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Latest News

Pick a side and make sure it’s right in Plavee

Move left, move right, and be the triangle in this enjoyable new game.

Now Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition tests you on your iPhone

If you thought you could survive on your iPad, what about your phone?

Review: Grain Audio OEHP.1 Solid Wood Over-Ear Headphones

Featuring handcrafted ear cups made from walnut, do these headphones sound as good as they look?

Hulu finally unveils an ad-free subscription tier to compete with Netflix

Viewers can watch streaming video content without commercial interruption if they're willing to pay more.

Yes, Apple will still be selling a 16GB version of the 'iPhone 6s'

The next-generation handsets will also be made with stronger 7000-series aluminum.

Get there in single a tap with Twitter Bookmarks

Check on a friend, open a list, or do a Twitter search the simple way with this new app.

OhTell's iOS app could help you find your next dream hotel

Find your dream 'otel with OhTell for Apple's iPhone.

Get trading: BitGold has launched an app for iOS devices

You can now trade gold directly on your iPhone handset.

CBS plays nice with Apple TV and will stream Super Bowl 50

A major football championship will be live streamed to Apple TV this year.

Today’s apps gone free: Partyrs, ReadQuick, Atomic and more

Today’s AGF list includes a casual puzzle game, a quick reader, and an arcade game.

Universal search may be the cornerstone of the new Apple TV

A welcome highlight of the new Apple TV will enable you to search through all of your channels at once.

Catch a cloud to fly high in Jump Sky

Jump your way through the sky and score in this fast and fun new game.

Could Apple be planning a bezel-free 'iPhone 7' for 2016?

Rumors of a bezel-free iPhone are once again surfacing, this time in supply chain memos.

How can I get the best iPhone trade-in value from Gazelle?

With new iPhones on the horizon, you want to get the most trade-in value out of your old handset.

Keep your eye on the charts? Predict and win with Musicbet

Put your music prediction skills to the test with this app that lets you bet on songs.

Get to the point with the new Adonit Jot Dash stylus

Designed to look and feel like a regular pen, the stylus is highlighted by a 1.9mm tip perfect for note-taking and more.

Twitterrific update brings autocomplete improvements and much more

Version 5.13.1 of the great Twitter client also offers a number of accessibility improvements.

Play the mad scientist and solve puzzles in the Spill Zone

Enter the lab and test your skills with a colorful new puzzle game.

Fire the cannons to protect your Tiny Empire from orcs

Tiny Empire is a premium physics-based puzzle game that isn't marred with timers and in-app purchases.

Meet Google's slimmer, sleeker third-gen Nest thermostat

The Google-owned Nest Learning Thermostat is now available in its third-generation iteration.

You can now share photos, videos and more privately with Instagram Direct

The social network’s messaging system now also allows threaded messages.

Musings: Late Apple product rumors are usually true

Getting slightly excited about next week's Apple event.

Apple took on Amazon in a bidding war for 'Top Gear' stars

Did Apple miss a trick letting Amazon pay millions for the "Top Gear" trio?