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Latest News

Today’s apps gone free: Reckless Getaway, NFL Kicker 15, Nevertales: The Beauty Within and more

Today’s AGF list includes an arcade game, a sports game, and an adventure game.

Blow away the dots in Planet Clash

This new galactic puzzler will have you connecting planets to score.

Amazon Underground is a great idea that needs to come to iOS

Amazon has a fresh new idea on how to bring you games and pay developers, too.

Go on a digital treasure hunt with Atrapara

Leave secret messages and discover others with this new game-like app.

YouHue: a colorful social mood tracker for Apple's iOS

For Facebook friends, YouHue provides a new way of asking, "How are you?"

The 16GB iPhone might stick around for the next generation

A leaked photo indicates low storage iPhones might stick around for another product cycle.

Explore an immersive world with Discovery VR for iOS

Discovery VR can bring a dash of virtual reality to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Apple's PayAnywhere partnership brings Apple Pay to 300,000 new locations

Apple Pay is coming to even more U.S. locations thanks to a recent deal with PayAnywhere.

Discover and create with awesome music on Vine

Get with it and add music to your vines now with a terrific update.

Samsung has a $200 bounty for your iPhone

Samsung is holding true with its promise of there being "more love in store for you" with its Ultimate Test Drive.

Beats 1 boss Ian Rogers has left Apple

A key Apple Music executive is leaving Cupertino.

Hit the ground running with the updated Runkeeper app

Version 6.0 is completely redesigned with a revamped look and a brand new start screen.

Play the right hands to rack up points in Sage Solitaire

The guy behind SpellTower has released a new card game, and it's a must-have.

It's time to stick a fork into talk of an 'iPhone 6c'

Apple is also planning to officially discontinue the aging iPhone 5c.

Explore a lost world and solve puzzles in Lara Croft GO

Square Enix's Lara Croft GO is a refreshing change and welcome addition to the franchise.

You no longer have to be a square when using Instagram

Your photos and videos can now look even better than before.

Easily accomplish tasks with Workflow’s new Notification Center widget

Version 1.3 of the powerful automation software also offers a new syncing service.

Let Namewhale find a unique name for your startup

Your new venture needs an original, unusual name, so let this new app help you find it.

Today’s apps gone free: Relax Melodies, Nihilumbra, Gesture Touchpad and more

Today’s AGF list includes a relaxation app, a platform game, and a wireless touchpad app.

Is it your Lucky Day to win free money?

If you are willing to take a few minutes every day free money could fall into your hands.

Apple announces the annual iPhone event with a focus on Siri

Apple has announced its next big event for Sept. 9, 2015.

Leap into a new email experience with Geronimo

Managing your inbox is now easier with this sleek new email app.

Manage and triage your email with Dispatch on your iPad

The popular email management and triage app now includes iPad support and more.

What to expect from Apple in September and beyond

With the summer almost over, attention now turns to the most important part of the Apple calendar.