Atebits may have won an Apple Design Award for their iPhone Twitter application Tweetie, but developer Big Stone Phone doesn’t need any of Apple’s awards, they just want to offer you the most feature rich iPhone Twitter application.

twittelatorpro_23screenTwittelator Pro has always been loaded with features, and it just keeps getting better.  A free update to Twittelator Pro was released yesterday evening that adds a ton of new features, including the ability to record and tweet audio clips, the ability to block and unblock people, the ability to enable and disable notifications, and much, much more.

Big Stone Phone also fixed quite a few bugs with the most recent update, and we even discovered that they are all ready for the iPhone 3G S.  In the same menu as the new audio tweet option, there is the ability to record and tweet video.  When you attempt to use this feature, however, the application simply states that you must have an iPhone 3G S.  How nice?

Twittelator Pro is available in the App Store for $4.99.

Below is the full list of new features and fixes.


- Record and tweet audio clips
- Lovely redesigned Tweet Options panel (tap tweeter’s name)
- You can now “Block” and “Unblock” people (in User Detail)
- You can now “Enable/Disable Notifications” (in User Detail)
- Drafts that you might reuse can be made permanent: tap checkbox
- Added TweetPhoto photo posting service
- 4 lines of bio instead of just 3 for those verbose tweeters!
- Yfrog videos open in internal browser


- taking Photos works again
- add my tweets to Friends when it comes in!
- If no connection, you can still search Friends
- if you accidentally tapped the status bar above the top tool bar, it would scroll to top
- ws shortened links open in browser
- web activity shows busy indicator