Dark Horse Comics is the third-largest American comics publisher, right behind the most notable Marvel and DC Comics, and they have decided that today is the day that they will make their jump into the world of digital distribution by offering their first series of comics through Apple’s App Store.


Due to the impending and much-hyped release of the film Terminator Salvation, Dark Horse decided to choose the classic The Terminator comics to be their first foray into digital comics.  The comic titled The Terminator: Death Valley was originally published in 1998.  It features a story by Alan Grant and art by Steve Pugh.  All four issues are available immediately for download today at the App Store for only $.99 an issue.

Instead of allowing someone else to develop their application, Dark Horse decided to keep all development in-house to ensure all of their usual standards would be met.  The end result is what you see here, a beautiful re-creation of The Terminator series of comics for your iPhone or iPod touch.

The Terminator series is only the first of many comics that Dark Horse intends to release for the iPhone.  More titles from their vast collection will be announced in the near future.

We have provided direct links to all four issues of the series below:

The Terminator: Death Valley #1
The Terminator: Death Valley #2
The Terminator: Death Valley #3
The Terminator: Death Valley #4