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Latest News

Wage an epic wizardly battle in Warhammer: Arcane Magic

The famous miniatures game has come to iOS in this thrilling app.

Design with ease and style using your Pencil in PicsArt

The latest app to support FiftyThree's Pencil is a popular image editing program.

Today’s apps gone free: Worms 3, Wealthy, Decluster and more

Today’s AGF list includes a strategy game, a finance app, and a vertical shooter.

Vero – True Social: Share what you love with who you love

A new social media app lets you control what you share with whom. Widen your circle or keep it small, it’s up to you.

Going bonkers at work? Maybe it’s time to ‘Switch’ jobs

Searching for a job is tough. Why not try a new method using an app that keeps providing new features to help?

Build the Statue of Liberty in DomiNations' Industrial Age

This hit strategy civilization game has just advanced into the Industrial Age.

The quirky vampire returns in Nosferatu 2 – Run from the Sun

Take down the evil aliens as you collect valuable gold in this endless runner, the second in the series.

Fantastical on iOS gets drafts and Japanese localization

Our favorite calendar gets a new feature and more localization.

AT&T whines and cries about FCC-imposed fine

AT&T is taking issue with the latest recommended fines against it for throttling data speeds.

Amazon’s Launchpad showcases the newest gadgets from startups

The new initiative allows companies to market and sell products through the online retailer.

Powerful photo app VSCO Cam adds Collections in a new update

With the feature, users can curate and showcase content from others.

Fly and blast your way through Hex Brutal, a twitchy shooter

Are your skills good enough to make it out of this cave alive?

The birds are back in town with the upcoming Angry Birds 2

One of the most well known mobile games is getting a sequel later this week. Are you saying gameON or gameOFF?

There’s nothing quite like a ‘Red Game Without A Great Name’

Teleport your mechanical bird through a crazy, red world.

Ambitious space exploration game Prevail to land in 2015

An 18-month-long hiatus for this massive game is finally over.

Rock out with two new Bluetooth headphones from Motorola

Thanks to a companion iOS app, you’ll always be able to track down the Moto Pulse or Moto Surround.

Go away pricey broker, Oliver will find me an apartment

Find your dream apartment in the city with this new handy app.

Do you look even better today? Find out with Selfie A Day

Take a daily photo to look back on constant changes with this new app.

T-Mobile adds Apple Music to its 'Un-carrier’ mix

Will T-Mobile's latest additions to the "Un-carrier" offers be enough to make you switch?

Help a microbe cause infection and tissue damage in Infektor

In this new game, learn how to survive antibodies and spread infection.

Manage emails, events and contacts with just one app, Boxer

Stop app-jumping and check out a great update to this cool tool.

Today’s apps gone free: NoteLedge Ultimate, ReadQuick, AmbiScience and more

Today’s AGF list includes a note taking app, a news app, and a health app.

‘Lead Them’ and they will follow

Guide your group to food, but watch out for lurking dangers.

Has Apple Music already hit the 10 million subscriber mark?

Inside sources suggest that Apple Music has already attracted a large number of subscribers.