U.K. carrier, Orange, will start selling the iPhone on November 10, 2009.  Now UK users will have a lot more variety, but not necessarily lower prices. Still it’s a lot more variety than the U.S. has.

Verizon C.E.O. says they are “interested” in the iPhone, so the decision is in Apple’s court, but is it really?

Metallica taps into the app market with another app, but this time it’s from Tapulous. Metallica Revenge is in the App Store now for $4.99.

Spooky App of the Day: Haunted 3D Rollercoaster Rush

Haunted 3D Rollercoaster Rush is just as fun as the original, and is halloween themed, from the music to the graphics. Get it in the App Store now while it’s on sale for $2.99 and if you want to give it a try, but don’t want to spend any money you can also try the lite version for free.