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Latest News

The Fuze Case Gives You Back the Headphone Jack on Your iPhone 7

The Fuze case takes the adapter dongle that Apple included in the box and builds it directly into the case itself.

Sit With Us Helps Promote Kindness, Inclusion in Schools

The great new app gives a quick and easy way for students find others to sit with at lunch.

Become a Professional Dogsledder in Dog Sled Saga

Winter has arrived early, and it brought along a bunch of cute dogs with it.

Apple's Latest Enterprise Partnership is With Professional Services Firm Deloitte

Apple has previously announced similar agreements with IBM and SAP.

Apple is Able to Keep Track of Who You're Chatting With Using iMessage

The contents of any messages are end-to-end encrypted and not accessible by any third party.

This Is the Thinnest iPhone 7 Case You Can Get

This Tozo case is the thinnest iPhone 7 case you can buy to protect your phone from everyday scuffs and scratches. And it's under $10.

The 10 Best Widgets for iOS 10 Home and Lock Screens

Add widgets to your Home and Locks Screens that keep you in the loop and on track.

Ubisoft Acquires Ketchapp, Developer of Popular Threes Clone 2048

The developer of Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, and Rayman has acquired the developer of 2048.

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Klocki, oO, Eddy and More

Today’s AppsGoneFree list includes a puzzle game, an action game, and a music streaming app.

It’s Over: BlackBerry to Stop Making Hardware

Not surprisingly, BlackBerry is exiting the smartphone hardware business.

Google for iOS Updated With Incognito Mode and Direct YouTube Playback

Through its latest update, Google for iOS has gained support for private searching and direct playback of YouTube videos in search.

8 Awesome Apps You Won't Hear People Talking About

Here are some very good apps you should check out.

7 Essential Accessories for Your Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

You've bought your new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Now it's time to buy a few accessories to go with your new purchase.

Glide Through the Cracks and Test Your Reflexes in Slip Away Mystify

Can you make it from the bottom of the ocean back up to the top? Find out in this challenging arcade puzzle game.

Apple Watch 101: Activating the SOS Emergency Calling Feature

Learn more about the handy feature and how it can be customized in watchOS 3.

DJI’s New Foldable Mavic Pro Drone Will Soon Land at Apple Stores

The iPhone-controllable drone can travel up to 40mph. At Bat Updated With New Features in iOS 10 At Bat has just received an update that delivers a couple of new features leveraging certain capabilities in iOS 10.

Charge Your iOS Device While You Travel With Hi-Tech Raden Luggage

Built-in technology also allows you to track and weigh your luggage.

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Flowing, Remember To Buy, Tabatach and More

Today’s AppsGoneFree list includes a relaxation app, a shopping app, and a fitness app.

Avoid Data Overages With YouTube Go App

A new app in development could help hardcore YouTube users save data.

Apple Music's Partnership With Drake Continues to Flourish

The Grammy-winning Canadian rapper’s latest studio album has become the first album to be streamed over a billion times on Apple Music.

Cupertino Finally Opens up About Apple Music's Biggest New Feature

The Apple Music revamp contains an interesting new feature that could help it compete with industry leader Spotify.

How to Watch Tonight's US Presidential Debate on iOS and Apple TV

Apple highlights this evening's U.S. presidential debate on the App Store.