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Get More Social On Apple TV

Get More Social On Apple TV

You'd be surprised how fun it is to explore all your social feeds on the big screen. Check out these apps and see what we mean. You'll be happy you did.

Something New to Discover

Not everyone uses Facebook or Twitter. If you're one of those folks, be sure to take a look at these social networking apps for Apple TV.

View the Social News Network on the Big Screen

Read exisiting content or post something new to Reddit with these Apple TV apps.

Readder for Reddit

Relaxing to Reddit

Readder for Reddit
Get Your Reddit Fix

For Reddit users who always want to be in the loop.

If you're a Reddit user, you're going to love Readder. Everything you find on the actual Reddit site is found right here on Apple TV.

Why we love it

Readder does a great job of presenting everything you'd come to expect from Reddit. There is nothing lacking here, plus the interface is second to none. Posting from your couch is also easy.

For those who...

  • You love Reddit
  • Want to read from your Apple TV
  • Enjoy posting to Reddit, no matter your location

Not for those who...

  • Don't use Reddit
  • Don't like the idea of reading on Apple TV

Beautiful Photos Are Just a Click Away

Photos are always better on a big screen, no? With these apps, you can see your recent Instagram posts or those from others.

Keep Up With Your Twitter Timeline

When you put down your phone, check your Twitter feed with these awesome apps for Apple TV.

Check out Your Facebook Feed

Facebook is all about photos, and photos look best on a huge screen. There are plenty of Facebook clients for the Apple TV, so have fun.


Your World On the Big Screen

Smile at This

For those who want to see their Facebook feed on Apple TV.

With TVSocial, your Facebook feed is always within reach ​so that you have easy access to your timeline and top trending stories.

Why we love it

TVSocial is an excellent way to glance at your social feed and see the topics being discussed. You'll always know what's going on in your social circle by looking at your Apple TV.

For those who...

  • You use Facebook often
  • Always want to be in the "loop"

Not for those who...

  • You don't use Facebook
  • You Worry about information overload