It’s official, we now have push notification capable chat apps for the iPhone and iPod touch! That didn’t take so long now did it?

aimpush_descriptionAOL has just released updates to both AIM and AIM Free in the App Store. The updates haven’t quite yet propagated to all of the servers yet, but hang in there, you will see them.

AIM Free is the ad-supported version of AOL’s popular chat app, and with the update it will now be able to send push notifications. The paid version of AIM will also be sporting push along with the ability to type and view your buddy list in landscape mode.

AIM is available in the App Store for $2.99, and of course AIM Free is free.

Note: If you want to install AIM immediately and the update is not showing up in the App Store, just install the current version and check for updates on your iPhone.