The iPhone can be a truly unique and worthy canvas for many artists thanks to the vast amount of artistic applications available in the App Store.  We have seen some amazing pieces of art created on these devices, with one even being featured on the cover of the New Yorker.  Big Stone Phone, the developer of Twittelator Pro, has designed a new application called iCreated that not only displays some of this beautiful iPhone-created artwork, but it also features a list of applications that you can use to create icreated_screenyour own unique piece of art.

iCreated was developed by Andrew Stone of Big Stone Phone together with David Scott Liebowitz.

In a joint statement, Mr. Stone and Leibowitz spoke about their collaboration to create iCreated. “Working together was incredibly synergistic! The marriage of art and science unleashes human potential and improves the quality of life.”

“Like the iPod, iphones are quickly spanning the globe, offering a new level of connectivity between artists and audiences and making the possibility of image sharing as easy and ubiquitous as music sharing.”

iCreated features 18 pieces of original artwork by David Scott Liebowitz along with a constantly updated database of artwork done by contributing artists.  When viewing someone’s artwork, you can check out what applications were used to create it, and if you enjoy that specific piece, you can choose to use it as your iPhone’s wallpaper.  The artwork can be linked to an artists online gallery or website to allow you to view other types of art they have created.  The application allows aspiring artists to upload their artwork for inclusion in the gallery as well.

iCreated is now available in the App Store for only $.99.