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Latest News

Walk your giraffe with Tep the Motivational Activity Tracker

You and your virtual pet can be healthy and happy together with this creative motivational fitness app.

Apple's latest hire could point to an upcoming augmented reality product

Apple has poached an AR audio expert from Microsoft. But what could this mean?

Apple's latest ad hits in two parts during MTV awards show

Apple Music's latest advertising spots aired during the MTV VMAs, with an unusual twist at the beginning.

You need elite warrior skills to defeat the Unkilled zombies

This latest title from Madfinger Games will challenge you to slay hordes of the undead.

Red Dot Camera brings back old school picture taking

Adjust your own settings to get that perfect photo with this retro style camera app.

Apple's next Apple TV priced at under $200, launching in October

More information concerning Cupertino's next-generation Apple TV has surfaced online.

Today’s apps gone free: Kayos, oO, Videocraft and more

Today’s AGF list includes an endless distance game, an arcade game, and a video editor.

The AppAdvice tech week in review: New iPhones, Apple TV on Sept. 9

The stage is set for Apple's next media event on Wednesday, Sept. 9.

Today’s apps gone free: ElectronShock, iBiome, Word Mess and more

Today’s AGF list includes an arcade game, an educational app, and a word game.

Apple Watch is coming to UK's Currys and PC World

Another retailer is about to start selling Cupertino's Apple Watch.

Review: Carved’s Slim Wood Case for iPhone is impressive

Carved wood case adds maximum style and minimum bulk to your iPhone.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival blasts onto the App Store

Robert Kirkman, creator of the popular series, helped to design the story-driven game.

Apple, content providers battling over streaming TV service price point

According to a new report, the networks want Apple to charge more than the rumored $40 per month.

Bring it together, connect your apps and friends with Vurb

Recommend your favorite spots and learn about new ones with a neat app for connecting it all with friends.

Now you can catch full episodes of your favorite AMC shows

Watch those AMC originals you missed with this handy new app.

Today’s apps gone free: Reckless Getaway, NFL Kicker 15, Nevertales: The Beauty Within and more

Today’s AGF list includes an arcade game, a sports game, and an adventure game.

Blow away the dots in Planet Clash

This new galactic puzzler will have you connecting planets to score.

Amazon Underground is a great idea that needs to come to iOS

Amazon has a fresh new idea on how to bring you games and pay developers, too.

Go on a digital treasure hunt with Atrapara

Leave secret messages and discover others with this new game-like app.

YouHue: a colorful social mood tracker for Apple's iOS

For Facebook friends, YouHue provides a new way of asking, "How are you?"

The 16GB iPhone might stick around for the next generation

A leaked photo indicates low storage iPhones might stick around for another product cycle.

Explore an immersive world with Discovery VR for iOS

Discovery VR can bring a dash of virtual reality to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Apple's PayAnywhere partnership brings Apple Pay to 300,000 new locations

Apple Pay is coming to even more U.S. locations thanks to a recent deal with PayAnywhere.