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Today’s apps gone free: Places Around, Pocket Scanner, Starborn Anarkist and more

Today’s AGF list includes a travel app, a business app, and an arcade game.

Hack and slash through your deadly oppressors in Angel Stone

This new hack and slash dungeon crawler will keep you on the edge of your seat as you battle for humanity's salvation.

Yahoo Livetext: Who needs sound with their video?

A new way to communicate has popped up. Try some video texting with a new app from Yahoo.

Production ramps up of Force Touch panels for next iPhone

Suppliers have allegedly begun producing Force Touch panels for the next-generation iPhone.

Score the candidates with Fox News Election HQ 2016

Interact during the live debates and get up-to-date election news.

BatteryBox powers your MacBook and iOS devices for hours

This external battery is a great way to keep your MacBook powered while also charging your iPhone or iPad.

Color your keyboard with your mood using Photokeys

Show your personality by customizing your keyboard with unique colors.

AppAdvice Daily's This Week in Apps

We are checking out the hottest new apps on the App Store this week on today's show.

Sago Sago is offering a great sale on many of its educational apps

You can pick up seven fun apps now for just $0.99 each.

The next-generation Apple TV is ready for a September debut

According to a new report, Apple has finally nailed down plans to unveil the significantly upgraded streaming device.

Apple Music is lagging behind Spotify, for now

At least for Indie music distributor DashGo, Apple’s service is still dwarfed by the industry leader.

What’s your number? Don’t worry, Numerous has it

See your important numbers or just some interesting ones with this updated app.

Fly against the clock in Race The Sun, an infinite runner

Race The Sun originally appeared on Steam in 2013, but is now available on iOS.

Never miss a sale alert with ShopStyle on your wrist

Compare prices you see at the store with those on your wrist, before you buy.

A new password is just a tap away with the updated Dashlane app

You can change multiple passwords using an iPhone or even the Apple Watch.

Are you fast and skilled enough to be a Shibuya Grandmaster?

You have to be quick to figure out the patterns and make matches in Shibuya Grandmaster, the new game from Nevercenter.

Your kids can learn how to program robots with Blockly

The latest update to this educational app provides new ways for your kids to learn from Dash and Dot.

Groupon To Go delivery and takeout blows into the Windy City

Food delivery plus cash back? A great new service will save you money in more ways than before.

Upcoming minimalist game Fallen mixes pinball and Tetris

This upcoming game looks amazing, and is addictive to play.

For goodness sake, get that ‘Jumping Cube’ out of the sewer

Jump your way to the top while collecting coins and avoiding scary obstacles to escape.

Fire through flying armies and vampires in Operation Dracula

This new game for iOS delivers 1980s-style 16-bit graphics in a fresh new way.

Today’s apps gone free: Alpha Omega, Filterloop, Sleep Science HQ and more

Today’s AGF list includes a word game, a photography app, and a sleep aid.

Amazon wants you to Dash to them instead of the store

Formerly invitation-only, this shopping accessory is now available for all Amazon Prime members.

Protect your core and score in Energy Barrier

You need your energy to survive, defend and protect it in this new fast-paced game.