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Latest News

How many Apple Music subscribers paid to keep listening?

A survey of Apple Watch owners yields some interesting numbers about Cupertino's streaming music service.

Mosband reminds you to do those thoughtful little things

Keep your relationship fresh with new ideas for doing something special each day.

Take a moment to Pause, regain focus and relax

A new way to relax comes from ancient principles with a fresh approach.

Grab your paper and a day of digital access with The New York Times

If you want free online access to The New York Times, just buy a newspaper.

Be social and express yourself without a trail using Jotnote

Share what’s on your mind with words, photos, or videos with this new social networking app.

Indie Dev Spotlight: Tesla Toy's Pavel Doichev

This week we're featuring the creator of Tesla Toy and many other entertainment apps.

The Dash and Dot coding robots for kids get even better with Wonder

With the new app, kids can learn how to program while going on fun adventures.

TuneIn’s Premium subscription tier adds live NFL coverage

Subscribers can listen to play-by-play feeds for all 32 football teams.

Vimeo update arrives with iOS 9 iPad multitasking support

Version 5.6 of the popular app also allows users to search for videos directly from Spotlight.

Stay entertained with your favorites through the Relay FM app

Catching your favorite podcasts live has never been easier thanks to the Relay FM app.

Divorce Dating gives you another chance at love

Don’t be soured on love after a divorce, your soul mate could be just a few taps away.

Shuffle Islands' latest ad stars none other than Kate Upton

Will the Upton effect work for popular iOS puzzler Shuffle Islands?

Be a wolf of Wall Street with SPARK for iOS

Hungry like the wolf for stocks and shares? SPARK can help.

Exchange favors with friends using AskAround

Give and take with this app that provides a handy way for you and your friends help each other.

Manage folders and upload files, now in Amazon Cloud Drive

A great update to this storage app brings many new features, making it more useful than ever.

Apple releases iOS 9.1 beta 5 to developers, members of the public beta program

The software could officially arrive sometime later this month.

Determine key Web layout values easily with CSS Calculator

This app makes calculating a variety of CSS properties a breeze.

Be a fiend and break up the happy couple in Damn Love

Do you think you have what it takes to break up a couple who is madly in love? Give it a try with this interesting new game.

Today’s apps gone free: Solitaere, Sand Garden, Breathing Zone and more

Today’s AGF list includes a card game, an entertainment app, and a health app.

Facebook starts to play nice with 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s

The official Facebook app now makes it easier to post status updates and share photos or videos.

Heal and retouch images with ease in Adobe Photoshop Fix

This app brings a wealth of tools to your mobile device, allowing you plenty of options for retouching your photos.

Writing with the updated Day One is just a 3-D touch away

Keeping a journal just became easier with this updated writing tool.

Lucrin's take on the Hermès Double Tour Band

Get the Hermès Double Tour look without buying a new Apple Watch.

Keep your number private with DialMask

Mask your phone number using a new app that strives to protect your privacy.