad. It's a powerful calculator to help with your math or science studies or work.

You can customize your calculator to the style that suits you best: select from a MAPLE, TI-Style, or P11-Style input format.

The app also makes data entry faster, easier, and more comfortable. Choose from the built in QWERTY keyboard or use an external keyboard via Bluetooth.

Need help? Find answers to your questions in the included user manual.


In Cas Calc 3D, you'll find all the functions and features you need - around 1200 total. Just a few of them include:

* Full Symbolic CAS System
* Easy to read print out
* Script editor
* Results can be directly printed via AirPrint
* Send results and plots via e-mail
* ARM6, ARM7 and Dual Core optimized
* QWERTY keyboard included
* Supports external Bluetooth keyboard
* Includes manual
* Choose input format: MAPLE, TI-Style or P11-Style
* Latex parser
* Direct FAQ support
* 6 configurable key clicks (5 sounds and mute)

Try the powerful graphing calculator that helps you get your work done sooner - download Cas Calc 3D today.

Maple is a registered trademark of Maplesoft, Inc. Ti92/Ti89 are registered trademarks of Texas Instruments, Inc.

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