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Team17 Releases Worms For iPhone

July 12, 2009


We knew Team17's classic turn-based strategy game Worms was eventually coming to the iPhone, but we just didn't know when.  Apparently when is now, because Worms has just hit the App Store. worms_screenWorms was originally released for the Amiga in 1995.  It quickly became a hit and has since been ported to many other platforms, which now includes the iPhone. Worms is a turn-based strategy game where players take turns controlling a team of adorable worms.  The idea is to annihilate the other team or teams by utilizing one of the many weapons at your disposal.  You can also utilize the terrain in a variety of ways since it is completely destructible.  The game features updated cartoon-style visuals, a new control system designed specifically for the iPhone, 50 different challenges, 6 unique environments, four-player multiplayer, and much more. Team17 has indicated that this is just the beginning for Worms, as it will be updated with "3.0 features," which will hopefully include Bluetooth multiplayer. Worms is now available in the App Store for $4.99. worms_screen2worms_screen3

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